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TVB Series 2009: The Overall Review


After a long hiatus! I am back once again! And of course, an overall review would complete the year worth of series!!! ^^ I am not sure if anyone is actually still reading this blog, and I am not sure if anyone actually loves my reviews but do comment if you have any voices to make! And so, last year I did this [LINK], it's a good way to announce my come-back to the blog by having this post!

Come to think of it, seems that I watched quite little... Honestly, I feel that this year, either the dramas are damn good, or they are really horrible/no urge to watch them.

The Name: The King of Snooker
The people: Adam Cheng, Niki Chow, Patrick Tang, Derek Kwok, Joyce Tang, Benz Hui
Mini intro: Snookers, competitions, friends, family, love, betrayal.
Why did I watch: I have no idea why also. I kinda regretted
Why should you watch: Derek Kwok and Joyce Tang. I think the both of them are cool!!
Thumbs down: You will forget the existence of this drama after watching 2 other dramas. And parts when Patrick Tang turned bad, I hated them. I preferred him at the beginning.
Why like this?: I don't understand what made Patrick Tang turn bad for a while suddenly in the middle of the show.
Would I recommend?: No.

The Name: Man In Charge
The people: Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui, Leila Tong, Matthew Ko
Mini intro: A witty guy who almost got himself killed because the judges thinks that he's a threat to most of them. And what's worst, he has a wife who has a undisclosable identity.. And we know a lil on the history of golf.
Why did I watch: Kenneth Ma's first role as the main lead, how could I miss it.
Why should you watch: Kate is very lovable in this drama, Kenneth as usual, doesn't disappoint us! Leila makes a quite good pair with Kenneth too! And it's quite funny to see Kate screaming at Kenneth!!!!
Thumbs down: The one and only complain- Matthew's acting.
Why like this?: I think that Kate shouldn't die in the drama. It doesn't really make much difference. And why is Matthew so stubborn?! No matter what, Kenneth helped him before he became bad!!!
Would I recommend?: Half-half I guess..

The Name: Rosy Business
The people: Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang, Ron Ng, Kara Hui, Susan Tse, Kiki Sheung, Pierre Ngo, Nancy Wu..
Mini intro: Many many rice, building eternal friendship, mutual trust, betrayal, survival, keys, will, death of the oldest man. [If you watched Safe Guards and Sweetness in the Salt, then yes, it's sth like a combination of both dramas. Just that there's a difference in certain elements, and it focuses on Employer-Employee relationships more]
Why did I watch: I saw the previews, it looked promising. I am a fan of Wayne and Sheren's dramas all the while, and knowing that they are doing a drama together, I knew I must watch it.
Why should you watch: Because I don't see why you should miss it! Wayne & Sheren, even tho they don't act as lovers in the drama, but just look at their expression and chemistry, it's perfect. There were sooooo many scenes that might be declared classics!! Everyone had all their own outstanding scenes, which is just SO GREAT! And Nancy, after episode 16, you can't help but love her. And there's very lil focus on Suki Tsui, phew.
Thumbs down: Probably the lousy acting of some of them. At the part when Kara Hui died, the letter reading part was supposed to be very devastating, but the third brother spoilt it with his expressionless expression. [He's cute, but he shldn't act in such good dramas for now]. And I really hated Pit-Man and Fung Yee and the godfather trio [but not the actors I must state myself clear]. Oh, and the front is slightly draggy, the real deal really all comes after Master Tseung dies. (:
Why like this?!: I feel that Chai Kau SHOULDN'T DIE. I don't really get the part when they saw Susan with extremely white hair [please explain?], and lung cancers can be spread thru germs?!
Status: Ranked 2nd and swept off 80% of the awards in TVB awards ceremony.

The Name: Sweetness in the Salt
The people: Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Raymond Wong, Felix Lok, Ram Tseung..
Mini intro: Salt, betrayal, love triangle, another it-turns-out-that-ur-most-respected-guy-is-a-baddie story, boring business.
Why did I watch: Tavia's first lead role, how could I miss it. And I love Raymond Wong and Steven Ma.
Why should you watch: Raymond Wong and Tavia Yeung. Esp Raymond Wong. I sweared that I would stop watching once Raymond Wong's character Ting Hin dies, because the business parts are just bullshit. I cried like crazy when Ting Hin died. And Tavia's tears. OMG.
Thumbs down: Steven Ma's overacting at times [I am still shocked he's in top 5 for best actor..], and the youngest sister. Ting Fai's refusal to become a better man.
Why like this?!: I don't get WHY Raymond's character should die. I would have accepted it if he dies from his illness!!!! And the ending sucked [I don't know what happened from the episode Ting Hin died and till the very last 10 minutes cos I skipped them.]
Would I recommend?: Yes, until episode 22 [or 21?]

The Name: A Bride for a Ride
The people: Chin Ka Lok, Sammul Chan, Louisa So, Nancy Wu, Lee Kwok Lam, Mimi Chu..
Mini intro: This big bully who loves to snatch brides, and this pretty boy scholar!
Why did I watch: Sammul Chan acting as a "woman", of course I want to watch it!!!!
Why should you watch: It's FREAKING FUNNY seriously. I laughed from start to the end. It's a good drama if you would like a good laugh. But if you are searching for storyline, then by all means, skip it.
Thumbs down: It's really easily forgettable, and you will realise it's a waste of time to watch this drama.
Why like this?!: I don't really get a lot of things, so I can't list all of them down. And besides, I really forgot more than half of what I have watched.
Would I recommend?: I love comedies, so I guess I wld recommend this..

