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The Other Truth 真相 Episode Summary and Review: Episode 6

Episode 6! Where Mavis makes no appearance in the episode.

Case #9: Previously we stopped at the part where the ICAC goes to Kai-hong's office and suspected him for bribery with Ma Wing-choi. He was taken to court with Wing-choi, and they both insists that they are innocent. Apparently, there are witnesses who said they were involved in the bribery, and that is Helen (Yoyo Chen), which makes it harder for them to be proved innocent unless they can prove that Helen is lying. What happened was, Kai-hong helped Wing-choi clinch a deal on the same day, and it really happened that during the lucky draw, he won the watch, but when they were caught by the police, Wing-fu insisted that it is a scam. Apparently, Wing-fu is not happy how he didn't get much inheritance from their late mother, and now he wants to take revenge and snatch the money back.

Meanwhile James is working hard to help Wai-tung find a reason to appeal his case. (Poor dude, he gets no aircon like normal barristers..) Then, a guy from the high court went, and pushed him to get a reason for appeal within 14 days *which is due soon*, if not he would not be able to get a chance to fight the case. In addition, James is not getting paid for all the miscellaneous fees accumulated in a court case. James started complaining about the room being too hot and such, Keith ran away immediately upon hearing that. What a friend! There after, James went to the photocopying room and saw Small C, he told Small C to let him use once she is done. Theoretically, a barrister should ask the secretary to do the paperwork, but seeing that she has to wait on both Keith and Mavis, and including the fact that he has not much contribution to her pay, he told her to let him use the printer once she is done. Poor James! Can't even work properly as a barrister.

James eats his cup noodles in the gantry, Big C comes by and advised him to get a disciple so that he does not need to do everything on his own, and he could lighten his load too. James says that he doesn't have the "quality" to accept disciples. He starts saying how his life is always decided by his parents etc, he decided to be a lawyer because he wants to prove that as long as he takes initiative, he can do things that he want to do. Then it seemed as though they were paying attention, and James was talking so deeply into it, until he turned his back and everyone is gone. James adds,"That's right, who would want to listen to me talk." I feel kinda sad for this character, so neglected and inferior!

James doesn't dare get the court fees from Wai-tung, and Chow Chow doesn't understand why. James explains that it's because he was the one who suggested for Wai-tung to fight the case, and they thought it was free so they accepted it. Now, he doesn't dare to say it out now that they have gone through so much.. Finally, Chow Chow says that there is a need to pay the fees to the couple, Wai-tung's wife got so angry and said that that it's impossible for them to pay the court fees. Wai-tung said that he would rather mortgage his house etc than live with a criminal background. Despite the fact that he only went to jail for a few days, but he thinks it's a downright insult to him.

Then back in the chamber, Keith brings good news to James (who was burying his head over Wai-tung's case), saying that a very famous barrister has a case, and he needs help from other barristers too, so James was one of them. James was really happy about this news and he wanted to hug Keith, who shoved him away. HAHAHA. He was all like,"My good brother!" and Keith was like,"No I didn't help at all I'm just here to deliver the news." I think Keith really wanted to help but he's just too shy to admit it. Of course the next day, James went for the court and messed up massively. Astrid Chan makes her appearance here as a judge too.

Back at the chamber again, James was complaining to Keith that if he cannot find a reason for appeal within 2 days, there would be no case to fight for. Keith offers his office to James as he had to go overseas for a meeting, and James was so grateful and he was all like,"My good brother!" and Keith shoved him away. Keith even opened a drawer which was filled with tidbits for James (which Keith said are expiring goods he just want James to help clear the food) and James was really touched. James swear to properly find a reason in order not to disappoint Keith's goodwill. I was pretty amused by this part, Keith obviously wants to help but he was afraid of James touchy touchy hands. HAHA! They have pretty good chemistry, Ruco and Louis! ^^

James finally found the reason to appeal, he goes to Wai-tung and told him there's a case to fight. And while Wai-tung was all happy, his wife comes and chased James away as they have no money to fight the case. James feel that Wai-tung is doing the right thing but his wife feels that James is up to no good (for money). Of course, the couple quarreled and got into a fight, and injured James in the process.

