Monday, November 24, 2008

Sales Presentation 2009

Okay so the Sales Presentation 2009 was held around 1-2 weeks ago, and I managed to watch it live, and of course, I have downloaded the video online to watch again so I could make some comments *of course if anyone wants it I would upload it*.

and waits for the Tvb calendar with great anticipation...

2009 seems like a good year, I am looking forward! And Moses Chan is involved in a lot of many dramas this time!

1. 飛女正傳

Cast: Ada Choi, Moses Chan, Raymond Cho, Kenny Wong..
Comments: When I saw the video, I thought it's the kind that will be shown in the Sales Presentation, but it will never be filmed. However, I HAVE HEARD NEWS THAT THIS IS GOING TO BE FILMED IN DECEMBER!!! Ever since Ada's appearance in To Catch the Uncatchable, I actually started admiring her comedic talents!! You can't imagine how excited I am now. I hope Ada ends up with Moses in the drama itself!! I like this pair A LOT. I hope the outlook of them changes. I was appalled with how Ada and Moses looked in the clip!!!
Conclusion: I will watch it.
Status: Costume fitting soon.

2. 學警狙擊 a.k.a E.U

Cast: Ron Ng, Michael Miu, Sammul Chan, Kathy Chow, Kaki Leung..
Comments: I didn't watch The Academy and On the First Beat *for some weird reasons*, and I know they are related. I know the first 2 were very well received *well, otherwise why even release a part 3?* but I didn't really pay attention to that part of the sales presentation cos I think I won't watch part 3 until I watch part 1 and 2..
Conclusion: Shifting it aside for the time being!
Status: Filming is finished!

3. 鐵馬尋橋

Cast: Raymond Lam, Yuen Wah, Yuen Chau
Comments: Hmm, as much as I like the 3 of them, I think this clip is pointless... Oh, it sort of reminded me of the comedic version of Master of Tai Chi. This part of the presentation made me feel like I was watching nothing. There was no overall storyline, only fighting. -.o
Conclusion: I doubt they will even film this drama.
Status: Unknown.

4. 古靈精探II a.k.a D.I.E 2

Cast: Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Derek Kwok, Kitty Yuen, Nancy Wu, Mimi Lo..
Comments: WHERE IS KENNETH MA!!!! But well, I didn't like his character in D.I.E II so I guess the new producer [yes they changed the producer] did me a favour by removing him.. Argh, but what about Margie Tsang?! Who is going to act as Roger's sister if she leaves? And I really loved Derek and Margie's chemistry!! It's quite a waste to end that relationship right? Well, I guessed they released a part 2 because part 1 was exceptionally well recieved *but unfortunately became 2nd place because of MR*. A change of producer to the one I don't really admire, I hope part 2 actually turns out good...
Conclusion: Thank goodness there's still Roger, I am anticipating this!
Status: Filming in progress.

5. 金錢誘罪

Cast: Gallen Lo, Kenix Kwok, Anita Yuen, Ray Lui, Joe Ma, Jaime Chik, Krystal Tin, Nancy Sit, Kenneth Ma, Vincent Wong..
Comments: Gallen Lo and Kenix Kwok! They are back!! Now I hope there is no more changes to the cast, and it's been a while since TVB released a drama with so many good casts! The best part is... KENNETH MA is going to be the baddie for the drama! Oh my gawd, that is something worth looking forward to for now!! However, one sad thing was, Bernice was supposed to be in the cast as seen in the presentation, but somehow she was replaced by someone else *I am not sure who though*. And the monopoly style of the presentation looks cool.
Conclusion: Don't stop me from watching this drama. *I guess it will become the Anniversary series or a grand production kind of drama for 2009*
Status: Costume fitting in late November

6. 巾幗梟雄

Cast: Wayne Lai, Ngok Wah, Sheren Tang, Ron Ng, Kiki Sheung, Suki Tsui..
Comment: Wayne Lai + Sheren Tang = Good ratings. Enough said? I have good feeling about the outcome of this drama. It's looking so good that I have no comments to make. I am happy that Wayne Lai is finally receiving some attention from TVB after so many years.
Conclusion: I will watch it, DEFINITELY
Status: I think filming has finished

7. 宮心計

Cast: Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, Charmaine Sheh, Kevin Cheng, Susanna Kwan, Michelle Yim, Selena Li...
Comments: Why does this reminds me of War and Beauty? Anyway, Charmaine and Kevin seems to be a heavily promoted pair this time *judging from the obvious promotion of this couple during the 41st Anniversary Show* and I am actually quite tired of seeing this heavily promoted pair. But, it seems that it's Kevin-Tavia and Charmaine-Moses relationship instead. The cast is impressive, and I am currently in love with the Tavia-Moses pair after 25 episodes of MR, so I would end up giving this a chance. Hmm, it would be interesting to see Tavia acting as a baddie.
Conclusion: I will watch it if the cast remains.
Status: I guess filming will begin soon

8. 蔡鍔與小鳳仙

Cast: Damien Lau, Kathy Chow, Kenneth Ma, Toby Leung, Krystal Tin, Angela Tong..
Comments: This drama seems to be full of potential. Although I dislike the fact that Kenneth and Toby are going to be paired up.. Hmm, I have some reservations for this drama, but for Kenneth, I know I won't be able to resist myself and watch it. But then again, Kenneth seems to be involved in all the serious dramas this time, why no comedies?
Conclusion: I guess but the story seems boring.
Status: Filming

9. 烈火雄心 III a.k.a Burning Flame 3

Cast: Wong Hei, Bosco Wong, Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu..
Comments: There is a lot of news coverage of this drama, I have not much comments for this, but I guess it should turn out good. I GUESS. But all I saw in the sales presentation *like what presented for last year*, was FIRE.
Conclusion: I loved part 1 and 2, I will watch the 3rd.
Status: Filming is wrapping up

10. 天與地

Cast: Nick Cheung, Lam Bowie, Moses Chan, Sheren Tang, Louise Lee, Charmaine Sheh..
Comments: NICK CHEUNG IS BACK BACK BACK!!! And it seems to be showing that those 3 main male casts have some secrets to hide.. And Sheren Tang = good stuff to watch. I am quite looking forward to this.
Conclusion: I shall see first.
Status: Should be starting to film soon.


bbfreak said...

hey... omg ur a kenneth fan?! haha.. u should join us at for more kenneth updates...

did u see how he looks for Grand Entrep? kinda upset about his mustache! i m so looking forward to him being a baddie...
i was so sad that bernice was replaced cuz of her hollywood film.. was hoping for BK...but now's Sharon has her role and Toby's replaced by grace wong!

Anonymous said...

<333 DIE II!

I heard Kelvin Leung has a minor role Rouge Merchant (巾幗梟雄). <3 Love him.