Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tvb Series Hidden Master.

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Cast: Kenneth Ma, Matthew Ko, Kate Tsui, Leila Tong, Lau Ka Fai...

Sometimes kind Sometimes sassy
Stay away from my spy woman

Master Tai Yau Kung (Lau Ka Fai) is skilled in training official advisor for government. He helps his foster son Chow Ping (Kenneth Ma) obtain a job in officialdom. Chow Ping is a resourceful young man but he holds fast to his own beliefs. He finds all the rules and practices of the officials intolerable so he stays idle all the time. Sometimes he goes tavern to have fun and he falls in love with the adorable owner Chong Siu Han (Leila Tong). His wife Chiu Yuk Hing (Kate Tsui) becomes green-eyed monster and never stays in settlement with him.

Yau Kung recommends Chow Ping to work as an advisor to the new government official Shum Kwan Pok (Matthew Ko). Chow Ping and Kwan Pok become good friends as time goes by. However, Chow Ping accidentally discovers that his respectful master Yau Kung is actually the father of Kwan Pok. In order to protect himself, Kwan Pok starts making use of Yuk Hing to eliminate Chow Ping. Chow Ping is shocked to realize that his wife is in fact a spy dispatched by Imperial Court.


Themesong! (: I heard it kinda copied ___'s Left Alone, I wonder if it's true or not.

These videos are really funny! Do give them a watch! (:

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It's a drama that I have been waiting for quite some time. It's supposed to come out earlier than Speech of Silence, but somehow the release date is dragged for 1 whole year... Knowing that it is out in stores already, I immediately came outta my bubble, and went to rent this drama.

The first disc is currently in my house, but I haven't got a chance to watch it yet [because I am watching King of Snookers right now, and enjoying it]

Anyways, frankly speaking I am actually very sick of the Kenneth-Kate pairing.. They have paired up for like 5 times already within 2 years!!!! But for once, I think this pairing is kinda cute *as much as Kate's bangs look rly disgusting to me* and I am really looking forward to watching it.. [I LOVE COMEDIES~] I really hope this drama won't disappoint me! Since this is kinda of Kenneth's first leading role...

Now talk about the storyline.. Actually this type of storyline is quite typical [since Kate is like acting as a spy again after The Four...] If this drama interests me, [which most prolly would since I am biased towards Kenneth Ma], I will comeback and write a review!! (:

I am actually out of comments, because I do not know much of the storyline yet. I am secretly hoping that this drama will have a happy ending! [not like Sweetness in the Salt, which ending TOTALLY PISSED ME OFF]

What are your thoughts about this drama?

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