Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tvb Series The Silver Chamber of Sorrows introduction.

The People: Paul Chun, Nancy Sit, Christine Ng, Shirley Yeung, Nancy Wu, Ng Wai Kok, Jack Wu...
The website:


“Sheung’s Silver Chamber”, the largest jewel company in Foshan, Guangdong Province China, is facing serious financial difficulties. In order to obtain a loan from Shum’s family, Sheung Hang (Paul Chun), owner of the Chamber, together with his primary wife, Choi Siu Dip (Nancy Sit), plot to arrange marriage between Sheung Wan(Ng Wai Kwok), Sheung Hang’s younger brother, and Shum Wing Ting (Winnie Young), daughter of SHUM’s family.

Fueled by hatred, Ching Sau Hang (Christine Ng), Sheung Wan’s lover, marries Sheung Hang and ironically becomes Sheung Wan’s sister-in-law. Sheung Wan falls out with Sheung Hang, and opts to live abroad and disconnects from his family. After leaving home for years, Sheung Wan does not return home until the occasion to celebrate his father’s birthday. Tension between the two brothers comes to a head when Sheung Hang is reluctant to pay ransom to save the youngest son of Sheung Wan. Sheung Wan is determined to disconnect completely from his family ever since.

Since Sheung Wan’s return, Siu Hang suffers from her husband’s neglect and gets framed for causing the fourth concubine Fei Fei's (Nancy Wu) miscarriage. Hatred leads her to commit act that revenge. She seeks to subvert SHEUNG’s family by luring Sheung Wan. Intentionally, she unveils Tsau Guk (Shirley Yeung), the maid in the family, is Sheung Hang’s illegitimate daughter. The dark age of a once-prominent family begins.

Credits to: Astro on Demand

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金色枷鎖 牢不可破



It's been quite long since I last saw most of them on screen!!! And THERE'S JACK WU!!! OMG! He looks handsome in there and I think he seems to have quite a big role inside! The promotional videos just make the series look so interesting!!

I think I will skip Catch Me Now and watch this instead!! Hope it's really good!

This series sort of reminds me of War and Beauty! Tragic love relationships, a kind of "I hate you, you hate me" scenarios! Nancy Sit, Christine Ng, Paul Chun, Shirley Yeung, Ng Wai Kok are all inside the series, they are all the good actors and actresses, I think this series is gonna be quite a hit!

The poster freaked me out when I checked out the official website today. It's so sorrow-ish [which suggests the name of the series] but I think it's quite lovely! HAHA hope it will be a hit!!! I am serious! (: Although not all of them are my idols, but still, I think the storyline is quite a pull factor.

I will watch this!

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do u know if this series is out yet?:)