The Name: D.I.E Again
The people: Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Derek Kwok, Nancy Wu, Mimi Lo
Mini intro: Detective with a weird talent, and somehow got his own kid into trouble.
Why did I watch: I loved part 1 LIKE MAD [Other than the fact that I hated Kenneth Ma in it]
Why should you watch: Because I honestly don't see why you shouldn't watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Derek Kwok is EXTREMELY cute in it [along with the rest too actually] and I loved his chemistry with Nancy Wu! The cases too, are interesting! And their head cop is soooooo funny!!!!!
Thumbs down: Not much thumbs down for me, just didn't like the 2 rookie cops that much.. I just didn't see a need to add 2 more people into the team.
Why like this?!: Why did Nancy Wu suddenly fall for Derek Kwok's character? But oh wells I don't really care, since they make a superb pair.
Would I recommend?: Yes definitely!

The Name: The Chamber of Bliss
The people: Damien Lee, Kathy Chow, Kenneth Ma, Toby Leung, Crystal Tin, Lam Ka Wah, Angela Tong...
Mini intro: Rebellion [That's the only word I could think of], Prostitution, war, deaths?
Why did I watch: Kenneth Ma. And I can't find any other reason
Why should you watch: I can't find any reasons for now cos I just started on this drama!!
Would I recommend?: Not sure yet!

*I swear I will write a decent review of this drama soon*
The Name: Beyond the Realm of Conscience
The people: Tavia Yeung, Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Michelle Yim, Susanna Kwan...
Mini intro: Palace, Women, Plotting against each other, love & friends & best buddies
Why did I watch: Tavia's first role as the big baddie, how can I miss it
Why should you watch: Because you should watch it!!!! Tavia's excellent. ALL HER SCENES. The seniors are great too!!!!!! Moses and Kevin surprisingly share really good chemistry, I love their brotherly love for each other. And I loved Susan Tse in there, she's so high class even though she's a baddie! And last but not least, I loved scenes btw Susanna Kwan and Chueng Kwok Keung, I think their chemistry is really good!!! Actually, everyone put up a good show! [Stole this from their this year's tagline]
Thumbs down: Charmaine's character is TOO flawless which makes me very irritated. And General Man's wife played by Yvonne Lam, extremely irritating............ It's great that her character died [and her character is the only one I wish to see dead]
Why like this?!: I don't see the reason of a few of them dying.. I mean like Emperess Kwok, she's alr banished to the cold palace, why let her die!!! I wanted her to survive, so badly! And General Man shouldn't be paralysed! I was so sad!! T.T
Status: Top rated drama series of the year, and Tavia won Most Favourite Character award.
Would I recommend?: YES PLEASE WATCH IT. It's just like Rosy Business. U are missing out if you don't watch this drama!

Didn't watch

The name: Greatness of a Hero
The people: Kent Cheng, Sunny Chan, Wayne Lai, Sonija Kwok, Bernice Liu, Leila Tong, Lee Heung Kam
Why didn't/not?: I didn't, doesn't mean I'm not watching! I will watch it once my local tv airs it next year!
Status: Warehoused [and I was really surprised cos quite a lot of big shots are in there]

The name: E.U
The people: Michael Miu, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Kathy Chow, Michael Tse..
Why didn't/not?: Becuase I didn't watch part 1 and 2 [yeah, I am a failure] so I decided to skip it for good. However, after hearing all the "Laughing Gor" craze, I am going to watch it. When my local tv airs 2 mths later or so.
Status: Ranked 3rd in this year's TVB series, and Michael Tse won best supporting actor.

The name: Winter Melon Tale
The people: Sunny Chan, Louisa So, Nancy Wu, Jack Wu...
Why didn't/not?: I wanted to watch before it was released but I decided that it looks boring when it was released...

The name: Just Love II
The people: Sunny Chan, Jessica Hester Hsuan, Joyce Tang, Benz Hui, Natalie Tong
Why didn't/not?: Simple, because I didn't watch part 1..

The name: Treshold of a Persona
The people: Roger Kwok, Yoyo Mung, Raymond Cho, Power Chan..
Why didn't/not?: I wanted to watch, but somehow I can't find reasons to watch it even though I am crazy over Roger Kwok... Can someone please encourage me to watch this drama???

The name: A Great Way to Care
The people: Alex Fong, Kate Tsui, Raymond Wong, Tsueng Kwok Keung, Elliot Yue, Timmy Hung..
Why didn't/not?: I am only interested in Raymond Wong, who is not acting as a major role, so pointless to watch it...
Status: warehoused!

The name: Burning Flame III
The people: Wong Hei, Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Aimee Chan..
Why didn't/not?: I heard that Wong Hei would be in "Coma" for 10 episodes, I decided to drop the drama.

The name: You're Hired
The people: Dayo Wong, Charmaine Sheh, Michael Tse, Benz Hui, Power Chan
Why didn't/not?: I would watch it definitely! Just that I didn't have time months back to catch it. I always watch dramas with Dayo Wong [And where is my To Catch the Uncatchable part 2?! Didn't they mention making a sequel!?]

The name: The Stew of Life
The people: Louisa So, Christine Ng, Chen Fala, Jimmy Hung...
Why didn't/not?: Somehow, I am not interested at all.

The name: Born Rich
The people: Ray Lui, Gallen Lo, Jamie Chik, Kenix Kwok, Joe Ma, Anita Yuen, Kenneth Ma, Nancy Sit..
Why didn't/not?: Wanted to because I like most of the stars in there, but I RAN OUT OF MONEY! This drama is sooooo long!
Status: Seems to be pretty bad.. Not even in top 10!

That's all! These are just my personal comments, so don't bash me up if you disagree!! just feel free to open up any discussions over here!!!! Comment more!! So that I will feel that there's someone reading! XD

Will reply all tags from over the 6 months if neccessary!!


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