Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wedding Photos of Stars to Share

Well, I find these photos quite difficult to find.. Especially if you do not know Chinese. Because I found some of these photos by coincidence and of course some I really spent a lot of my time finding. So now, it's easier for all of you! Because I am uploading everything here! (: Do rate the slides! Or you can comment at the tagboard at the bottom! Thanks a lot for supporting my site!!

Oh ya, I am quite a biased person, so I actually only upload wedding photos of my favourite TVB stars. If you want those of Twins, Soler, Boy'z, other TVB stars etc etc, tag my board to let me know!

Okay, here is the breakdown *Sorry the numbers are jumbled up*:
Photos 1-16: Ron Ng and Linda Chung
Photos 20-35: Chris Lai and Natalie Tong
Photos 36-49: Kevin Cheng and Mandy Cho
Photos 60-69: Raymond Lam and Shirley Yeung [I wish I could find more..]
Photos 80-99: Raymond Lam and Leanne Li
Photos 100-130: Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu
Photos 131-151: Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow
Photos 152-161: Moses Chan and Victoria Jolly
Photos 162-169: Bernice Liu
Photos 171-190: Kenny Kwan and Isabella [As requested!]
and more to come! Because I am still searching. Wish me luck for this!

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