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TVB Series 2007: The Overall Review.

Wow, it's quite a surprise to me that I actually watched so many TVB dramas this year because I actually lead an extremely busy year this year.. Of course, there are some series I skipped... Here is my mini review on this year's TVB series.. Enjoy! (:

The players: Steven Ma, Bernice Liu, Ron Ng, Shirley Yeung, Yueh Wah, Michelle Mai, Kate Tsui, Kenneth Ma..
Mini intro: About illegal gambling and how Steven, Ron and Bernice managed to solve this case, with of course, big sacrifices made.
Why did I watch: For 4 people - Steven, Ron, Bernice, Kenneth
Why should you watch: Shirley and Michelle's outstanding performances as the BIG BADDIES!
Thumbs down: Sorry Kate fans. Her performance is only so-so, cos she can't really cry..
Status: Ranked 8th in average rating chart [33 points] and peak points chart [37 points].

The players: Michael Tse, Sunny Chan, Bernice Liu, Angela Tong, Yeuh Wah...
Mini intro: Mixing marriages, and all the weird stuff..
Why did I watch?: For Bernice.
Why should you watch?: It has a unique storyline - because it's weird. And you do not know who is the real baddie until the last episode, which is actually interesting.
Thumbs down: It gets so complicated that sometimes you do not understand what is going on, and why you are actually watching it.
Status: Sadly warehoused.

The players: Nancy Sit, Joey Leung, Linda Chung, Yuen Wah, Winnie Yeung, Joel Chan..
Mini Intro: About this young fairy sneaking into the mortal world to find true love.
Why did I watch it: I am quite interested after watching the hilarious trailer
Why should you watch it?: Joey Leung, Yuen Wah and Nancy Sit are the reasons. I think they are hilarious and they have really good chemistry. I feel that it's lighthearted and it shouldn't be warehouse no matter how ridiculous it is...
Thumbs down: The acting can be a bit exaggerated at times. And the story is plain ridiculous.
Status: Warehoused.

The players: Bosco Wong, Kevin Cheng, Bernice Liu, Shirley Yeung, Sharon Chan, Wayne Lai, Johnson Lee..
Mini intro: About 2 friends who gets into a sacred sword sect and realising that their sect leader is actually a big bad guy.
Why did I watch?: For 3 people - Kevin, Bosco, Bernice
Why should you watch: It's extremely funny. And Wayne Lai is simply superb.
Thumbs down: Goofiness level - HIGH. And I hated the way the drama ended.
Status: It came out of the warehouse and the average rating is 31 points with peak points of 35.

The Players: Moses Chan, Louise Lee, Susanna Kwan, Ha Yu, Michelle Mai, Bosco Wong, Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung...
Mini intro: It's about a rich family who owns an abalone shop, with all the family politics and money.
Why did I watch?: For 3 people - Raymond, Moses, Bosco. And it was an instant hit.
Why should you watch: First 16 episodes of fun and laughter, the rest of the series with lots of crying and touching moments. The veterans are basically amazing. without them the drama won't succeed.
Thumbs down: Yoyo Mung's character in this series.
Status: Ranked FIRST in the average rating chart with 40 points and peak points of 48 [still couldn't win War of the Genders of 50 points] and won best series in TVB 40th anniversary.

The players: Lai Gigi, Cheng Kevin, Paul Chun, Ben Wong, Evergreen Mak, Natalie Tong, Astrid Chan..
Mini Intro: It is about a girl who is "crippled" on the right hand, and her life.
Why did I watch it?: It was airing on my local tv I decided to give it a shot, because I never even thought of watching it..
Why should you watch it?: You are too bored.
Thumbs down: It's freaking boring I stopped at the 5th episode.
Status: I haven't found the ratings and stuff yet, but the rating is not that good although the leads are Best Actor and Actress in previous TVB anniversaries...

