Friday, January 11, 2008

Tvb series War of the In Laws 2 introduction.

It's been quite long since I had last updated, so I think I better do something before this website is totally forgotten.

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Magazine editor-in-chief Kwo Pik, Ophelia (Liza Wang) will never save face for her superiors, nor will she come to the defense of her subordinates. She shows no mercy to her enemies and does everything she can to keep her son Kwo Tak, Kyle (Bosco Wong) under her thumb. She is an iron lady who can’t afford to lose anything. As she is still full of confidence that she can determine her son’s future life, a plain, geeky-looking girl named Chow Lai Man (Myolie Wu) managed to become the wife of Kyle. Later Lai Man resigns from the police force and chooses to work as a magazine journalist, thus leading to even more conflicts between her and Ophelia.

Not long after, Ophelia is dragged into a scandal and gets framed by her assistant Ko Bobo (Joyce Tang), which causes her to lose her place all of a sudden. Facing a dramatic career slump and her deteriorating relationship with her son and daughter-in-law, Ophelia moves to the outlying islands on her own. There she meets a new man in her life, the knowledgeable and talented But Ping Fan (Benz Hui) who was once a convict. From Ping Fan, Ophelia learns how to reflect on herself and let go of the past. As everything seems to be going fine, Lai Man discovers that there is a conspiracy going on and that the magazine she is working for is in danger of falling apart.

Yeah, I liked War of the In Laws A LOT, but I have no idea why I do not have any urge to continue with part 2, and I actually watched Survivor's Law instead [I have to be selective in watching Tvb series this year because I am taking an extremely crucial exam which could determine my life]. Part 1 was seriously cute and a sweet relationship between Bosco and Myolie. It was a BIG BIG hit in 2005, which was why this series continues.

However, I always feel sequels normally don't really work well... I think it is me, I feel especially in cases like whereby "Ancient goes Modern", it's just something I cannot accept. Take Square Pegs as an example, the Ancient one definitely looks more realistic as compared to the Modern one, don't you all agree with me? The ancient one was just so sweet and very naive kind of feeling, while the modern one is a totally different story, it's just impossible to label it as "naive" and very "kiddy" kind of feel [I don't know how to say it!!]. Virtues of Harmony is also another example. The ancient one was like "OMG such a big hit" and the modern one wasn't as good as the ancient one I believe in terms of ratings and stuff too...

I will definitely catch this series, at the end of the year when I get more "free". HAHA. After all, I am a fan of War of the In Laws, it's just something I cannot miss. And the trailer looks kinda good, although part one is more attractive to me. Another thing that makes me want to watch it, is suprisingly the subthemes! They indeed have nice lyrics!

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