Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sweetness in the Salt.

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Starring: Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Raymond Wong, Joel Chan, Kwok Fung...

Nip Chi Yuen (Ma Steven), who works in the anti-smuggling camp, is determined to wipe out the Tau's Fort, which is the stronghold for salt smugglers. He pretends to be a down-and-out scholar. Tau Seng Suet (Tavia Yeung), daughter of the chief smuggler, sympathizes with Chi Yuen and puts him up in the village. Later, they even become fond of each other. During an anti-smuggling operation Seng Suet is badly hurt and has since been separated from Chi Yuen and her family. Fortunately she is saved by Wu Ting Hin (Raymond Wong), son of salt merchant Wu Kin (Kwok Fung). Ting Hin takes her home. One day, Seng Suet saw the dead bodies of her parent being hung on the wall of the city tower, and that the official standing on the top of the tower telling the public not to sell smuggled salt is none other than the man she misses day and night. She is heartbroken, and her love for Chi Yuen turns into hatred that moment on.

Ting Hin finds a job for Seng Suet at the salt company his family runs to help her get over her unhappiness. To repay him, she devotes herself entirely to the job. As time goes by, Ting Hin starts to fall in love with her. However his critical illness making him hesitates to express his love for her. Seng Suet's real identity comes to light when her younger uncle reappears out of the blue. Ting Hin, for fear that his family will report Seng Suet, proposes to her.


I really like the themesong.. (: I think it's nice although Tavia isn't exactly an excellent singer *now, don't get me wrong, I like her*

Some comments:
I am currently watching Sweetness in the Salt now, and I am loving it! Somehow it reminds me of the old Safe Guard days. But then again, it sort of reminds me of the Land of Wealth days too when I can't even finish the drama. Let's wait and see then [I am quite scared]

I only have 1 thing to ponder over: Why isn't Tavia angry over Raymond's family? Indirectly they caused Tavia's family's death..

Let's access the people individually:

1. Tavia Yeung
I feel that Tavia fans should really watch it, she really cries very well!! I watched episode 2 and I felt that the crying scenes she has done are really good. HER TEARS ARE REAL MAN. However, Tavia managed to shine only in that particular scene. In terms of character, I feel that Raymond Wong is the most outstanding so far.. Omg I am falling into the "I love tavia" hole! [Sounds kinda wrong I know.] And I want Tavia to be with Raymond in the end! I really hope that Tavia's role in the drama shines even further towards the end because currently Raymond Wong is stealing away all the limelight. [Or is it my expectations are too high after MR?]

2. Steven Ma
He hasn't appeared much in the drama yet, not many outstanding appearances yet. When I watched episode 2 I had some misunderstandings about Steven Ma's character, BUT I was wrong! As a HUGE Steven fan even, and no offence, I feel it will be kinda hard for Steven's role to shine.. Maybe his character will be very important towards the end of the drama. I have confidence in Steven!

3. Raymond Wong
Raymond Wong looks really ill in the drama! *Well he is acting as a sick man..* I am really worried that he might just die at the end of the drama!!!!! :( Anyway, I am so happy that Raymond Wong is acting as such a great person!! FINALLY HE IS GOOD GUY. He's always a bad guy in modern dramas!! I think that Raymond Wong is quite a good actor ever since ATV's central affairs, but he's always getting all the **** roles, and I thought he acted well in Easterly Showers but pity the ratings. Now this drama is warehoused after he gets such a good role.. So far, I feel that his character as Ting Hin is doing the best because of all his has done so far. Anyway, I think that Raymond Wong will be the one making the audiences cry towards the end... :(

4. Others
As usual, Joel Chan is the big baddie, and starts wondering if Steven's godfather [Felix Lok] is really that upright not.

Things that I do not want to happen:
1. Raymond to die in the end [I saw the opening theme and feels very sad that Raymond Wong is actually becoming a sick groom]
2. Tavia to not end up being with Steven/Raymond
3. The story to become boring towards the end like Land of Wealth.

Food for Thought: WHY IS THE DRAMA WAREHOUSED?!?!?!?!?!?!? Finally Tavia gets a lead role this kind of thing happens.....


Anonymous said...

Did you mean that this show was filmed a long time ago? wow. I did not realise that.

Christine said...

this show was filmed beginning of last year. HAHA it wasn't very long ago lah. HAHA