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TVB series 2008: The Overall Review.

I watched quite a lot of dramas I REALISED like omg!!! Maybe cos after I had finished my exams, I had a marathon with the TVB dramas.. I watched half a year's worth of drama in 1 month!! *How did I even managed to do it..* So I am gonna do a mini drama review! (: It seems to me that the series from the first half of the year are more well recieved. Amazingly, 2008 was a great year for many dramas, because NOTHING was warehoused. Sweetness in the Salt sadly, broke the trend.

I did this last year [link] and I am doing this again!

The players: Kenneth Ma, Ella Koon, Sammul Chan, Selena Li...
Mini intro: It's a sequel to Survivors' Law. More cases, more love.
Why did I watch: Cos I LOVED PART 1.
Why should you watch: I think Kenneth and Ella make a good pair! The cases are actually very interesting to watch. (:
Thumbs down: I still prefer part 1 more.. This drama is not good enough to leave me an impression...
Status: Average point ratings is around 31 points.

The players: Liza Wang, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Derek Kwok, Joyce Tang, Benz Hui
Mini intro: Wars of the In-Laws turned modern, as Mother-in-Law and daughter-in-law continue to fight, leaving the son/husband in distress.
Why did I watch: I noticed the hype of this drama, so I decided to watch it.
Why should you watch: Liza Wang and Benz Hui are terrific!!! (: And omg, Derek Kwok acts so well as gay can! Another thing to note: this drama is HILARIOUS.
Thumbs down: Myolie Wu gets a tweeny bit irritating at certain parts of the drama because she always makes things worse for Liza Wang. And yeah, Vivien Yeo is quite sluttish in the drama.
Status: Ranked 3rd, with 41 peak points and a highest rating points of 37.

The players: Steven Ma, Yumiko Cheng, Wayne Lai, Ha Yu, Johnson Lee...
Mini intro: Story of the emperor bowl, and a "sequel" to The Gentle Crackdown, similarly, there's a change in 90% of the casts too.
Why did I watch: I loved part 1, and I like Steven Ma+Wayne Lai
Why should you watch: The 5 useless constables are hilarious, and Wayne Lai is oustanding. Steven+Wayne = Good Chemistry!!!!!!!!! The love story between Yumiko and Steven is cute too.
Thumbs down: Wayne Lai is too outstanding, it overpowers the 2 main leads. [Is that even a reason?] oh oh, I don't like Yumiko's hair in the drama..
Status: Ranked 7th, with highest peak points of 37, and average points of 32.

The players: Louisa So, Michael Tao, Bernice Liu, Paul Chun, Joyce Tang, Dexter Yeung
Mini intro: It's all about food and love. About a not so nice woman who doesn't know how to cook but she is actually famous in the food industry for knowing how to cook, thank god she has a good boyfriend.
Why did I watch: Bernice Liu and hmm, the themesong was nice so it kinda captured me.
Why should you watch: It's very light hearted and family friendly. And I must say Dexter Yeung is quite good for a newcomer.
Thumbs down: I think it is a drama you will easily forget, and I must say it gets a little boring towards the back.
Status: Ranked 9th, with highest peak points of 36 and average ratings of 32.

The players: Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Kenneth Ma, Margie Tsang, Derek Kwok Siu Yuen, Mimi Lo
Mini intro: It's about a police officer who has the ability to see ghosts that scares people, but it is helpful to solve cases that are difficult to solve.
Why did I watch: ROGER AND KENNETH!! How could you miss it!! And I love detective dramas. (:
Why should you watch: The cases are omg so interesting. I think the storyline is great! And the chemistry between Margie Tsang and Derek Kwok is really worth watching.
Thumbs down: I don't like Kenneth's character in the drama!! And the ending sucked.
Status: Ranked 2nd, peaking at 41 points, average of 37 points. And a sequel is said to be filming soon.

The players: Nancy Sit, Paul Chun, Ng Wai Kok, Christine Ng, Nancy Wu, Shirley Yeung, Jack Wu, Rebecca Chan..
Mini intro: About a guy with 4 wives, and how things get really nasty in the family as time goes by.
Why did I watch: Jack Wu. And it totally caught my interest after I heard the themesong [it's really themesong of the year] and saw the promotional clips
Why should you watch: Because of everything about the drama. Nancy did a great job as the unfaithful wife, Nancy did a great job as the "hard life" first wife [it's really a huge difference from what she always acts as], Christine Ng did a great job by slapping Paul Chun and cursing him towards the end of the drama and the chemistry between Shirley and Jack is cute. (:
Thumbs down: I think that this drama is not widely recognised enough. *Is that even a thumbs down?*
Status: Ranked 4th, peaking at 40 points, average of 34 points.