Wai-tung's wife felt very guilty for hurting James, went to the chamber to apologize and told James that she is willing to support the husband, on the condition that it's only going to cost them 50k HKD. However when his wife entered James' office, she realized that James might not be a good barrister after all and told James that she doesn't want to go to court anymore as James himself is not sure whether they would win either, and told James to persuade Wai-tung to drop this incident and let it be. If it was you, would you spend so much just to clear your name? Or you rather save the money and be burdened with the crime that you have never committed?

James looks Wai-tung up, and tells him to give up on the case in order to prevent the family from splitting up... Wai-tung refuses to give up and told James that he won't give up, because it's not a matter of money, it's a matter of being jailed for something he has never done. Because after he got jailed he asked himself,"Why did I get jailed for? What have I done wrong? Which is why I got so agitated about it. I want to tell everyone, that I have been wrongly accused. Yes, we might lose if we appeal, but we will definitely lose if we don't even take the bet to appeal. You have worked so hard and you have never given up, why give up now? We take charge of our own fate." After hearing what Wai-tung said, James decided to help him fight the case as per usual.

Back to Kai-hong & Wing-choi's case, Wallace and An-gor went to follow Wing-fu for clues and found out that Helen and Wing-fu has a closer relationship than everyone thought. Initially they thought that Helen was Wing-fu's mistress, but it turned out that they are actually father and daughter (illegitimate). Wallace and An-gor goes to talk to Helen's mother, and persuaded her to go to court and disclose their relationship. She agreed as she wants Helen to mend her ways. After they were done, Danny calls and told Wallace that Yu-fu (another host on that charity show that day) was back, and he is willing to help them out.

James looks up for Keith for advice as his case is going to be judged the next day. (and all that brotherly awesome-ness happens again) Keith told James that if he wants to do well, he should use his "heart" to say the things he wishes to express. They spent the whole night doing it under James' request.

Finally the case, James goes to check who is the judge in charge and found out that it's Wong Shui-hing (Astrid Chan). She is known for being strict and scary in court, Chow-chow expresses his empathy but could not do anything about it. In the courtroom, James stutter a little and got the displeasure of Shui-hing, after that he decided to adopt Keith's recommendation of using his "heart" to fight the case. He starts to reason out why Wai-tung should be proved innocent, and indeed, Shui-hing actually thinks that his reasoning is valid. Even though we do not know the results of the judgment, but they are confident of winning. I'm glad how we are gradually seeing James' spontaneity and confidence :D I feel that Louis has done a really good job portraying this, as expected of our TVB award winning supporting actor. GO GO GO!

Back to the bribery case, the trial has started and all Helen said were lies, like how she swapped the winning tickets under the instructions of Wing-choi etc etc. Wallace starts saying that Helen is actually Wing-fu's illegitimate daughter, and Helen was actually helping Wing-fu out. And her residence is at a high class place, which is suspicious as it does not fit her financial status at all. But as Wallace does not have evidence, Helen denied their relationship. During the break, Helen's mother called and said that she doesn't want to go to court and accuse her daughter because she can't bear to do so. With their trump card lost, Wallace says not to be disheartened as they still have Yu-fu as their witness. Anyway, just a random thought, I'm amazed at how everyone always say how pretty Yoyo Chen is but yet I don't find her pretty at all...

However, things didn't go well for them, Yu-fu started saying that this is really a case of bribery (the cause of his sudden change in testimony is unknown) Kai-hong got angry and started screaming in court, and threw his shoe at Yu-fu. Of course which, he got taken out of court and charged with the crime of ostracizing the court. Wallace has a face of helpless-ness and he told Kai-Hong that this case, would be a tough battle. Honestly, I don't really enjoy watching this case, but it's good to see Wallace fighting it out at court!

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