Monday, August 1, 2011

The Other Truth 真相 Episode Summary and Review: Episode 3

Finally we reached the climax of the first major case.

Keith decides that if the son was to go free, he would need to fight the case as "self defense", but Wallace says that there is no way to fight it as self defense because it was obviously a murder. Keith rebutts and says that "self defense is not always immediate, because living under fear for a long period of time could cause it too." Keith recalls the deceased saying that he would "torture" Sau Lan by dipping her head into water until she becomes breathless while handling the case years back. That is because Keith has the habit of recording his conversations with the clients. An-gor (Henry Lee) was present too when the deceased said that. Wallace realizes that Keith would be putting his barrister license at risk if he brings that recording up to court because what is communicated between the lawyer and the client has to be kept private and they signed a document for that. Keith being Keith, doesn't care anymore if he gets his license revoked as long as he gets to save them. Damn, what an awesome lawyer (well, he's filled with guilt though, which is why he is risking everything)

Case #5: Wallace's virgin case. This case is pretty simple, about some insurance thing (which I couldn't really bother to note the details of, go watch and you will understand). Wallace, being such a joker, used the time for fighting the case to arrange documents. The faces on his clients were so funny. The case ended quickly, because the one who make the accusation actually had a crush on the accused and thus from love it became hate (yes both women, the accuser is a lesbian) and decided to remove all charges. In addition, she wasn't being cooperative when Wallace shot all the questions at her.

After the charges are dropped, Wallace took it that he won the case, and went to Mavis' chamber to 'show off'. Mavis quickly dissed him by saying,"Oh, dropping charges is considered as winning a case?" HAHA obviously, Mavis has no interest in Wallace at all. Really, Wallace is like the stress reliever of the drama, I like his flamboyant character and I think Raymond has portrayed it well.

Because Keith's tactic to use the recording failed (and got him into trouble too), he went back to the scene of crime, and started his analysis (even with all the furnitures etc gone). Subsequently, he went to look at the murder weapon again and alas, he found 2 different traces of blood on the skateboard. It came to his realization that he was strucked at 2 different times, and the second time he got strucked, could be the one that claimed his life. Meaning, that it might not be the son who killed him. Then Keith went to read the documents, and gosh, the forensics declared there was a 'fresh injury' on his head that was caused within 24 hours (instead of the usual 12 hours), and meaning that he could have died because he slid and fell on the skateboard after getting up, causing a second injury on the back of the head. Using that point, and asking the son to go on court to say his piece (which was really heart wrecking to watch because the father was just too god damn terrible), we await the results.

Even though I have my complaints for the guy acting as the son, I have to say that the mother and son duo have a really good chemistry. The son wrote a letter for the mum in case he goes to jail, and he says that he is really glad that the father is already gone etc... I felt like crying when I watched that. Even the guard at the prison was so touched and felt pitiful for him.. Ultimately, Keith won the case, and yes, the son was released immediately. PARTY!!!!

The first case ends here. Here, we get to know that Keith really goes over the limits as the lawyer in order to get his things done, we know that Louise Lee is really an amazing actress and that The Other Truth is an interesting drama to chase.

What happens to Keith and An-gor for breaking the rules? Will update tomorrow!

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