The players: Damien Lau, Joe Ma, Idy Chan, Chan Fala, Sharon Chan, Johnson Lee...
Mini intro: Our famous dragon girl comes back to act. This is a story about a cop and a thief [that's kinda of too simple right?]
Why did I watch: I remember someone introduced this drama to me.
Why should you watch: I really liked Damien Lau as the thief!!!! Johnson Lee and newcomer Koni Lui are really good!!! Actually I finished the drama because of the "thieves". I think they are amazing. The cops are irritating
Thumbs down: I feel that Fala and Idy's presence are not needed in the drama. And sometimes [no offence] I really cannot stand Idy Chan. And I hated the fact that Johnson Lee died in the drama.
Status: Ranked 6th, peaking at 38 and average points of 33.

The players: Bobby Au Yeung, Cheng Kevin, Yoyo Mung, Charmaine Sheh, Frankie Lam, Linda Chung, Raymond Cho, Florence Kwok
Mini intro: Sequel to Forensic Heroes, with the usual people [+2 more] coming together to solve cases and showing us the wonders of forensic science.
Why did I watch: I quite liked part 1 so I continued.
Why should you watch: The technology is seriously amazing.
Thumbs down: I gave up halfway... I don't know why I think it was boring that I couldn't find the concentration to finish the drama..
Status: Ranked 5th, peaking at 39 and average points of 34.

The players: Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui, Chris Lai, Elaine Yiu, Claire Yiu...
Mini intro: About a deaf girl who has a passion for dubbing, and the story of her disability. How much sorrows it gave her etc..
Why did I watch: Solely for Kenneth and Chris.
Why should you watch: It's quite interesting to know more about the dubbing world.. And Chris Lai is funny in the drama. And I must say Kate Tsui has improved in her acting.
Thumbs down: IT'S BORING!!! Even though I am a huge fan of kenneth, I was really struggling to finish the drama when I reached the middle. The fast forward button becomes very tempting to press.
Status: Average ratings of 29

The players: Gallen Lo, Myolie Wu, Bernice Liu, Lui Fong, Margie Tsang, Raymond Wong, a mutt, a cat..
Mini intro: It's a very warm story with dogs, cats and humans.
Why did I watch: I got very into Raymond Wong after Sweetness in the Salt so I decided to watch all his dramas.
Why should you watch: Gallen Lo is back! Yeah, he STILL rocks. This drama is hilarious I must say! And the animals are amazing! I wonder how hard/easy was it to finish the filming.. And Margie and Lui Fong look cute together.
Thumbs down: Those cat and dog dubbings gives me shivers. And it's not a happy ending.
Status: Average rating of 32 points

The players: Ha Yu, Louise Lee, Michelle Yim, Susanna Kwan, Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung, Lee Heung Kam, Chan Fala, Wayne Lai, Kate Tsui, Bosco Wong, Vincent Wong, Chris Lai
Mini intro: A sequel to Heart of Greed, and they decided to sell mooncakes instead of abalone.
Why did I watch: I LOVED Heart of Greed, so I decided to watch this along with the flow since it's so widely recognised.
Why should you watch: The family affairs makes the drama amazing. Tavia's tears are so great that I became a fan of her after the drama. I never knew she can cry so beautifully! Susanna, Michelle and Louisa still rocks as ever. I didn't know Susanna can be such a comedian until this drama. Chan Fala, it must be hard on her!! She had to do dubbing, learn how to use hand language... And I greatly appreciate her effort!! She's great too. Lee Heung Kam is another great woman. Basically, the women took all the limelight!!!!!!
Thumbs down: Linda Chung is the only female lead I don't appreciate in the drama... No offence, I think that she's over acting with all her tears!! Gosh, it simply pisses me off, and poor Raymond+Bosco [especially Bosco], I skipped all their parts with her. And sadly, Moses fails to shine in the drama. Although I still love him as "Zha Gu", I prefer Tak Tak Tei more! (:
Status: Top series of 2009, peaking at 50 [OH MY GAWD] and average points of 47 [or 37?].

