Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Other Truth ep.22

Currently at episode 22, and really, unexpectedly, I am really impressed with this drama.

Kenneth finally makes his appearance as the ultimate baddie Alex in the final case!!! Such a awesome looking baddie.

Natalie's character Cecilia found out that Alex has been lying to her. Hell, my heart broke when I saw her cry.

Ruco Chan's Keith, knowing that he has been made used of, went to confront Alex. So Alex was being a bastard and said that it's Keith's task to keep everything between them a secret and if Keith were to expose his wrongdoings, it would affect his reputation and people might not find him to help do their cases anymore. Alex was all like,"Everything is under my control, I have done all the calculations." Keith was all smiling then his face changed and said,"But you missed out one thing. I am insane. I can give up everything, you don't even think of getting away from this"

OMG. It was damn cool when Ruco said that!!!!!!!!!

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