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Life and Times of a Sentinel 紫禁驚雷 Episode Summary and Review: Episode 2

TVB has aired this drama till episode 7, and honestly, I am liking how this drama is going, the pace is just right for me, and there's no character I really hate to the core yet.. But I find it difficult to summarize this drama, there are too many things to talk about. If I give up on the summarizing, you all know why.

Previously, I mentioned that Dor-bo's friends were hung up naked at the alley, with the tag of 'pigs of the han' on them, the night after, Dor-bo and Sheung-hei went to beat the leader of the Manchu gang that always worked against them up as a form of revenge. However, the next morning, he is seen hung up in the middle of town. Dor-bo admits that he only beat the guy up, but he didn't do anything after that. He still gloated over it though, saying that it could be due to him having a lot of enemies given that he always go around bullying people.

Dor-bo meets the night patrolman and asks him why is he out so early in the morning. It turns out that his wife is going to give birth, he is working with every time he has in order to be able to support the family. As he looked really tired, Dor-bo offers to help him do the patrolling. Dor-bo tests out the gong, and scares a dog named Choi-wong, this time Cheuk Chi-ying (Selena Li) makes her appearance, as the owner of Choi-wong. The dog totally lost control and started to cause trouble in the streets, Dor-bo scolds Chi-ying for not controlling the dog properly, while she blames him for knocking the gong so loudly causing Choi-wong to lose total control. They instantly become enemies. Not knowing what to do, Chi-ying offers a reward of 10 taels for anyone who is able to get hold of the dog. The night patrolman, needing money, chases the dog despite having asthma. Now, we have a merry couple! ^^

After that Tai-shek (Deno Cheung) appears at Dor-bo's restaurant and starts to confront him for injuring his cousin. A fight occurs and Tai-shek ended up injuring the night patrolman, the magistrate appears and catches Dor-bo and gang (for obvious reasons). After that, Goon-yat and Choi-king went to the magistrate, bribed him to release Dor-bo (only him, yes). Dor-bo got angry that he and his friends got caught just because the other party is part of the imperial court. I like Helen Ma's character here, very supportive of her adopted son, unlike that extremely unreasonable role in The Other Truth!

It was Kong Ming festival, Dor-bo told the Han people present, to write the word,"冤 (injustice)" on the Kong Ming lantern, hoping that it would float to Hong Hei. It was meant to be a beautiful sight, but the things that were written on, makes Hong Hei feel guilty about how much injustice the Hans have been feeling all these years under his rule. Hong Hei sends Sheng-tak (Stephen Wong) to check out the truth.

As expected, the night patrolman dies, Dor-bo meets Chi-ying on the streets again, Chi-ying's servant pointed her fingers at Dor-bo for causing Choi Wong's death (it ran too much, injured the leg and died), thus Dor-bo started to blame her for indirectly causing the patrolman's death. Dor-bo was angry that Chi-ying was actually more concerned about the death of the dog rather than a human being. They quarreled again. It seems that, Selena really suit such roles, I don't get pissed off with her when she acts like that.

In the palace, Hong-hei appoints Fook Chuen to do some things, they had a chat after that, and Fook Chuen says that he knows Grandma told him not to take part in affairs of the empire because of what he had done 15 years before. He said that he was too impulsive for killing the whole family whom he accused as traitors to gain credit but caused trouble for everyone instead because the family he killed was actually forced to be traitors. It seems as though Fook Chuen is fully repentant and is now trying to gain Hong-hei's trust. Anyway, I have to say that Kenneth's facial expressions are really all kinds of awesome, he looks so not like the "guy next door" anymore with that evil expression he made.

Unable to let go of the patrolman's death, Dor-bo starts to stage a protest with his fellow Hans. The local constables were not able to stop them, and was about to shoot arrows at them when Sheng-tak appears. The emperor was actually discussing with Fook Chuen, and learnt that there are a lot of bullying in the country, and Fook Chuen admitted that he seen it for himself and even took part to rid of the Manchu who bullied the Hans. Sheng-tak says that the emperor has passed the command that no bullying is allowed and he will make sure to check for the truth.

Hong-hei passes the command to ensure ManHan stays together as one family, but Dor-bo is still upset about how he and his friends got caught even though they were not the ones at wrong. Dor-bo is determined to get this case to the emperor, but Goon-yat pleads him to not get himself into further trouble. Dor-bo decides to go audition for imperial bodyguard, so that he could get close to Hong-hei, and everyone (except the father), supports him.

Another flashback occurs, showing what happened 15 years ago after Fook Chuen murdered the whole family. Turns out that Hao-chong totally stopped Fook Chuen from bothering the imperial missions they have, and Fook Chuen has been vengeful about this all along. In order to start his plan, he was the one who hung that Manchu dude up in the middle of the city, to cause a fight between the Manchu and the Hans. (probably to make people feel that the current emperor is useless? Or to make chance for himself to be the "peacemaker"?). See, I already said, Fook Chuen is really not as simple as we all think!

Nothing much happens at the end, just that Chi-ying brings a group of customers to Sheung-moon restaurant and said that their signature dish has got problems. Here, Dor-bo finds out that they have been mixing the wrong herbs up (by mistake) and we know that Chi-ying has a remarkable sense of smell. Then, Cheuk Shu-tong (Kk Cheung) appears as Chi-ying's father, and Nai-chun (Matthew Ko) as an imperial bodyguard, who got introduced to Chi-ying. The episode ends with Dor-bo going for the audition of imperial bodyguard, with Tai-shek as one of the judges.

Oh no Dor-bo you are in trouble...

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