The players: Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Sammul Chan, Ron Ng, Selena Li, Kate Tsui, Dominic Lam
Mini intro: About 4 young guys who meet, become justice of crime, and gradually know about how important each other is to make things work.
Why did I watch: ALL 4 guys and Selena! HAHAHA
Why should you watch: Sammul is amazing in the drama. He's really cute, witty and funny. And the chemistry of all 4 constables towards the end is great. One person I have to mention is Selena Li, I think without her, I won't have the courage to even finish the drama. Ron too!! He barely spoke up to 20 sentences in the drama can!!! I felt that his acting is good from the expression of his eyes. And I liked the love chemistry between Selena and Kenneth.
Thumbs down: Kate Tsui [I feel that she should die at the end of the drama because she is so wicked she doesn't deserve to be loved by Raymond Lam], Ron's girl [whoever that is] has very bad acting and the stupid ending.
Status: Ranked 8th, peaking at 36 and average of 32 points.

The players: Roger Kwok, Kevin Cheng, Yoyo Mung, Elaine Yiu, Macy Chan
Mini intro: About a man who got wrongly accused for killing his stepfather, and the killer goes out scotfree. 10 years later, he gets released and he vows to catch the person who got him into trouble.
Why did I watch: ROGER IS THE BAD GUY. How can I miss this.
Why should you watch: I felt that Yoyo and Kevin have improved a lot from this drama. And there's no bad acting, which is good. Elaine Yiu is better in acting now too. (:
Thumbs down: *I haven't finish the drama yet, so not much comments here* Well, I felt that it's a bit slow, and sadly, it's not well recieved. I felt that it should deserve more attention from the public. The grandma is kinda irritating in the drama. I mean yes, you hate ur grandson for being so bad, but you shouldn't harp on it too much..
Status: Average of 31 points.

Series I didn't watch

Mostly these series I didn't watch was because of my ongoing exams at that time so I was being very selective..

The players: Kevin Cheng, Niki Chow, Bosco Wong, Natalie Tong...
Why didn't I watch?: I am kinda tired of the Kevin-Niki thing, I felt that it looks boring, and I felt that it will be a sad ending so I didn't watch it.
Status: Ranked 10th, with peak points of 35 and average of 32

The players: Vincent Zhao, Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, Melissa Ng, Kenneth Ma, Selena Li...
Why didn't I watch?: I watched the trailer and got turned off. instantly.
Status: average points of 29.

The players: Michael Tse, Kiki Sheung, Dominic Lam, Joyce Tang, Angela Tong, Power Chan, Toby Leung...
Why didn't I watch?: I am not sure, I was never really interested in watching in the first place. And a lot of people told me not to waste my time.
Status: Average of 31 points. [wow it's better than Tai Chi, Tai Chi must have been really bad then]

The players: Michael Miu, Anita Yuen, Crystal Tin, Power Chan, Mandy Cho..
Why didn't I watch?: I was having the exams. I am watching this soon!
Status: Average points of 32.

The players: Bobby Au Yeung, Sheren Tang, Derek Kwok, Benz Hui, Him Law, Oscar Leung, HotCha..
Why didn't I watch?: I was having the exams! Watching this soon too!!
Status: Average rating of 31 points.

The players: Liza Wang, Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma, Raymond Wong, Edwin Siu, Selena Li..
Why didn't I watch?: Well I watched half of the drama.. And it is toooooooooo slow for me. But I really admire all of their performances. ESP RAYMOND WONG! OMG. I am beginning to like him more and more..
Status: Anniversary series no.1 with ridiculously bad ratings of 29 points on average..

The players: Ada Choi, Gigi Lai, Lam Bowie, Moses Chan, Maggie Siu, Louise Lee, Wong Hei, Bosco Wong, Linda Chung...
Why didn't I watch?: It's bloody long, I watched 1 episode and got successfully turned off. DRAGGY.
Status: still airing. Anniversary series no. 2.

The players: Paul Chun, Eric Suen, Wayne Lai, Sonija Kwok, Sharon Chan, Shirley Yeung
Why didn't I watch?: I am waiting for the best time to catch this drama.
Status: Average of 28 [omg this is the lowest rating drama of the year..]

Okay, here is my review, if I actually offended anyone with my review and they actually affect your mood and such, please do not hate me because all these are just very personal...

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