Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Firstly, I would like to say hello (:

And so... I abandoned this webpage and left without a sound for more than a year.... Actually, I was writing a review on TVB dramas for 2010, then I realised, I had nothing much to write about? The only dramas from last year that I really liked were only Fistful of Stances, No Regrets and Every Move you Make.. The rest either disappointed me, or I didn't watch at all.

Thank god this year, I have watched 7 days in Life, Twilight Investigations, Grace of Fire, Ghetto Justice and Wax and Wane etc, and I can say, I am really impressed so far. Currently watching The Other Truth and Lives and Times of a Sentinel (:

Shall go off, and write a review on Wax and Wane! :D Well, actually, I have not been doing such things for a long time, hope I would be able to write decently!

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