Monday, March 24, 2008

A Journey Called Life intro.

THe storyline [taken from Astro on Demand and edited by me a little]:
Sze Ka Ka (Chung Linda) becomes disobedient since her mother passed away at her young age. Ka Ka desperately searches for her mother's cremains which she has no idea why they have gone missing. Eventually, she is able to find the cremains in Kam Shek's (Kent Cheng) stone factory. Ka Ka's love to her mother impresses Kam Shek and his disciple Shing Yat On (Ma Steven) a lot. Yat On helps Ka Ka to solve many of her problems, he also finds her a job in his sister Shing Mei-Sum's (Chen Fala) company. Ka Ka appreciates all the things ON has done for her. Clearly, she adores him, but she does not confess her love to him because of her self-contempt. The love chance comes by the time when Kam Shek is staying in the hospital. Ka Ka replaces Kam Shek as the Marathon trainer with Yat On.

Mei-Sum is a money-oriented woman who wants to marry a rich man. She got herself inolved in a threesome with Kam Shek's son Kam Wing Loi(Raymond Cho) and her boss TUNG KA-CHEUNG (Cheng Tse Sing). She gets pregnant accidentally. Later, she has an abortion because she does not want the baby to ruin her chance to getting rich. The family is bitterly disappointed in Mei-Sum. Mei-Sum does not repent what she has done. Mei-Sum injures Ka Ka whom is pregnant by drunk driving. Yat On loses his battle for life since then.

The people: Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Kent Cheng, Chen Fala, Raymond Cho...
The official website:

The themevideo.

released a week ago. STEVEN IS SINGING!!! With LINDA! (:

Promotional videos.







Videos from astro on demand [click on the link!]:
Video 1
Video 2

I think it is me, I don't really understand the storyline. Especially the part where Steven Ma loses battle for life, doesn't really link. HAHA

but still, I will watch this series!! Although the fact that Life Art's director is directing this series... I hope it won't be shabby since Steven Ma is inside!! I will definitely watch it!! NO MATTER WHAT. (: But of course it will have to wait since I have to finish DIE first.

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