Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tvb Series The Money Maker Recipe.

Haha the poster looks cute!!

The people: Michael Tse, Kiki Sheung, Joyce Tang, Dominic Lam, Toby Leung, Angela Tong
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As a stockbroker, Wong Chi Chung (Michael Tse) is not cunning and tricky enough. Many of his customers have turned to the new securities firm in the same estate. Top broker of the firm, Ting Shiu King (Lam Ka Wah), tries to expand his customer base by developing the housewives market. He teaches Chi Chung's wife Tseung Yue Chu (Kiki Sheung) all about stock exchanges. Yue Chu earns a lot of money through Shiu King and many housewives follow her blindly. Chi Chung wants Yue Chu to stop indulging in stock market and they fight with each other all the time. Feeling lost in both his career and marriage, Chi Chung meets his puppy lover Koo Ka Chun (Joyce Tang) and discovers that she also works as a stockbroker

While everybody has become a devoted stockholder, the market suddenly drops drastically. All the housewives lose large amounts of money and get devastated. Yue Chu tries to pay for the debt by working multiple jobs and she also decides to reconcile with Chi Chung. Unfortunately, Chi Chung has been framed by Ka Chun and Shiu King. As an extraordinary housewife, Yue Chu is not defeated at all. She stays calm, bounces back and gets ready to fight against the villians.


師奶打大鱷 [short]

師奶打大鱷 [long]



師奶策略 睇緊啲人都安心啲


I have mixed feelings after hearing some random comments from friends who have started watching this series...

#1. I want to watch it because I think I need a good laugh or some relaxing time after all the intensity in Catch Me Now, Silver Chamber Of Sorrows and DIE [it's funny, but still it's a bit heart wrenching]..
#2. I was never really interested in this series somehow ever since the show started filming in the first place, but it came out at the right time.
#3. I admire Michael Tse after his outstanding performance in many dramas, that's why I want to watch it.
#4. However, there ain't any of my favourite TVB stars [except Joyce, who plays a baddie] in this series.
#5. The storyline itself didn't attract me. Not sure why, I still think I am the sort who needs a bit of adventure.
#6. This series looks seriously funny after the posters and stuff came out. It attracts people to watch, unlike Catch Me Now with a "omg such a plain" poster [but it's one good series I must say]. I should stop looking at posters that is..
#7. The videos I have watched make it seem like a good series. But then again, all the videos that are released always make the series look good, so I've just stated the obvious..
#8. Michael and Kiki looks like an unlikely couple. Dominic Lam and Kiki Sheung seem to suit each other more.
#9. I think I will give it a try after I finish FH2 and AJCL. At least I am giving it a try, unlike Tai Chi, which I threw into the "cold palace" [meaning I will watch it a year later] before even watching it.

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