The players: Sheren Tong, Cecilia Yip, Kiki Sheung, Tong Leila, Kenneth Ma, John Chiang...
Mini intro: It's about 3 housewives and 1 househusband managing the stress they get everyday.
Why did I watch?: For Kenneth Ma, and the poster actually attracted me.
Why should you watch: Because of all the actors and actresses outstanding performances! And it's a very meaningful show. I LOVE EVERYONE IN THE SERIES!!!!!! John Chiang and Sheren Tang did an excellent job especially! The sudden twist in Kenneth Ma's wife murder case, and the HAPPY ENDING!!! I love happy endings!!
Thumbs down: Sorry but I can't find a reason yet. Maybe the irritatiness of those rich tai-tais which make you wanna slap them.
Status: Ranked 6th in average rating chart [34 points]. Ranked 2nd in peak rating chart [42 points].

The Players: Damien Lau, Michael Miu, Sheren Tong, Jessica Hester Hsuan, Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam...
Mini intro: About 3 brothers and those cars.
Why did I watch?: For 2 people - Raymond Lam and Ron Ng
Why should you watch: The chemistry between Charmaine [I like her character in the drama] and Raymond. I think Myolie and Feng Shao Feng make a good pair. And the chemistry between Sheren and Michael is actually quite amazing, but I don't know how to describe it.
Thumbs down: I find it tooooo long. And the dubbing is quite bad so I got a little bit uncomfortable. And sorry Toby fans, I still dun understand why she was in the top 5 for most improved actress.
Status: Ranked 7th in average ratings chart [33 points] and peak points chart [39 points].

The players: Louisa So, Crystal Tin, Tong Leila, Sunny Chan, Ben Wong, Jack Wu
Mini intro: About 3 sisters who backstab each other and doing a lot of things behind each other's back.
Why did I watch?: For Jack Wu.
Why should you watch: Louisa So can be really bad, and you will pity and love Crystal Tin
Thumbs down: I stopped watching this at episode 10. Sorry.
Status: Warehoused.

The players: Bobby Au-Yeung, Wong Hei, Ha Yu, Yoyo Mung, Tavia Yeung, Chris Lai...
Mini intro: Fatherly love.
Why did I watch?: Okay, I got attracted by the poster.
Why should you watch?: For Wong Hei [auntie!! HAHA], Bobby, Wong Hei, Ha Yu and Jacky's amazing chemistry as "Fathers and Sons". The storyline is simply good.
Thumbs down: I wished Wong Hei and Halina Tam didn't get back together...
Status: Ranked 2nd for the average rating chart [37 points] and 3rd in the peak points chart [40 points].

The players: Sunny Chan, Christine Ng, Chris Lai, Natalie Tong, Yuen Wah..
Mini intro: Organic food and loving the environment.
Why did I watch?: For the sake of wasting my time during exams.
Why should you watch: Sunny Chan's character [impossible to find people like this], for the first time I liked Christine Ng, Chris Lai is just so cute.
Thumbs down: Easily forgotten
Status: Ranked 9th in average ratings chart [33 points] and peak points chart [36 points]

The Players: Steven Ma, Bernice Liu, Wayne Lai, Kate Tsui, Matthew Ko, Chan Fala, Claire Yiu, Francis Huynh..
Mini intro: About a girl who loves dancing and how she found her true love and friends.
Why did I watch?: For 2 people - Steven Ma and Bernice Liu.
Why should you watch?: Steven and Bernice chemistry [not the best, but still good], the dancing [wow], and Fala's amazing improvment in acting. Kate and Matthew's chemistry is actually NOT BAD, but still dun really like Kate's acting... And for the first time I don't dislike Claire.
Thumbs down: Wayne constantly trying to ruin Steven's career.
Status: Average ratings of 31 points and peaks at 36 points.

The players: Dayo Wong, Cecilia Yip, Dominic Lam, Benz Hui, Vivien Yeo..
Mini intro: About an extremely BAD guy who eventually found his family and love, and realising that there is actually compassion in this world.
Why did I watch?: Well, I am not a huge Dayo fan, but everytime he has a TVB series, I will rent it instantly. It's the feeling that caused me to watch I guess...
Why should you watch: Many reasons. Dayo and Benz chemistry!!!!!! You will develop a love-hate relationship with Dayo, he's just so lovely. Dominic Lam and Cecilia Yip are funny.
Thumbs down: I didn't really like the ending although it's not typical. Yes, I love happy endings.
Status: Anniversary series number 1. Average ratings of 29 points and peaked at 39 points. [Wow what a difference. The last episode seemed to attract quite a load of people.] Well, the bad average ratings is thanks to the second week when the ratings just dropped like nobody business due to the immense complaints it recieve.

