Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tvb Series D.I.E intro. [Detective Investigation Extension]

The people: Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Kenneth Ma, Margie Tseung, Derek Kwok, Kitty Yuen
The website:

The "Death Investigation Extension (D.I.E.)" in the police force was established to accommodate those who have been sent away by their supervisors. As everybody knows, members of the Extension are to investigate unsolved cold cases. Yue Chi Long (Roger Kwok), who has cracked a large number of difficult cases by extrasensory means, is assigned to the D.I.E., believing that he will get promoted soon. Later Chi Long finds out that his supervisor still has a long way to go before he reaches retirement age. Hoping to leave the Extension as soon as possible, he gets to solve a lot of intriguing cases. New appointee Ying Ching Ching (Sonija Kwok) is a good-looking girl but she means to act tough and sassy in front of others. She takes an uncompromising stand over every case she deals with, which led her into constant quarrels with Chi Long. The relationship between the pair deteoriates day by day.

Chi Long's elder sister, Yue Chi Ching (Margie Tseung), has been living with him. While investigating an old case, Chi Long finds his long-lost father Yue Tai Hoi (Leung Ka Yan). Through close collaboration with Chi Long, Ching Ching gradually develops an affection for him. As she is still torn between Chi Long and her two-timer boyfriend Shing Ka Tsun (Kenneth Ma), Chi Long starts to avoid her without rhyme or reason. Feeling so confused about what is happening, Ching Ching decides to do some probing and is shocked to discover that Chi Long has been dogged by a female ghost called Siu Sin (Kitty Yuen).

The Themesong:

The Promotion:

The first Promotional Clip that was released

一線通靈 (2)


The Astro on Demand clip

As a HUGE HUGE Kenneth and Roger Kwok fan, it is a definite thing that I am watching this series! It's quite fast arh, yesterday I was on astro on demand, there's nothing on D.I.E, then suddenly today there is updates on that series! So I got excited and went around searching for promotional videos and stuff, but apparently I could only find 2 [still got 2 weeks before this series airs..]

I don't know much about this series, only know about the Kenneth and Margie rumour. HAHA jkjk. Personally as a detective story lover, I would definitely watch this series!! Kenneth Ma looks so hot in this series! And Roger is so cute!!! Personally don't like the fact that Sonjia was casted as the main female lead in this series, but still it's alright. Well, they didn't say much about who else is acting in this series, because I always see Roger, Kenneth and Sonija's face in all three videos I found.. This is a selective time once again, AND I WILL DEFINITELY WATCH THIS SERIES once I finish with TGC and TSD!

Heard that A Journey Called Life is coming out!!! STEVENNNNN!!! (:

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