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The Other Truth 真相 Episode Summary and Review: Episode 1

Well, I really love this drama, not sure if it's my bias-ness towards lawsuit dramas or what, but I am at episode 23 now and I am really very impressed. Thus, I have decided to write my thoughts about the drama (along with my thoughts)


The drama starts with a burglary, and a policeman gets caught.

The first scenes of the important people in the drama

Case #1: Keith (Ruco Chan) is the in-charge. This case says that a policeman was caught with a swiss knife, and it was because it happened that there was a burglary for a swiss knife at that moment, but due to the negligence of the security, the policeman was maligned and it was also because he was acting suspiciously. Then, it turned out that the policeman's wife was having an affair with another guy, he wanted to kill the other man, which was why he was caught with the knife. Keith added,"You should be thankful that you were caught by the security. If not it could end up as a murder instead of a simple stealing case and you would lose everything."

Case #2: Mavis (Tavia Yeung) is the in-charge for this case. This case is about a foreigner getting sued for 30k for using the fake toilets that were on display. Because he was really urgent, thus he didn't care and went straight to the first toilet he could see.

So.. Mavis really wanted to talk, but it seems that Keith is avoiding her. Turns out that the administrative stuffs at their chamber hasn't been done, and Mavis is really annoyed. The 2 of them actually look cute together. HAHAHA

HAHA, I think Ruco looks like a baddie without glasses on, but a cool one! In the drama, Keith is a guy who like to go over the limits while doing his cases, and in this scene, he went to an arcade to get a video tape, and he "pretended" to be a police (even though he didn't pretend to be one on purpose). Okay, then the protagonist of this case appears, staring at Keith and Norman (Sam Chan).

Back at the chamber. Keith and Norman goes back to the office, saw all the messiness and decided to run away from it. Got caught by Mavis who started lecturing him that after the company's secretary left, the things that he had promised to handle hasn't been handled at all.

Then they saw a parcel at the counter, and there was a ticking sound coming out of it, they joked that it could be a bomb. Turns out that the parcel is addressed to Mavis, and Keith was being really terrible and said,"She has a lot of enemies" then Mavis retorted,"My only enemy is you". I was really amused by this part. Then a foreigner appeared and it turns out that the guy from the toilet case is actually Mavis' ex-husband. Then they started gossiping. HAHAHA.

Case #3 (big case): Louise Lee makes her appearance as Fong Sau Lan. Sau Lan felt really angry to see Keith, because he was responsible for proving the husband's "innocence". Sau Lan confessed that she and her son has been living a non-human like life, and one fine day, her son couldn't take it, and went to murder the father while trying to retrieve the nude photos he had gotten from that bastard father of his. Of course, upon hearing this, Keith was really guilty and he decided to accept her request to help her son get away from attempt murder.

Turns out that the guy who was staring Keith at the arcade (and beat him up after that) is her son. And a few years back, Sau Lan sued her husband for abusing her, and Keith was the lawyer that helped her husband gain innocence as he thought it was just a regular husband-wife quarrel. Unfortunately, the son refuses to cooperate, Keith thinks that it would be hard for him to be proved innocent.

Now that her son is in jail, Sau Lan attempted to jump off the building in addition to the fact that her husband is already dead, there is nothing that she worries about anymore. Keith said,"I would help your son, please do not jump." I would like to add that, this scene was really nicely done. Probably influenced by Louise Lee's awesome acting, Ruco Chan's expressions were really priceless. That look of guilt, sadness and affirmation. I went all like,"Wow, this dude can act as a good guy too." (Sad how I only recognized him as the big baddie from the recent dramas)

This marks the end of my episode summary (and very little thoughts). Hope you all have enjoyed it!

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