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The Other Truth 真相 Episode Summary and Thoughts: Episode 5

Episode 5! 1/5 of the series gone past already~~ And I feel as if I am still writing to myself. HAHAHA!!

This episode starts with Wallace being a little angry with Keith for not letting him know in advance that James was going over to the chamber and be part of them. Keith was all joking and said that Wallace wouldn't mind earning a little money lesser. Wallace retorts and says that it's an office in Central after all, it would not make sense to have a rental fee equivalent to Yuen Long's. This moment, Mavis appears and voiced out that she has the right to know too being a fellow tenant. Wallace agreed with her, and check out Keith's expression. Keith thus said that he would bear all the rental, Wallace agrees and told Keith,"At least let me know in advance next time." Keith smiles and said,"There won't be a next time." I liked this scene. It shows me that the 3 of them actually has a better chemistry than I thought, and it was so funnily cute. Now that is the charismatic thing about Tavia, she has good chemistry with every people she acts with.

The lift came, and Mavis starts saying,"People are lawyer, you are one too, why are you so fond of breaking the rules?" Keith retorts and say that she is nowhere better, getting complained because daughter-father were in the same court during the underaged sex case. Norman comments,"Since both of you are so unlucky, why not hire a feng-shui master?" Both of them said (at the same time),"Are you that superstitious?!" They left the lift at the same time, bumped onto each other, Keith was being "gentlemanly" and let Mavis go ahead first, with a forceful smile. HAHAHA. This scene shows us how Mavis and Keith do not agree with each other, but yet have a kind of chemistry which we are not able to describe. I'm starting to ship this pair.....................

The day before Keith gets trialed for his case, he went drinking with James. James thinks that Keith is pretending to be calm, but in fact, Keith is really calm and he is not worried about it after-all. Then Keith spots an interesting bottle of wine at the counter, the bartender says that it was actually meant for another customer, but he decides to let Keith try it first. Keith passes some money to the bartender as a form of appreciation. At this time, Keith's teacher came in and started lecturing him for not learning his lesson yet. They argued a little and Keith said,"You are not my teacher now anyway." after his teacher said,"If I knew you would become like this I would not have let you graduate." Subsequently Wallace came in, and told him that the judge for Keith's case got into the hospital. James started getting worried as the previous judge was known for being lenient, now there's a change of judge, they wouldn't know who it would be.

And here we are, the day Keith gets trialed. When he entered the courtroom, I bet he was thinking like,"OH shucks, it's the dude I quarreled with yesterday." Well, I would say it is really bad luck for Keith, because he was trying so hard to defend himself, but the judge didn't seem impressed. Thank god, at this time, Keith's mentor Clayton (Chung King Fai) appeared.

Turns out that it was Wallace who brought Clayton back to save him because if Keith were to defend for himself, he would be more or less dead meat. The results are not out yet, but they are confident that they would win the case. Now that Clayton is back, for James it could mean that he would not have any room for himself. And to make things worse, Wallace told to pack up slowly and Clayton is allowed to come and leave anytime he likes. James, seeing a situation like that, confronts Keith and Keith tells James to do his work in the office's store, joking that it suits "his style". James has no other choice, but to stay at the store.

Case #7 (big case 2): Uncle files an appeal. Tam Wai-tung (Benz Hui) makes his appearance in episode 5 at jail, it was time for him to leave the jail, and all he said was,"I was wrongly accused, I might fight for justice." Then the next moment, we see him with a loudhailer and a sign board, which wrote "I'm innocent, the government needs to return me some justice." It happened that James was on the bus when Wai-tung went around disturbing the traffic. He was caught by the police where James met him again, and he went to Wai-tung's stall to find out what had exactly gone wrong. Wai-tung was furious that he got wrongly jailed for hiring illegal workers, in fact when the person involved was only there to help, means she was not paid. However, Wai-tung was still found guilty and went to jail for a few days. He felt so insulted for getting jailed over a crime he has never committed, and thus James helped to fight the case because he believes his innocence. Keith feels that James shouldn't waste his time on this minor civil case, but James still insisted on doing it.

Back to the case of Mavis and her father getting sued for being in the same court and possible unfairness when it comes to judging the case. They were being followed by paparazzi, Michael got angry and almost got into a fight with the paparazzi. Mavis got angry and told him not to bother about their family affairs, and what he had done could actually have made things worse instead of being a help. Btw, that guy acting as Michael seems to be forever a drunkard HAHA. He was a drunkard in 7 Days in Life too!

Keith stumbled upon Norman on the phone with someone, saying that he wants to find another lawyer to his mentor. He goes into the room and scared the hell out of Norman, who started explaining that he is just trying to find a lawyer just in case (Keith gets suspended). Keith says what he is doing is right, once Keith is in trouble it's good to go separate ways. Norman quickly explained that he knows he should be staying by his mentor no matter what. Gosh, this Norman is really a practical and ungrateful man, but I won't totally blame him, it's a fact that Keith is in trouble..

Back in the office, the disciples and Small C were discussing about the environmental goddess potentially disturbing the public over the environmental issues, Keith passes by and Big C asks for his opinion on whether the environmental goddess was breaking the law or not. Just then, Norman sees Mavis walking in and "advised" Big C to ask the opinion of her own mentor instead. Big C quickly replies that she would of course ask the opinion of Mavis too (smart of her to switch so quickly). Mavis joins in the conversation, obviously Mavis and Keith didn't agree with each other again and started quarreling. I am probably very much a weirdo but I love the scenes where Keith and Mavis quarrel.

Ultimately, Keith couldn't speak anymore as Mavis shut him off by indirectly using the case where he got sued by the Board of Justice. Keith turns to Big C and said,"See, you have followed the right mentor." Keith tells Mavis that he would like to be her student, and Mavis says that she would like him to be her student too. Clayton comes out and told Keith that he has been proved innocent, and Keith says that he actually knew it that morning just that he kept quiet about it. Thereafter Keith looks at Mavis and said,"Aww so sorry I can't be your student." Mavis replies sarcastically,"It's okay, there will be a chance." Darn! I have a weak spot for quarreling couples.

Case #8: Wallace's mother Siu Man-wai (Rebecca Chan) got a lawyer letter from Ma Wing-fu (Ai Wai) for medical malpractice, as he believes that she was the one that indirectly caused the death of his mother. In actual fact, Wing-fu's elder brother actually had allowed Man-wai to remove the aid machine in order to let his mother die peacefully. However, they only discussed it over lunch (cos they are good friends), thus there was no other witness to prove that. However, under normal circumstances, most doctors would do that. Wing-choi says that Wing-fu sued her could be due to the will, Wing-fu has been using methods to make Mdm Ma change the will before she dies but no avail. And now that probably Madam Ma is dead and he doesn't get any money, Wing-fu decides to sue her.

I don't know how to describe this, but I found Wallace (or rather Raymond) particularly charming in this scene. The way he cornered Wing-fu until he was speechless, that he decided to drop all charges. The mother is safe now, then Wing-fu threw another lawyer letter, and it's to Wallace's father (Chun Wong) for bribery.

I wonder, how have you all been liking the drama? :D And to those who have already finished the drama, how did you feel?

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