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The Other Truth 真相 Episode Summary and Review: Episode 7

The bribery case at its peak! And... Mavis continues to be a calafare in this episode..

Because Wallace have been unable to produce evidence to prove their innocence, and the other party's statements have no suspicions, they lost the case and were proven guilty. But Kai-hong and Wing-choi are really innocent, they applied for bail and appeal. Thank goodness it was approved. Turns out that, Helen have bribed Yu-fu to give him a solo concert if he is willing to help them. EVIL MUCH!!!!! I don't know, I just disliked that scene of the father and daughter drinking wine. Yoyo just looks too.... biatchy for me to take this scene in.

Then reality sets in. Wallace and Man-wai went to the tour agency, and realised that the workers there seem to have a total change of attitude. They talked to the co-owner of the agency (with Kai-hong being the biggest shareholder) and he said he has lost all the trust on Kai-hong. Wallace decides to take over his father's job in the agency, and meanwhile he has to search for a reason to appeal. With so many things to do, Man-wai was afraid he might break down (could tell Wallace is trying really hard to force a smile on his face T.T). But Wallace says that now his dad has met into trouble, it's right that he helps, in addition he feels guilty for having lost the case.

Then back at home, while Wallace and Man-wai try their best to cheer Kai-hong up, it couldn't work because he was still depressed how he got maligned for something he really didn't do. Wallace apologizes for being too over-confident and causing a bigger trouble than they already had. In addition, because Wallace is a civil lawyer, not a barrister, there is no way he can fight the case on his father's behalf. Therefore, Man-wai suggests to call Clayton back, so that his father would feel more at ease too.

On the other hand, things seem to be going well for James. The fellow barristers were gossiping on how strict Judge Wong is, but when they saw her, she actually smiled at James (It was because of Wai-tung's case she had an impression of him). Things went well, and the big barrister actually told James they would have a lot of chance to work together (= big money!). Of course, James starts to take taxi instead of bus to work, met Mavis at the lift and they could chat really well (because Mavis actually knew and paid attention about the case he fought).

Back in the office, Keith saw Mavis and James chatting happily with each other on the way in and asked James,"Why are you so close to her?!" And James said,"As fellow barristers we should chat more with one another" and Keith smiled (at this point of time, it's just Keith being an annoying colleague HAHA) Thereafter, James said that he wants to increase Small C's salary, so that he could use her for the administrative work too. And he said to install an aircon for his office now that he has money.

James goes to find Wai-tung (he has won the case by the way) and saw that Wai-tung was singing praises for James. One of the neighbors asked what kind of compensation did Wai-tung get, and he said,"I got my dignity back", they told Wai-tung that he could get the money back from the government because they jailed him for nothing, and Wai-tung, looking so highly of James, asked him to help out with the case. Of course, from James' face, he doesn't seem willing to do so.

Back to the bribery case, Clayton really came back from his vacation in Taiwan to help out. Kai-hong admit that he felt really sad that he lost the case due to Wallace's overconfidence in handling this matter. Clayton told him to give Wallace time and another chance. The next day, many of them gathered in Wallace's office, and they started to analyze the files, and try to find a reason for appeal because if they do not find a reason within 14 days, the appeal would automatically fail.

After going through so much, they still had no clue about anything. Ultimately they all got tired and slept, while Wallace and Keith went to the gantry for a coffee break. Wallace confesses to Keith his regret of being too overly confident, of not going for a barrister license, and he feels down because after re-reading all the files so many times, they could not find any loopholes at all. And Wallace is worried that Clayton might not be able to win the case because afterall, Clayton's strength is in criminal cases, appeal is never something he is good at. I thought Raymond portrayed the emotions really well, as expected of someone who has won an award haha. Just then, Clayton, who has got attracted by the smell of the coffee, enters the room. And poured 2 packs of sugar into his cup, despite having said that he only wanted to put half a pack. Wallace looks at Keith with a face of worry (yes, that kind of worry that everyone gets when they grow old), but Keith has his suspicions, but he chose to believe that his mentor could be tired which was why he had forgotten about the sugar and even joked about how Wallace forgets to zip his pants up when he is done at the washroom.

Finally, when Norman was using his right hand to hold the lunchbox and the left hand to hold the money, Keith finally thought of a loophole (which none of them could understand initially other than Norman - as expected of a disciple, and Wallace - expected of the best friend). Helen said that, she held the fake result with her left hand, then while she was handed the real result, she swapped them away, then she passed the result to Yu-fu with her left hand. There would be a loophole, because the result on the left hand was already swapped, so it's the real result! Both of them were lying, because there was no fake result in the first place! And because they didn't match their statements initially, thus they were not able to realize that their statement had the loopholes. However, Wallace says that they are not allowed to use the statements to reason, but Keith says that there is a case because no one doubted their statements. Now that there are loopholes, there is a case of doubt, which means there is a case to fight for. Finally, everyone understood, only left Clayton, who was still confused by the left-right hand thing. And of course, this increase Wallace's worries of Clayton being able to fight the case or not. Darn, Keith is really cool I like this character!!

On the other hand, James goes to the gym after realizing the importance of keeping fit in order to impress people with good looks. He meets Mavis there, who treats gym-ing as a form of hobby. Once again, Keith sees the both of them together, thought that the both of them has an unusual relationship and Keith says the same old sentence again,"Are you very familiar with her?" Ruco's facial expressions in this part made me lol.

It was night-time and Keith offers to give the muddled Clayton a ride (it's really amazing, the acting, you can tell he is really muddled and lost) but he chose to take a taxi home. He looked so weak and confused and of course, Wallace got worried again because Clayton has not been himself for the past few meetings. Keith continues to feel that Clayton is probably tired and told Wallace not to think too much about it. After that, someone called, and said that Clayton forgot where he is living (uh-oh).

The next day, Clayton tells Kai-hong that he has entrusted the case to Keith, because he has Alzheimer disease, thus it would not be convenient for him to take up the case. While being upset and despite Kai-hong having his doubts for Keith, Wallace (along with Danny who had his doubts too) is relieved now that Keith is the one taking over the case.

On the other hand, Clayton goes back to the office to pack, and James saw him while being at it. They started reciting poems (d'aw) together, and Clayton lets out the room for James to shift in. Then, Keith decides to take over Clayton's room, and let James have his room, because that is his teacher's room after all he has the mission to continue with his teacher's legacy. James didn't mind because he has a room already. However he complains to Keith that he should have told him earlier then he didn't have to spend money to build an aircon in the storeroom. Keith laughs and joked,"Well, the documents need to have some aircon too!"

HAHA. Now that this case is coming to an end.. what cases would come next? And would Kai-hong and Wing-choi win the case?

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