Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Seventh Day Intro.

Credits to http://www.passthehorizon.blogspot.com/ for the poster.

The Official one: http://tvcity.tvb.com/drama/the_seventh_day/story/index.html
The people: Kevin Cheng, Niki Chow, Bosco Wong, Natalie Tong, Selena Li...

Different people have different attitudes to love - even those born on the same day in the same year do not necessarily share the same views. Yau Chi Wing (Cheng Kevin) and Hui Wai Yan (Bosco Wong) were both born on the seventh day of August, but one takes relationships seriously while the other is so money-minded and sees love as a tool to get higher up the social ladder.

The tale begins on the seventh of August, when Chi Wing and Wai Yan first encounter their own dream girl on the same island. Chi Wing works as a lifeguard on the outlying island. He gets to know pet shop assistant Ling Ka Yan (Niki Chow) by chance and is soon mesmerized by her endearing personality. Ka Yan who works at a coffee shop, meets a romance comic artist called Wong Chi Kwan (Natalie Tong). Being misled into believing that the girl is from a rich family, Wai Yan decides to chase her. He would never have thought that someone as calculating as himself would end up falling into a love trap.

The Themevideo:

The Subtheme MTV:

SO SWEEETTTT!!! *I still preferred the song in UTCOL...*

The Trailer:

The promotion:

Kevin Niki:

Bosco Natalie:

I realised I didn't do intro for "Wasabi Mon Amour". Nvm, too late already.

I guess it's a great time for "Under the Canopy of Love" fans! Finally Bosco and Kevin do not have to vie with each other since they have different partners now! HAHAHA. It seems that Bosco and Kevin has a switch of roles now that Kevin is the better guy compared to Bosco in TSD. Especially after watching all the promotional clips, I REALLY WANT TO WATCH IT!

Actually this series was supposed to be aired last year, but somehow it was postponed. Anyway, it's great to know that this series is coming out! Although I am not a fan of romance, I am a fan of Kevin and Bosco! I will definitely watch it! *And I remembered watching The Gentle Crackdown with Under the Canopy of Love. Will history repeat itself?? HAHA. Guess not since it's not the holidays.*

Still disappointed that it's only Kevin singing the themesong.. I wanted a similar themesong like the one in "Under the Canopy of Love"!!! I love it so much that I can listen a million times and not get bored. If you want "The Seventh Day" themesong, tag my board and I will upload it! (: *And good news! Niki and Kevin are singing the sub themesong!* Woohoo!!!!!! KeviNiki! (:

This is definitely not a sequel, but whether it would be nice, we shall see. I hope it won't get boring, because I admit I did fall asleep when I watched Under the Canopy of Love. *Kinda boring at certain parts lah* and I LOVVVVEDDDDD Kevin and Bosco in the series. Especially Bosco [I want a boyfriend like him. HAHA].

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