Friday, February 22, 2008

Tvb Series The Master of Tai Chi intro.

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The people: Vincent Zhao, Raymond Lam, Melissa Ng, Myolie Wu, Kenneth Ma, Selena Li..
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Orphaned since young, Mo Ma (Vincent Zhao) grew up in the country and started learning Tai Chi from his mentor at a very young age. The devastating experience of being abandoned by his mother has left him twisted and full of hatred. To help remove the anger and hatred in Mo Ma's heart, his mentor finally sacrifices his own life.

To express gratitude to his mentor, and to accomplish the will of his father, Mo Ma seeks to pursue the highest level of Tai Chi. He challenges Tuen Hiu-Sing (Raymond Lam), the leader of the top-ranked Chong Lung Sect, to a contest but is defeated in the end. To beat Hiu-Sing has then become his only goal. For a girl named Yin Chi Kwai (Myolie Wu) and the ambitious martial arts master Lui Yau Ngo (Derek Kwok), Mo Ma and Hiu Sing get into fights again and again.
As Mo Ma is on the road to his dream, the gap between him and his soul-mate Song Ching (Melissa Ng) grew wider and wider.

The trailer -Not sure whether it's official..-

The themevideo
well, I found 2 versions... But they somehow look the same lah. See which one you like more. I don't really like since there is NO SONG. Although I heard rumours of Raymond singing the subtheme.... That will be good!



The Promotion

忠誠 犧牲 捨己

仇恨 好勝 錯愛

以柔制剛 太極精粹

the sales presentation

Hmm.. Melissa Ng has already given birth, TVB have dragged for a year, FINALLY THEY ARE SHOWING THIS SERIES.

I have mixed feelings about this series. Have the urge to watch it, somehow I don't have the urge to watch it too!

The list of people acting in this series is already one deciding factor, which is to watch it. Kenneth, Raymond, Selena and Myolie! I wouldn't miss it for the world man! But somehow after watching the trailer and the themevideo, it's quite a turn off. It looks boring!! And the summary of the series doesn't look very interesting either! I think maybe it's because Tai Chi is a very slow and calm kung fu, that's why the entire series imposes this kind of impression for the audience, which is not a very good start.

Omg, and the themevideo has no themesong. I was hoping so much for RAYMOND to sing the themesong! But nvm, he's singing the subtheme.

Anyway, it's a selective year for me, so I will give it a miss first. It doesn't mean I will skip this series! *The motto of a TVB fan is to watch every SINGLE series.* maybe the promotion clips will change my mind! It's always those promotional clips that trigger my TVB mood! But it is quite impossible because D.I.E (previously known as Curious Detective) is coming out! That's my BIGGER priority hor! Omg, 3rd Kenneth Ma series this year, and he still has 3 more to go [assuming Sweet Talk, The Four and Hidden Master are coming out this year.]

We shall wait and see. (: Till then

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