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The Other Truth 真相 Episode Summary and Review: Episode 9

Now that Mavis has taken up a big case, there's more Tavia screentime~ And of course, many things and changes happen between the leads (:

Of course the next day, Barrister Gill scolds Chima for being impulse for attempting to hit Iris and told him that whatever he has done so far, like getting Chima in the spotlight and everything is his method of doing things. Chima says that he really wants to get out to take care of his dying grandma, and Gill agreed to help. Of course, at court, Mavis was really determined to keep him under guard and succeeded because of the fact that Chima went to harass Iris.

Over here, we have new characters, Cheung Yuk-ying (Yvonne Ho) and Fung Kit-lai (Angelina Lo) and apparently they were chosen to be the jury for a case. Kit-lai lost her way, Yuk-ying helped her and they quickly became friends. Apparently, they are chosen not based on their willingness to do it, but on random. And if they are shortlisted, they would need to go to court. Then subsequently, the accused has the authority to reject 5 times the people they feel would not help them in their case (in other words, display biasness). Finally, 7 of them were chosen, other than Yuk-ying and Kit-lai, there are Law Sum (Joseph Lee), So Wai-kuen (Lau Kong), Hui Kwok-ching (Lo Ho-kai), Leo (Vin Choi), Bobo (Angel Chiang). They chose Law Sum to be their team leader because of his analytical and leadership skills. There are many steps and procedures to follow as a jury, and it is actually not as simple as we thought after all. I find this really amazing, I mean, we have never seen things from a Jury point of view before! And, this is what made me like the drama more than I already did. (:

Finally, the trial for the case started. Iris was the first summoned witness, and from her point of view of the story, it went like.. First, Iris was having a birthday party at a bar, then she got harassed by a male fan and Chima happened to be around and saved her. Chima took the chance and gave her a birthday gift. Next, Iris was drinking and she saw Chima going into the pub too, and she didn't know why he would be in there because the place can only be entered based on invitation. Iris found Chima suspicious, but ignored him because she thought she is just another male fan, and on the account that he saved her just now. Third, Iris got pretty drunk, she was supposed to be sent home by an assistant, but he was equally drunk. Forth, Chima came by, and decided to bring Iris home. Iris found it weird that he knew where she lived. Finally, he went into her house with her, and raped her while she was drunk. Damn. Then the boyfriend Tony (Francis Huynh) came back while she and Chima were arguing, and they called the police. I'm not sure, Chima looks innocent, but.. why would she accuse him of rape at the risk of her status? She's a public figure after-all. Who's speaking the truth, who is not?

After the first session, we see a little back story of the jury (Wai-kuen and Kwok-ching's). Wai-kuen has a pregnant daughter, while Kwok-ching is busy trying to save his seat in the company. Kit-lai went home, and here, Wai King-sang (Stephen Kwok) appears, and he was complaining how hard his life was when Kit-lai went for her jury work. King-sang wanted to get some information about the case, but Kit-lai insists that such things should not be leaked if not they will be sued for discriminating the court. Then, it turns out that the son Kit-lai has been talking about is actually James! James' father came out of the bathroom covered with cloth, he told James to go up to the flat owner above to rush him to get the toilet fixed because there's always water dripping in the toilet. But when James went up, being a very soft hearted person he is, he actually offered to give the owner more money after trying to get sympathy, but of course, stopped by King-sang in time before he got cheated. Back home he scolded James for being too easily misled, and said that he is the first lawyer to be such a failure etc etc. In addition, Kit-lai has always been giving allowance to James despite his age, James felt really bad but he still accepted it because he doesn't have much savings. James told Kit-lai the prosecutor of the case she is involved in is Mavis and is his friend. Kit-lai had praises for her and immediately thought that she is his girlfriend. HAHAHA typical mothers! I like their chemistry as mother and son too! :D

Case #10: Remember the time when Michael hit someone at the bar? Michael is officially charged. Because Mavis is still angry at Michael and refused to help him, James and Keith were the witness and were not convenient to help him. Wallace was like,"Oh? Your wife is a barrister too?" and Keith was like,"Yah, Mavis Hong!" And the look on Wallace's face (because he didn't know Mavis had a husband and he is actually Michael). Keith added,"Ex-wife.." He immediately told Michael he would take up his case, and the stare Keith gave Wallace was really annoying (HAHA). Of course, Keith could tell Wallace intentions of accepting Michael's case, trying to get more information about Mavis. Wallace scolds Keith for saying it as if he is trying to seduce somebody's wife, and expresses that he is truly concerned for Michael. Keith told Wallace to be hardworking and start taking notes on Mavis, like how she likes to do gym, like to eat potato chips (DAMN, Keith understands Mavis so well omgggggg)

Back to the raping case, now it's Chima's turn to say his side of the story, and god, it's totally different. (and I was really disturbed here.) What Chima said was.. First, Iris was having a birthday party at a bar, then she got harassed by a male fan and Chima happened to be around and saved her. Chima took the chance and gave her a birthday gift. Next, Iris invited Chima to her birthday party and he got in. And while Chima was alone, Iris kept giving her seductive stares, and Chima went to her with 2 glasses of wine. Third, Iris got pretty drunk, she was supposed to be sent home by an assistant, but he was equally drunk. Forth, Chima came by, and decided to bring Iris home (and she seduced him) Fifth, he went into her house with her, he was about to leave until Iris actually closed the door and told him that she wants to know how it feels to be forced upon on. And they had sex. Finally, Iris took Chima's wallet and wanted to take money out, and told him that there's no free lunch. Chima refused because she is his goddess and he doesn't wish to see her be such a loose woman who goes around sleeping for money. Then Tony came back while she and Chima were arguing, Iris accused him for raping her and they called the police. Of course, when Chima said his point of view, he was very upset that his goddess is actually such a person. I already said, Iris is not as innocent as we think!

When Kit-lai was on her way home, she saw an old lady and an owner at the fruits store arguing. What happened was, the old lady said that he gave him a 500 dollar note, but the owner insisted that he didn't take the 500 note, he even showed her his cash box and there was really no 500 dollar note around. He told her that he would help her find the note and chased her away. But when the old lady turned her back around, the owner went back to his own stall to continue her business. Kit-lai was troubled by that and consulted James about it. James said that one shouldn't tell things just purely based on looks. The old lady might look innocent, but things might not be as simple as thought. James told Kit-lai to analyse properly, and follow her heart.

Back in the court, the judge told the jury not to be too affected by the mass media that were reporting the news (because they might be biased), and of course, Mavis was determined to get Chima jailed based on the evidence. The judge also added that in order for Chima to be proven guilty, the jury would need to have votes of at least 5 vs 2. And back in the jury room, it was obvious the younger ones think that Iris is not as innocent as she looks, while Kwok-ching seems to be in a rush of time so he decided to follow the crowd and voted for "guilty" (what the hell right I know), when it reached Kit-lai's turn, she actually said that she feels that Chima is innocent. Because, she is very confused by all the statements and she really cannot tell who is actually telling the truth.

Who, is actually telling the truth?

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