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The Other Truth 真相 Episode Summary and Review: Episode 2

Continuing with the case of killing the dad..

The son kept saying that he killed the father in order to protect himself. Keith thinks that his statement has too many loopholes and if that is said on court, he would simply be courting his doom. Keith tells Sau Lan to be prepared that her son might not be able to get away from this, upon hearing that, Sau Lan gave a really weird expression. They went to check what Sau Lan was doing at the point of murder, and they found out that Sau Lan lied.

Meanwhile, Wallace (Raymond Wong) makes his appearance when Keith calls him urgently to sign a document. As expected of a rich man, his appearance is particularly "grand". Wallace told Keith "No other lawyer works as hard as you do.", Keith retorts by hinting that Wallace "Doesn't do anything but sign documents".

The moment Wallace goes back to the office, he was told that a girl called Emily is searching for him. Emily is a greedy woman and likes to pester men (esp handsome ones), and Wallace being afraid of her, asks Danny (Chris Lai) to help handle the case. This case is about her marriage agreement with her ex, which her ex decided to void when they broke up, she got angry and decided to sue him. Wallace instructs Chow Chow (Stephen Wong) to give Danny a call, and seriously the telephone conversation was extremely funny. Chow Chow,"Boss tells you to satisfy Emily as much as possible, of course, in terms of work." And Danny tells Emily,"Trust me, Hand me (literally in English)" and I laughed my ass off. Now, what I like about this drama is, all of them has the humor that I didn't know they possessed. And they display really good chemistry. Emily doesn't trust Danny, thus she insists on getting a female lawyer.

Finally, Cecilia (Natalie Tong) appears. Keith was on the phone with the tenant, and didn't notice that Cecilia was around until she got hit by the door that Keith opened. Thereafter, because Keith was arguing with the tenant about the date when the leasing agreement ends (it's supposed to be end of that month, but Keith insists its the following month), he attempted to break into his mentor's office to get the documents. Upon seeing that, Cecilia attempts to stop Keith from opening the door. Keith gets angry and starts saying that "You have no right to stop me, I'll fire you." but Cecilia still insists on preventing the room from being broken into. At this moment Mavis appears and stops Keith from firing Cecilia because he is not allowed to. Turns out that Cecilia (with the surname Poon) is Mavis' disciple and turns out that there is another Cecilia *who is the new hired secretary*.

Mavis starts reprimanding Keith for not getting his facts right, and said,"Is there a need to break open your mentor's door just to get the documents?" Keith doesn't know where the documents are, and Mavis pointed that it's at the secretary's table, which his mentor had actually told him that before he left. Keith realizes that the date of expiry is really coming, and Mavis starts to reprimand Keith again and told him to get the things done. If she really has to move out, she would need a month's advance of notice. That smile Keith gave subsequently was so funny. O.O HAHAHA

Case no.4: After getting herself ridiculed for recognizing the wrong lawyer (she thought Mavis is her lawyer, but it turns out that Mavis is helping the guy instead), she drags Wallace into the room to listen to the meeting. While they were discussing the conditions of settling the case out of court, Emily was being all kinds of irritating and kept interrupting their conversations. The guy just kept quiet throughout the meeting (he rly didn't speak a single word and it's super funny just realizing that). Initially, the agreement is not valid under the law, but because they signed the agreement with the presence of a civil lawyer, the agreement is valid. However, it will become invalid if any of the party fails to contribute to the relationship. Throughout the meeting, Emily insisted on how much she loved him, but she was retorted by Mavis who flashed pictures of Emily going out with other men. Mavis was being really firm throughout, and look at Wallace's face, obviously in love. The case ended quickly with Emily deciding to drop all charges to prevent further embarrassment.

Now, I feel that Wallace's presence actually serves as a form of comedic relief, which is good, we need the comedic effect at times. After the meeting, Wallace pretends to bump onto them at the cafe, and offers to treat for their coffee. Then back to the office building, Wallace stops the lift for them. In the lift, Wallace introduces himself as "Keith's good friend". After that when Mavis and Cecilia reached their floor, Wallace actually follows them out of the lift until his female colleagues broke him off the dream.

Cecilia tells Mavis honestly that she feels that Wallace is trying to woo her. And Mavis adds,"There are 3 kinds of lawyers." Cecilia continues,"I know, lawyers and barristers." Mavis,"The third kind is like Wallace, doesn't do cases and all he does is just laze around." Then Keith appears, searching for his document. Then Mavis adds,"Oh ya, there's a forth kind. The irresponsible type." Keith retorts and says that he doesn't like irresponsible people too. This 2 is so cute when they are quarreling!

Now, comes my favourite part in the episode. Keith goes to Wallace's company, Wallace sees him and asks him to go for happy hour. Keith complains that he is busy and on top of that he keeps getting nagged at by Mavis over the tenant agreement. Wallace becomes worried that Mavis would shift away from the building, and Keith tells him straight that he is not her type. Keith repeated what Mavis said about him previously, and Wallace says that,"At least I had never lost a case before." Keith laughs it off and says,"Yah, that's because you have never fought a case before." and made the colleagues smirk at him. Then, Danny comes in with a challenging case that many lawyers had rejected and Wallace says he would take up the case as the boss and guarantees that the client would be so happy that she would not be able to sleep. Danny takes it back and added,"You don't even know how to fight a case" Keith got worried and said,"I was just joking, you do not have to be so serious" Wallace's face turned serious,"I will show you all what I am made up of." and took the file away. Here, Danny said the truest sentence ever,"I don't know whether to be happy or worried. Happy because I have one less challenging case to do, worried because there is going to be another victim."

Continuing with the big case, the 3 of them went to check the case up, and could not figure out why Sau Lan lied about not going for work on the day of the murder. Sau Lan goes to visit her son at the detention centre, and suddenly stands up to admit that she was the one who committed the crime. Other than the fact that the guy acting as the soon has really exaggerated acting when he shouts, the scenes with Louise Lee are really awesome. I'm so glad they found her to be the guest for one of the cases.

What happens next? What was the reason that made Sau Lan lie to Keith etc? I will update episode 3 tomorrow~ ^^

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