Friday, February 6, 2009

TVB series Sweetness in the Salt Review.

Well, it's been quite some time since I last wrote a review.. SO my reviewing skills are kinda rusty. And yes, there's only 2 photos, so things might get a bit dry. I try to be interesting yeah?

When I first saw this photo, I was having second thoughts about this drama because it's just so similar to Land Of Wealth [which was amazingly BORING] And yes, thank god they changed Joey Leung away, otherwise how will Raymond Wong get to shine in the drama! HAHAHA

Warning: The review might get a bit... personal [or rather, tempremental] Anyway, I am going to start the review now, so VERY EXCESSIVE SPOILERS ahead!

The world is full of WHY(s).

Why did I watch this drama?
2. I have a crush on Tavia Yeung after watching her outstanding performance in Moonlight Resonance
3. Yes, I am a mini fan of Raymond Wong since Central Affairs
4. I don't know what to watch.

After watching the drama:

1. I am officially a fan of Raymond Wong. I really hope TVB open their eyes a bit and stop promoting stars that are NOT WORTH promoting but promote stars that are able to act instead. Let all Raymond [or Ting Hin] fans pray this come out of the warehouse, and he gets nominated for his role.

2. I HATE THE SCRIPTWRITER. WHY MUST TING HIN DIE. TELL ME. He recovered from diabetes LIKE FINALLY I get to hear him talk faster [that's not the point though], GAVE ME A BIT OF HOPE, and he dies of some stupid external injury. I totally got turned off, and stopped halfway at episode 23 and went all the way to episode 25 last scene. [I didn't really bother to watch how the bad guys die or what. I alr said, once Raymond Wong's character die, I stop the drama]. Anyway the part when he is dying [episode 23 is HIS], I CRIED LIKE MAD. It's been so long since a drama made me cry!! So I say this is worth watching.

As I said, I went all the way to the last scene.. [let me assume that Tavia left Steven because of certain sensitive issues? Love, lies, murder?]

so what kind of ending is this? I NEED SOME ENLIGHTENMENT. I only saw Tavia come out of a bunch of rocks, saw a firefly [I assume this is Raymond Wong], and this scene came. THEN IT ENDED!!!!!!!! *#$#$%#*^#^)#(!*)(!

3. I somehow hate the way the love stories go... So does Sing Suet even love Ting Hin? Why is Ting Hin so stubborn to give up his love relationship even after recovery? Why can't Chi Yuen just leave when he saw Sing Suet so happy with Ting Hin?

4. I feel that Pierre Ngo is quite irritating in the drama [more irritating than the bad guys]. Why can't his character [Ting Fai] learn his lesson after so many episodes?!?! It's just plain irritating I don't know what to say.


6. I would say that all the salt trading parts in the beginning of the drama are boring, other than that, the love stories and how they completed the mission are really the crux of the drama.

7. Even as a Steven Ma fan, I am sorry to say that he failed to shine in this drama. Sometimes I felt that his acting [in this particular drama only] was a bit overboard. At the part when he was quarrelling with his mum, the entire feeling felt weird. At the part when he was suffering from some epidemy, I didn't really feel for his character. I think his character in the drama is too righteous, that it becomes hard to be convincing. But sometimes, I am really curious about Steven Ma's character. Chi Yuen seems to have a lot of secrets in his mind, which makes him particularly interesting to look at. However, I still prefer the righteous Sheung Chi in Safe Guards!!

8. As a new Tavia fan, as much as she did really well in the drama, she's not my favourite character.. Her best scene was the one when her mum and dad died. Wah, I could so totally feel her tears man!!! It was so good that, it's good. Other than all the crying scenes [I love to see her cry], her scenes are quite normal. I think the problem lies in the character herself. Sing Suet is too simple [one look you know what kind a person she is] a person, thus I'm actually not very interested in how the character develops and stuff.. But I really do admire Sing Suet's toughness and the way she handled things after she became in-charge. Oh ya, the bangs, they have to do something to it. It ruins her hair!!!

9. As a small Raymond fan, I am proud to say that he has done really well in this drama!! Ting Hin is my favourite character! At first I thought his character will be boring!!! BUT NO! His character is a little selfish, righteous, sick, clever, nice.. It's like a mixture of everything which makes his character particularly lovable. He's always thinking, and nobody seems to understand his mind, but he's able to understand everyone's mind [this sounds scary], his character had a lot of development points, which is why I like Ting Hin a lot. He also becomes the factor of pity when he fell in love with Sing Suet, but is unable to let his emotions out because of his illness. I also liked the way he handles matters in the family! He looks so man when he does business!!! Argh, if I continue listing this point will never end.

10. Ram Tseung rocks in the drama! Like always, I love him to act as such characters!! Funny, and righteous [although he looks like a playboy on the outside]. I have nothing much to say about his, because almost all his scenes are greats! I totally burst out laughing when he painted all the corrupted officials drawings!! It's simply LOL. His chemistry with Halina Tam is also worth mentioning! I think they are a cute pair!

11. Kwok Fung is also another great cast in the drama!! He's really funny (: I totally loved his chemistry with Raymond Wong and Tavia Yeung!! (: As much as Wu Kin is a selfish and self centered person, I really admire the way the qualities of the character is displayed. His best parts are when he ended up in jail.. When Sing Suet went to the jail to visit Wu Kin, those moments are the best seriously. And also when he shows his concerns for Raymond Wong. Gosh, I almost thought they are really father and son. At the part when he was asked to take up the Head Trader post again, he talked about Ting Hin's contribution to the family and everything. It's simply touching!! I could totally feel their chemistry even though Ting Hin doesn't exist anymore..

12. I think as much complaints/compliments I have for the drama, this drama is actually not bad! I would not say that it is the best or what, but the script is quite nicely written [although it gets boring in the middle and only gets exciting after episode 14 or so] because it tries to bring out the best qualities of the individual characters. Good acting + good script = good drama. It's highly recommended for Raymond Wong and Tavia Yeung fans. I think Steven Ma fans shouldn't watch this. Watch Safe Guards again can le. (:

End of review!
-If I inevitably offended someone, please don't sprout vulgarities on me. THANKS! and BYEBYE!


LizzieYen said...
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LizzieYen said...

Totally agree with you! I have not been crushing on a TVB male character for the longest time prior to Teng Hin!

And I think that Seng Suet should have ended up with Teng Hin because he allows her to be the strong, independent woman that she is. Its just that she has beautiful memories with Chi Yuen but a future with Teng Hin.

If you're Malaysian, vote for Teng Hin in the Astro TVB awards

Christine said...

hello! (: HAHAHA!! yeah I love ting hin a lot!!! he's like the best character in the drama!! so sad when his character died right!

nope, I don't live in Malaysia.. So I don't think I can do any voting right?

Teri said...

ray wong totally shined in this drama -- even tho im a die-hard steven fan, i have to admit that i felt like teng hin was the main male lead all along -- until he died, of course -- which really pissed me off! but i continued watching ... and props to steven's character for being persistent and wanting to hold on to his love EVEN if there were all sorts of crap and misunderstandings between him and tavia. ive interpreted the ending as a happy one.