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The Other Truth 真相 Episode Summary and Review: Episode 4

At episode 4 now! I wonder if anyone has been reading my review/summary.. It's been so long since I last updated afterall, I don't think anyone remembers my presence anymore. HAHA.

Episode 4 starts with James (Louis Yuen) appearing (why, finally!), looking all cool and everything but he actually takes the bus to work. Seems that this barrister is not doing well...

James bumped into Keith, and it turns out that.. They are friends from university. Keith tells James to go look for him at his office in Central and they had a promise. On the other hand, it seems that James is very picky and sensitive when it comes to taking up cases to fight. He rejected the case of helping a teacher from innocence for having sex with his under-aged student (which would be the case that Mavis gets involved in later).

Now, finally, the other Cecilia (Cheung Meini) finally makes her appearance. So to prevent confusion, Hero suggests that Natalie's Cecilia be called Big C as she entered the law firm first, then Meini's Cecilia be called Small C. Because of the Cantonese pronunciation, Big C = Barrister. So Big C immediately accepted this nickname. Then Norman added a sentence,"What barrister, it's more reasonable to say that you are going to become a zombie instead." Nice how they were playing with words.

James, as promised, appears at Keith's office and when he entered, he started envying how well Keith is doing at the Central as compared to him. Keith says that he is not doing as well as James is seeing to be, and at this moment An-gor enters the room and said,"We are doomed, they have sent us a letter", it was from the Board of Justice with regards to Keith breaching the rights of keeping the recording a secret. Keith says that if anything is wrong, he would take all responsibility. James realized that Keith is in big trouble and Keith adds,"See, I am not doing as well as you thought I am." And An-gor got annoyed and scolds Keith that this is not the time to joke around. Meanwhile, Keith tells James that he can shift into the chamber with them since his mentor would not be coming back anytime soon. James says that he probably is not able to foot the rent at Central, Keith says that a bit of rental fee is nothing to Wallace.

Case #6: Underaged sex case between teacher and student that James rejected earlier. Mavis was appointed to be the public prosecutor of this case, and her job, is to not have any form of contact between the accuser and the accused. However, the accuser Wing San (Cilia Kung) went to peep into the police's documents and found Mavis at her office. Mavis shuts her off and asks Big C (Will address Natalie's character as Big C from here) to chase her away. Big C brought Wing San to the toilet, and she starts to say that she had sex with the accused Mr. Chu willingly because they loved each other. She didn't want to sue him, but her teachers and parents found out and decided to take action. She kept crying and all Big C could do is just stay there and listen. Mavis got into contact into the police, and told them to keep an eye on Wing San. Big C enters the room, and told Mavis about Wing San, Mavis flared up and started scolding her for listening to what Wing San said when they are not supposed to put in feelings into the case as a prosecutor. In Mavis' eyes, there's no innocence, her job is to get the guilty prosecuted. Big C doesn't understand why because she feels that there is "heart" in law, but still kept quiet anyway. Omg I need to complain, I SERIOUSLY get all kinds of irritated when Cilia cries, her voice kills. Thank god it only lasted an episode.

Keith and James met up to go for lunch, James almost got knocked over by a sports car (will elaborate later) and he got angry. After that, Keith met the guy he helped in the first episode. He was shopping at a shop that sells camping supplies, there were knives and bags there, and Keith thought he was shopping for knives, HAHA. Turns out that he and her wife had reconciled, and they go out trekking and stuffs often, he is thinking of buying a back pack for her. What I like about this drama is, there are mini follow ups of the case, not like it gets forgotten immediately after the case is closed.

Keith and James were having lunch when the sports car they met earlier accidentally knocked an old lady down. James was quarreling with them and Keith finds out that they had used illegal parts for their car and insist that they pay compensation fees of 10k to the old lady instead of having the old lady to pay. (random. Ruco looks so cool omggggggg. And Louis' expression is win, funny!!!!) However, James accidentally dropped his name card, the girl picked it up and scolded them for trying to blackmail them even though they know the law. Keith was however, not afraid and insisted they pay if not they would call the police. The 2 of them drove the car away after giving 2k to the old lady. James was worried that they might use his card and sue them for blackmail, but Keith just remained relaxed about it.

In this scene, Mavis' father (Lau Dan), who is a judge, appears. Because Mavis is in charge of the case too, to prevent misunderstanding, the other party could request for the judge to be changed to ensure fairness. However, the other party is fine, and they would need to sign a document to re-affirm that. The case officially starts its trial, and to protect Wing Sanl, she would make her statements through the television, and introducing her as Ms. X. During the trial, she insists that the teacher is innocent and how much they love each other, that he gave her a present as a gift, then lead her to the room, and they had sex. Then she starts crying and screaming how she doesn't remember anything (I shall stop expressing how unflattered I was when she cries).

Then a court break. The mum runs into the room and starts scolding Wing San for being stupid (like what typically happens), and saying that God would not forgive her for lying blah blah blah.. Big C and Mavis saw Wing San getting scolded, and Big C thinks that the mum instead of being concerned, all she does is scold the daughter. Mavis seemed to be pitying the girl, but displayed a nonchalant attitude. I think this is the first time Tavia gets a role like this? I'm not used, but she sure is doing this role well, easily my favourite role of hers over the past one year.

Back to the chamber. James goes to find Keith with regards to renting a place at their chamber, Keith says yes to everything, so James went ahead to print his new name cards and gave them out. In the process, James meets Wallace and thanked him for renting the room to him at the Yuen Long price. Wallace had a bewildered expression and that was when James found out that Keith had never discussed the issue at all. James got extremely angry and goes to court to find Keith for embarrassing him. Keith says that he hasn't talked about it with Wallace yet and made decisions on his own. James flared up and said that he has no ability to pay so much rent, and Keith shooed him off by saying that he will top up the remaining amount of rent if he should not have enough. Now, what an awesome friend.

The case at its final spurt. Now, this teacher was being a real bastard. He said that he suspected that Wing San was a 援交 (someone who goes out with another party of another sex in exchange for money), and she is not as obedient as everyone thinks.. The parents told Wing San that he kept embarrassing her in court, her teacher advised that it is time that she be honest about the whole incident and speak the truth. Finally, the teacher gets prosecuted and punishment for what he has done.

However, Wing San was very upset that the teacher had cheated her feelings and refused to see anyone because she felt that her life is ruined. Mavis told the parents that they have to be understanding etc etc, then the family reconciled. Big C felt that during this case, she was too emotional and she said she would take note of her actions, then Mavis added and said that, actually, it's not a bad thing to be emotional at times. Another valuable lesson learnt (:

Finally this case is over, honestly it was a torture to watch because I couldn't stand Cilia Kung's crying and screaming scenes. And I am so glad Louis Yuen appeared! He's so cute~

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