Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tvb Series that I have never watched.

It's been quite long since I last posted something else other than TVB series introduction.. Well, I have been a TVB fan for around 8 years already [well, I liked TVB series since young, but have not really become so obsessed with TVB until 2000..], I have watched a lot of TVB series, but I also HAVE NOT watched a lot of TVB series too, which is quite wrong because a TVB fan is supposed to watch every series!

So today I am going to write something about TVB series that I have not watched [those released between 2000 to 2006], and why I didn't watch them, and of course, I need your opinion on whether I should watch these TVB series not. Okay, enough of grandmother stories, I should start the 'review' now. Anyway, if you all notice, most of the series that I didn't catch are warehouse, warehouse-got-out-of-warehouse and anniversary series.

A Point of No Return (2003)
Why?: It's just fate that I can never get to watch this series. When it first released I was having an important exam. When it was shown on tv I was also having an important exam. Therefore I had never watched it.
Do I want to watch it?: Actually ya, cos I like Chilam Cheung, Sammul Chan and Damien Lau
Status: Top 10 TVB series in 2003, it was one of the anniversary series.

Always ready (2005)
Why?: I didn't watch it was partly because I was not really interested in the cast. But Shirley Yeung won an award for this series for the best supporting actress.
Do I want to watch it?: No?
Status: Well, it was aired, the last series in 2005 to be aired.

Armed Reaction 4 (2003)
Why?: Don't mistake me, I love the AR series, but I didn't watch this somehow!! Actually I wanted to watch it after my exams, but I don't know why everyone is telling me not to watch it since I am an Ada Choi fan.
Do I want to watch it?: I very much want to, but many people are telling me not to!
Status: It was warehoused for 1 year and aired in 2004, and ratings ain't very good.

Back to Square One (2003)
Why?: Pardon me, but I didn't really know the presence of this series because it was super low key! Not much publicity, not much ravings about this series also!
Do I want to watch it?: I am not sure about it myself!
Status: It was aired with Witness to A Prosecution 2, but they had quite an inverse relationship in terms of ratings.

Blade Heart (2004)
Why?: Yet again, it's fate. It was a grand production that took THREE long years to release! My local television didn't air it and many other factors that stopped me from watching it. Till now, I still haven't watch it yet cos there are just too many nice series these few years *and I am also busy with studies*
Do I want to watch it?: YEAH very much want to! RAYMOND LAM is in there!
Status: Sadly, as much as this series was a grand production and stuff, it was overated and didn't really have satistable ratings, which means it had one of the lowest ratings.

The Conquerer's Story (2004)
Why?: This was Maggie's last series in TVB before she left, anyway, I didn't watch this series partly because it wasn't really enticing to me.
Do I want to watch it?: Frankly speaking, not really, unless there are people who encourages me to watch it.
Status: Anniversary series. I am not very sure about the ratings, but I am quite sure the ratings is not as good as The Last Breakthrough.

Fantasy Hotel (2005)
Why?: It didn't have my idols, so I sort of skipped this series because of that, as much as I admire Wayne Lai.
Do I want to watch it?: It's quite a half half thing for me. If anyone strongly recommends this series, I might just watch it, after my exams of course.
Status: The ratings were okay...

Guts of Men (2005)
Why?: When I was about to watch it, Ten Brothers was released, as I liked the Ten Brothers story a lot, I decided to shelf this off and watched Ten Brothers instead. And in the end, I fell in love with Ten Brothers and sort of forgot about this series. Then in the end, when I want to watch it back again, I ran out of money.
Do I want to watch it?: I want to watch it! But I need opinions! Cos I can't find much information anywhere since this series was warehoused. I heard many negative comments about Mandy Cho though.
Status: Sadly, it was warehoused.

In the Realm of Fancy (2003)
Why?: It was Shirley Yeung's debut, and I ain't really fond of her that time, the story line looks weird so I decided not to catch this series.
Do I want to watch it?: Not really since not many people actually remembered the presence of this series.
Status: Not sure about the ratings, but it wasn't in the top ten.

