Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tvb Series The Greatness of A Hero.

*no picture!!*

Starring: Kent Cheng, Wayne Lai, Sunny Chan, Bernice Liu, Sonija Kwok, Lee Heung Kam, Rebecca Chan, Stephen Huynh, Claire Yiu, Tracy Ip, Matthew Ko...

Tik Yan Kit (Kent Cheng), one of the most celebrated chancellors, is greatly trusted by Empress Mo Tsak Tin (Rebecca Chan). Tsak Tin's nephew Mo Shing Chi (Wayne Lai) is jealous and he seeks every opportunity to frame him up. Shing Chi accuses Yan Kit for colluding with his daughter Tik Cheng Luen's (Bernice Liu) husband Sung Tin Yuk(Sunny Chan) of treason and an attempt to subvert Tsak Tin's throne. Yan Kit is left speechless and his family members are all seized in order to Tsak Tin has been incited to action by Shing Chi. Yan Kit escapes in chaos but Shing Chi threatens to kill his second wife Cho Yuet (Sonija Kwok). The incorruptible and intelligent Yan Kit is miserably caught in a dilemma and he feels helpless in every way. Would Yan Kit be able to conquer the traitors eventually and help restore order from a tragic turnaround?


The themesong. not bad (:

Promotion Clip 1

Promotion Clip 2


GOSH! So Wayne Lai is the bad guy??? OMG, I AM SO GONNA WATCH IT!! There was simply TOO little news about this drama itself, I don't even know what is the storyline!!!! And the videos make me even more excited about watching Wayne Lai in the drama!!

So, this story basically revolves mostly around Kent Cheng, and the others are either supporting him, or harming him. And apparently, Wayne Lai is the biggest obstacle to Kent Cheng's success.

So why is this drama warehoused? We won't know the answer right? Sometimes I really wish Wayne Lai gets more attention from TVB just like Raymond Wong.. Don't you all agree?

It has not been officially released yet, once it's released, we can start accessing whether this drama is wrongly warehoused or not.

*2 period dramas are alr axed this year.. will there be more?*

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