The players: Moses Chan, Yuen Biu, Yoyo Mung, Gigi Lai, Kevin Cheng...
Mini Intro: The story of 2 cops? I can't find a better description.
Why did I watch?: For 2 people - Kevin and Moses.
Why should you watch: It's NC-16!! Like for the first time! Woo hoo!!! Okay, that's not a reason. Okay, watch it for Gigi! [for the first time I am saying this.] She's lovable. Oh ya! And for Kevin!!! He's acting gay and kinda a baddie.
Thumbs down: The sad cases of people who died in this series. Frankly speaking, I didn't think that series should be an anniversary series...
Status: Anniversary series number 2. Average ratings of 32 and peaked at 33 points, which is during the last episode.

The players: Bobby Au Yeung, Angela Tong, Toby Leung, Raymond Wong, Power Chan, Patrick Tang, Winnie Yeung, Mimi Lo...
Mini Intro: The story of a couple who got married out of impulse, and they ended up in a divorce. After that they gradually realise their love for each other.
Why did I watch?: It was airing on my local tv, so I watched it.
Why should you watch it?: The quarrelling between Angela and Bobby is really worth watching cos the both of them are simply funny.
Thumbs down: The drama gets boring towards the end, I didn't even finish watching it.
Status: Average points of 28, peaking at 31 points. The ratings is quite bad isn't it?

The players: Charmaine Sheh, Jordan Chan, Michael Tse, Sharon Chan, Yuen Wah, Kara Hui..
Story: The story of a girl, who has to be in the court because of her father, and she met the love of her life, but is unable to be together with him because of various reasons, and the interruption of bad officials make things worsen.
Why did I watch it?: It was airing on my local tv
Why should you watch it?: The court cases are really nice to watch. And Michael Tse is amazing. (:
Thumbs down: It gradually gets boring to the end as they talk a lot about the imperial court which I am not interested in. And the grieviences Michael Tse get actually pisses me off as an audience a lot.
Status: Quite sad for this anniversary series, because the finale breaks the record of having the lowest peak point for a finale [28 points] for an anniversary series.. Peaks at 32 points, with only a so-so average rating of 29 points.

Series I didn't watch

The players: Michael Tse, Linda Chung, Wayne Lai, Anne Heung, Carlo Ng..
Why didn't I watch?: Quite a bad response, and I already said I had to be selective at that point of the year.
Status: This is Linda's first series as the first female lead and Michael's first series as the first male lead too!! Average rating of 27 points, specially filmed in collaberation of Chinese New Year!

The players: Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Michael Tao, Sonija Kwok, Joey Yung, Kate Tsui...
Why didn't I watch?: I haven't watched The Academy yet due to some clashes in my time and the airing time. [I don't rent TVB series in the past]. I do not want to end up not understanding the series.
Status: Quite a failure compared to The Academy [the 3rd highest rating series in 2005] with average ratings of 31 points and peaked with 39 points [it was quite funny that the ratings peaked because of Sonija's death scene.]

The players: Steven Ma, Benny Chan, Shirley Yeung, Selena Li, Yuen Wah...
Why didn't I watch: Just some personal reasons. Haiz, call myself a Steven, Benny and a small Selena fan.
Status: Average ratings of 30.

The players: Alex Fong, Christine Ng, Tavia Yeung, Chung King Fai, Chris Lai, Natalie Tong, Anne Heung..
Why didn't I watch: This poster reminds me too much of Korean series, and I don't watch Korean series.. It looks sad to me so I didn't watch. Please tell me this series contain comedy elements, and I will watch it.
Status: Airing.

Okay, here is my review, if I actually offended anyone with my review and they actually affect your mood and such, please do not hate me because all these are just very personal... And I have to thank Wikipedia for the information I gotten for the ratings information although I had to do some calculations by myself eventually...

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