Legend of Love (2003)
Why?: I know this series striked quite a lot of news because Sonija Kwok and Deric Wan really got together because of this series. Well, I didn't watch it partly because I had never liked the Cowboy and Weaving Maid story ever since I was young *no offence* as much as I like Deric Wan
Do I want to watch it?: Actually, I am not sure about it myself. Because I know Stephen Au and Leila Tong were much praised for their role.
Status: It was warehoused.

Men at Forty (2003)
Why?: None of the six leads are my idols, and I didn't find the storyline exactly appealing, therefore I didn't watch this series.
Do I want to watch it?: Not really, since no one recommended this series to me.
Status: It was warehoused for a year, but it didn't recieve good ratings in the end.

My Family (2005)
Why?: It's another act of fate.
Do I want to watch it?: Yeah, heard this series was very funny, and I LOVE ALEX FONG! (: And this was Harwick Lau's last TVB series, so it's proper to support him!
Status: Not bad, Ha Yu won Best Supporting Actor for this series.

Placebo Cure (2004)
Why?: I wasn't a fan of Kevin that time, as much as I find the poster interesting, but I wasn't really interested in the storyline. And since I didn't know much information about this series, I invested my money on other TVB series.
Do I want to watch it?: It was one of the first dramas that Kevin Cheng was the male lead in it, and I find the Joyce, Sunny and Kevin combination quite refeshing, so I think I want to watch it.
Status: It was sadly warehoused.

Strike At Heart (2005)
Why?: I had no courage to rent this series as much as I feeeeeel like watching it, so I waited for my local televsion station to air this series, but no avail.
Do I want to watch it?: Frankly speaking, a little, but no courage to rent it.
Status: It was warehoused.

Summer Heat (2004)
Why?: I wanted to watch it, but my friend stopped me and smashed my confidence for this series totally.
Do I want to watch it?: I kinda of want to watch it...
Status: Warehoused, again. Joyce Tang is quite poor thing, all the series of her being the first female lead are all warehoused.

Dragon Sword and Heavenly Sabre 2000 (2000)
Why?: This was aired on a weird timing on my local television so my mum forbade me to watch it.
Do I want to watch it?: Yea, the cast looks good.
Status: I am not sure, but it wasn't in the top ten for sure.

The Last Breakthrough (2004)
Why?: It was fate. When it was released on my local TV last year, I didn't watch it as I was having my promotional exams at that time. I didn't rent it initially because I was watching another series, which was a major disappointment [Spilt Second]
Do I want to watch it?: Of course! Raymond Lam wor!
Status: It was the anniversary series at that time, and the ratings were fairly decent.

Legend of Lady Yang 2000 (2000)
Why?: I was quite bored of the Kwong Wah and Anne Heung pairing so I decided to give it a miss, and I never really like Lady Yang stories since young.
Do I want to watch it?: Till now, even though the ratings were great, I still have not much interest yet.
Status: The ratings were not bad, it was ranked 6th.

Vilgilante Force (2003)
Why?: I am not sure about it myself even though I am a fan of Benny Chan.
Do I want to watch it?: Yes, because Tavia Yeung actually won Most Improved Actress because of her role in this series!
Status: The ratings were so-so only even though the cast was quite strong.

War and Destiny (2006)
Why?: I actually watched the first episode, but it was boring! So that's why I didn't continue and went to watch Face to Fate instead.
Do I want to watch it?: A little. But the first episode really turned me off.
Status: Well, the series was actually warehoused, but it was released in 2007, and the ratings weren't so bad after all, maybe because it's a war related movie.

That's all for my review! Hope no one feels offended or what. Yeah. stay tuned, I might put up a "I wish I didn't watch these series post" next! But might just not do so, because it might strike some controversial issues amongst readers...


lola said...

you should really watch the last breakthrough [other than the fact that ray is in here... although i admit i'm a super fan of ray]...the serie is really inspiring plus nick and leila also performed well....the other good series you haven't watched yet is point of no was really a classic although there were some parts that were kinda long and draggy..but great performance from damien, chiu nga chi and chilam

P3iL1n said...

Highly recommend for A Point Of Return & The Last Breakthrough!

Always ready is quite worth to watch as well! :D

Christine said...

thanks for the tips! i rly shld get myself to watch them!