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Tvb Series Men Don't Cry.

"Good, Evil, too bad to be true!"

The Players: Dayo Wong, Cecilia Yip, Dominic Lam, Vivien Yeo, Benz Hui..
The Official website: http://tvcity.tvb.com/drama/men_don_t_cry/frontpage/index.html


With the support of the head of the Police Authority, Guangzhou's top villian Ho Kei Kin (Dayo Wong) hence bulllies everyone around him. He is so manipulative that he explored every possible means in his fight for a spinster's house with the buck toothed owner Ling Yuk Tsui (Cecilia Yip). Yuk Tsui is fortunate to have met the honourable and upright Wong Fei Hung (Dominic Lam) and talks about marriage soon after. However, they do not end up in a marriage [oops spoiler].

Only interested in stirring up troble, Kei Kin tried to recruit more students for his wicked kung fu school by portraying himself as the hero who had defeated one of the Ten Tigers of Guangdong, Wong Kei Ying, who is Fei Hung's father. For the sake of fairness, Fei Hung is resolved to have a contest with Kei Kin. Unfortunately, Kei Kin manages to make Fei Hung by threatening him with his late father's anchestal tablet. Misunderstood that Fei Hung is a useless coward, Yuk Tsui decides to call off the engagement. Kei Kin quickly grabs the chance and begins to woo Yuk Tsui.

Yuk Tsui decides to transfer her house to him after "spending a night with" him, with much persuasion too. After Kei Kin's evil plans succeeded, he immediately shows his true colors. Yuk Tsui becomes homeless and has to put up at Po Chi Lam, the martial arts club set up by Fei Hung.

Soon after, Kei Kin lost his power and becomes the subject of hatred and contemption. With nowhere else to go, he decides to turn to Fei Hung and asks to be his appretice. Fei Hung tries his best to bring out the "humanism" in Kei Kin for which he received a lot of critisms for. Despite Fei Hung's support, he refuses to repent, and becomes worse than before, leaving Po Chi Lam in a state of total chaos. However, Kei Kin's plan was to...

The themesong:

My Review

Basically, like many other series, it has it's sad, happy and make-you-angry parts. This is a comedy, so there is more comical [is there such a word] elements in this series. This series rating for the rating was extremely bad for the first week because of them saying about racism problems and such. I beg to differ, because the only problem with the first few episodes is that it is kinda lame, that's it. Sorry I didn't take much screenshots this time because I don't like pausing and stuff. Only took those scenes I liked.

Well, I got surprised by the first episode when I heard the themesong. It's so funny! It's sung and written by Dayo Wong. If you want the themesong, can always ask me!

And the Evil Kin's words in every beginning of the episode, which is just like giving you a mini introduction of what is gonna happen in that episode and stuff.
For example in the first episode, he said: 有恩不报不算差,又仇不报是人渣。
which means: you have a gratitude for someone, you don't repay that person, it's alrite, but if you want to take a revenge but you don't, you are useless.

The rest? It's up to you all to find out.

Why did I watch this series?
#1: Dayo Wong never disappoints me.
#2: It's very interesting that Wong Fei Hung is not the main character this time.
#3: Basically nothing else, but I still wanted to watch it. HAHA.

After watching this series:
#1: To err is human, am I right?

#2: Basically kinda disappointed with the ending of this series. But one good thing it's that the ending is not like any typical TVB series of "happy endings"

#3: I think Benz Hui and Dayo Wong shares an amazing chemsitry as father and son [although they are not blood related]
For e.g:

Well, this part is about how Benz Hui want to get back to Dayo even though he knows how bad a person he is, and he tries to be mad to gain Dayo's attention. But nevertheless, Dayo still treats him evily.

For e.g:

Their father-son relationship somehow started because of money matters. Benz Hui was greedy and thus tries to get close to him. Which is very funny because deep down in their heart, they dislike each other yet they have to act as if they are really close.

#4: It's intriguing, angry-ing [haha couldn't find another word] and sad at the same time. The first episode showing how stupid Cecilia was to believe Dayo was also extremely funny.
For e.g:

When Dayo knocked off Cecilia's front buck tooth [gd thing, cos they are really ugly] accidentally because he fell in love with her and doesn't want her to be a spinster and there was an accident. Ya, then Dayo pretended to knock off his front tooth to show is apology for Cecilia which turned out to be radish pieces. Laugh and get angry at the same time.

For e.g:

After that Cecilia got herself a doctor to have her teeth fixed, but that guy is a pervert, making Cecilia rather not fix her teeth. Thus Dayo tricked him and helped Cecilia get fake teeth. This scene is super funny because Dayo was acting as a female prostitude and stuff. HAHAHA.

#5: I really liked the way Dayo Wong's character is developed. It is not easy to act as a bad guy on the outside yet a good guy on the inside. It requires a lot of feelings and GOOD acting. Dayo Wong succeeded in portraying this role perfectly.

For e.g:

He was a bad man, and thus he recieved his retribution and got knocked off the mountain. Well, this scene is funny at the same time because Wong Fei Hung passed by and actually kicked him because he thought it was a tree branch. Felt a little sad for Dayo, although he was a bad man.

For e.g:

He was bad, he wanted to harm Wong Fei Hung, but got himself into trouble instead.

For e.g:

For example, when he finally realised that Wong Fei Hung is really a good man [he never believes the presence of good man], he got a big fat shock that he became a little crazy and keeps staring at Fei Hung. Since then, he became a good man.

Well, here is the end of my review, not long, because I don't want to release too much spoilers over here. I recommend this series to you guys reading this, because I feel this is the best Anniversary series out of the 3 this year. Even if you don't trust me, trust the ratings.

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