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The Other Truth 真相 Episode Summary and Review: Episode 8

And so.. we get new cases!

The episode starts with everyone looking sad, and Man-wai turns up not knowing anything and judging from their expressions she thought they had lost the case. But in actual fact, they had won (Wing-choi couldn't take it and started laughing). As they said, thanks to Keith everyone is fine, and of course, Wallace doesn't lose out and mentioned that he put in a lot of hard work too~!

Back in Wallace's company, they had a celebration party and An-gor says that Helen and Wing-fu have been caught by the police and they would receive their trial soon. Kai-hong announces that Wallace would be aiming for the barrister license. Of which, Wallace himself has no intention to. Kai-hong explains that it's really good to have a barrister around after going through this ordeal. And in order no to disappoint his father, we could see that Wallace was forcing his smile and lied that he has intention to get a barrister license. Everyone "disapproved" and Danny told Wallace to rethink because he would need to shut the company down if he did so, and this would cause everyone in the company to be out of job. Of course, the way they said it was so joking-ly, and Keith's expressions were win. HAHA.

After that in Keith's office, An-gor and him decided to make fun of Wallace. Keith passed Clayton's court robes to him and said a bunch of things that a barrister should do, Wallace got annoyed and told them to stop playing around. Keith said,"Your dad doesn't seem to be playing around, he is serious about it." Wallace says he currently doesn't have intentions to get a barrister license, of which Keith said that if he were to get one, he would have already gotten one long ago.

Just then, Mavis enters the room to discuss some financial matters with Keith, saw Wallace and told him that she has heard about his intention to switch to a barrister. Wallace looked so happy by the way, haha. After that Mavis patted Wallace's shoulders and said,"Well, I think you can do it." Wallace was of course elated and he said,"I'm going to put on a good show, for her." Keith couldn't believe that Wallace could be affected so greatly over a sentence. An-gor told him to re-think because if he pursues his career as a barrister, everyone in the company would be jobless. Then Keith adds,"Your friend views lust over friends."

Then they finished their "meeting" and left Keith's room, and smelt something that stank really badly (for Wallace and Keith's case that is). Turns out that Wai-tung came up with fermented beancurd and is looking for James. (That pissed Keith off really badly because he stepped on a beancurd that was lying around). James came back, and actually Wai-tung came by to tell James that he wants to increase the amount to claim from the government for wrongly putting him into jail. Of course, Wai-tung's requests get more and more ridiculous, James couldn't take it anymore and reprimanded him, and told him not to be too greedy. And.. they fell out.

Keith heard the quarrel, and went with James for a drink. James felt sad for yelling at Wai-tung, because they were friends after-all and his intention was to pretend to be busy and "chase" Wai-tung away, but now he lost a friend just because of something like that. The aircon in the bar was dripping water and Keith became a victim, he went to the toilet while James switched seats. He saw Michael trying to chat with a girl who rejected him. Moments later, Michael got into a fight with a guy (who is a boyfriend of the girl Michael was trying to chat with), and James witnessed the incident. Keith came back and asked what happened, and James said that he would be the witness and help the other party. Keith said that Michael is actually Mavis' ex-husband. I wonder if James really saw it because he only saw how Michael chatted with the girl but didn't actually see how the fight started..

Of course, Michael called Mavis in the middle of the night and said that he was caught by the police, and James apologized to Mavis he didn't know Michael is the ex and went ahead to be the witness.. and it seems that Mavis doesn't bother at all after finding out that the injured had suffered serious injuries. She even told James that it is right he stand up to be the witness. When Mavis left, James told Keith that her ex-husband is unlucky to have met him. HAHA. Mavis was really angry and reprimanded Michael for going out to drink again. He explains that he only started fighting because he felt humiliated by the other party.

Mavis offered to give Keith and James a ride home and told them to wait because Michael came out and pestered her. She doesn't want to help him anymore because it was his fault for drinking and she is angry that he still refuses to quit drinking even after divorce, and they quarreled really badly and halfway Keith quietly told James that he wants to leave for a taxi and said that if not they were going to drink and didn't have a car they wouldn't need a ride (very responsible. now, everyone who drinks needs to be like this okay.) In addition, if they stayed they don't even know how long more would they be quarreling. James said just be nice and wait. HAHA so Keith told James he can be the good guy, while he leaves. But before Keith could leave, Mavis was already coming their way and offered to bring them home.

In the car, Keith started saying how Mavis should not blame Michael for going to drink, it's not as if he went to kill someone. Mavis retorted by saying that a lot of criminal cases were caused by drinking. So Keith tried to be funny and said,"Ya, liver failure, blood loss etc etc were all caused by drinking." Mavis just feels that, causing trouble after drinking is simply not right. But Keith said that Michael said that the girl fell down on her own, it wasn't even his fault, but Mavis begged to differ. They quarreled (and almost rushed through the red traffic light). Then to stop the quarrel James went to turn up the volume of the radio (not sure if it's intentional or not, he said he wanted to tune to another channel.) By the way, Keith keeps eating a pack of mint, I wonder what is the point of that. I have seen it appearing a few times and I still couldn't get it. Initially I thought he just liked to eat sweets before a case (sweets make your brain think better). I actually enjoy it when Mavis and Keith quarrel *here you go again*.

Case #9 (big case): Next we get a scene of Iris Wong (Aimee Chan) getting... raped by Chima (Bitto). She looked really happy though? Sorry, I was really disturbed by this scene by the way. Then, the next day it made it to the headlines. Turns out that she is an up and coming celebrity and to protect her privacy the image was silhouetted. They were gossiping about it in the office and trying to guess who was the victim and it turns out that Mavis has gotten the case to be the prosecutor. Mavis say there is enough information to charge Chima, because there were drugs found in Iris' drink, even though Chima didn't admit to putting any form of drugs. Of course, they are not allowed to get near to both parties, and they could only fight the case based on the information the police give to ensure a fair trial.

After that, Big C was feeling troubled in the gantry because she felt bored and had no idea how to approach the case with the little little information they had. She envied Norman for being able to go around and learn about things while all she did is just stare at the files in the office. Norman said that Keith always say that they have to find evidence on their own because the evidence would not come flying to them. Keith came by and Big C asked Keith that when he was a police, was it very satisfying to find evidence. And Keith said yes, but it's different when he became a barrister as he has to be careful about many things, and with lesser info it might not be a bad thing as there is more space for imagination. After that, Keith offered to treat Big C to curry and off they went.

When they were there, Norman asked,"So are we going to pose as police or reporter today?" and Big C was like,"There's a need for roleplay?!" Keith approached an Indian called Mr. Gahal at a restaurant and it turns out that he and Keith are friends, Gahal brought them up to Chima's residence and told them about him. It turns out that Chima had a bad relationship with Iris' mother and constantly quarreled, almost getting into a fight. Gahal said that Chima had to start working since he was really young in order to rear his family, so he worked freelance. Subsequently they found out from Gahal's employee that Chima has always been taking pictures and following Iris when she returns home.

Big C was so happy to have collected so many information and learnt so much from Keith. While she was expressing her excitement to Norman, Mavis came back and heard everything. Big C knows that she is in big trouble for going over the limit of finding evidence on her own and gave her a big lecture. She told her that if she likes to find evidence so much, go to a police school instead, and just then Keith came in and explained to Mavis that he only brought her out to see the world, and treated her to some curry. It just so happened (ya right) that Gahal knew Chima. Mavis told Big C to switch mentor and Big C was so upset, said that it's her fault, do not quarrel anymore but Mavis continued to reprimand Keith that his method is wrong and he would lead her astray if she learns anything from her. Keith doesn't feel that he is wrong at all, and left the room. OH.

*i forgot to take screenshots* but anyway, Chima met Iris at the police station (by chance), he got angry and attacked her, and said things like,"Why did you malign me!"


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