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Tvb Sales Presentation 2008.

Okay, I know I am almost 1 month late. Well, I didn't dare to post this until I watched the Sales Presentation since I luckily missed it due to some commitments in school. *I must specially thank teddieburr for this man.*

Okay, I am putting this in order of the sales presentation. Actually I was quite bewildered because series like War of the In-Laws 2, Most Beautiful Seventh Day [okay, it was in last year's sales presentation], Harmony Taste Passion and D.I.E [previously known as Curious Detective] are not inside the sales presentation. Okay, it seems that Kenneth Ma and Steven Ma has the most series this year [well it accumulated from last year], which is GOOD news to me precisely because I LOVE THEM! AHHHH! I am so excited now.

Master of Tai-Chi
Cast: Vincent Zhao, Raymond Lam, Melissa Ng, Myolie Wu, Kenneth Ma, Selena Li..
Comments: The first time I saw the sales presentation of this series it featured Jessica Hsuan and Kevin Cheng. Okay, like finally this series is releasing. I've been waiting for almost years. And yes, I am a little turned off by their hair.
Status: Finished Filming
Watching?: Not yet, but I will

Suspicious Heart
Cast: Michael Miu, Anita Yuen, Christine Ng, Power Chan, Tracy Yip, Ellesmere Choi
Comments: I got a big fat shock when I saw the sudden scene of Anita and Michael hugging. Im not kidding but it was this scene that made me gave me that bit of interest in this series. It reminds me of erm... Misleading Track.
Status: Preparation
Watching?: Maybe

Hu Xue Yan's Lady Chef
Cast: Bobby Au Yeung, Charmaine Sheh, Joyce Tang, Wayne Lai, Kwok Fung
Comments: Not much comments.. Cos I don't think this series will be released...
Status: Unconfirmed

When a Dog Falls In Love With A Cat
Cast: Gallen Lo, Myolie Wu, Lui Fong, Bernice Liu, Margie Tsang, Raymond Wong
Comments: Gallen's BACK! Woo hoo! Well, although I am a fan of Bernice and Raymond, I don't think I am having THAT much interest yet. This series looks funny though!
Status: Finished filming.
Watching?: Wait till I finish my exams

Walking with the Enemy
Cast: Roger Kwok, Kevin Cheng, Yoyo Mung, Kiki Sheung, Elaine Yiu, Lui Shan
Comments: I AM GONNA WATCH THIS SERIES. I just got extremely excited when I heard Roger is going to act as a baddie. And after I watched the presentation, I just confirmed myself that I MUST watch this series!!! OMG! Roger as a baddie!!!!!!!!!!
Status: Filming
Watching?: DEFINITELY!

Heart of Greed 2
Cast: Li Sze Kei, Susanna Kwan, Ha Yu, Moses Chan, Michelle Mai, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung, Chris Lai, Chan Fala, Louis Yuen
Comments: Well, just got kinda disappointed with the sales presentation because it was so anti-climax. Okay, and take a look at the way they rank the order of their names. In Heart of Greed, the older generation of actors had their names at the back, this time it's a totally different thing. 前辈万岁!
Don't believe can take a look at last year's presentation:
Status: Preparation
Watching?: Yes

Hidden Master
Cast: Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui, Leila Tong, Matthew Ko, Ram Tseung, Ben Wong
Comments: Okay, this is Kenneth's first time being the FIRST MALE LEAD. I will watch it no matter what because I AM A BIG FAN OF KENNETH. I preferred Kenneth's chemistry with Leila compared to Kate though... Well, the presentation looks interesting!!! Must support him!! Although I feel weird that he is the first male lead because he doesn't really look like one... Well, nvm! Give him some time!! GO KENNETH!! (:
Status: Finished filming
Watching?: YES!

Burning Flame 3
Cast: Wong Hei, Steven Ma, Bosco Wong, John Chiang, Sunny Chan, Astrid Chan, Anne Heung, Eddie Kwan, Patrick Tang, Matthew Ko
Comments: Okay, didn't Wong Hei's character die in Burning Flame 2?! But if they are really filming this sequel, I WILL SUPPORT!!!! BEcause I simply love Burning Flame series!! [Especially part 1. Classic moments that made me cry non-stop] It's quite a "man" show with all the guys
Status: Filming
Watching?: I will wait till then

Thieves have their Principles
Cast: Damien Lau, Idy Chan, Joe Ma, Chan Fala, Sharon Chan, Johnson Li
Comments: Sorry no offence but this series didn't really capture my attention.
Status: Preparation.
Watching?: No

Thirteen Treasures
Cast: Ron Ng, Shirley Yeung, Michael Tse, Raymond Wong, Yueh Wah, Joel Chan, Stephen Huynh
Comments: Kinda disappointed when I saw this presentation instead of The Four Young Constables' presentation... Seems there is only one female lead... Well, not much interest in this series although I am a fan of Ron and Raymond...
Status: Unconfirmed
Watching?: No

Jewel's Splendour
Cast: Moses Chan, Ada Choi, Lam Bowie, Lai Gigi, Maggie Siu, Bosco Wong, Linda Chung, Wong Hei, Eddie Kwan, John Chiang
Comments: Like finally the more 'confirmed' presentation is shown. Well, it's either I have some eye problem, but I didn't see Bosco at all in this presentation!!! Okay, from what I see in the presentation, I confirmed one thing, this series is gonna be the BIG THING next year. *Look at the ending of the entire sales presentation you will understand what I mean*
Status: Finished filming.
Watching?: Maybe

Not inside the presentation.

Okay, my heart simply BROKE when I didn't see the following series in the sales presentation!! Some more there's 3 series with Steven Ma and Kenneth Ma inside!! My idols!! Argh.

Sweet Talk
Cast: Kate Tsui, Kenneth Ma, Anne Heung, Kingdom Yuen, Ben Wong, Chris Lai, Elaine Yiu, Stephen Huynh.
Comments: Although I call myself A BIG FAN of Kenneth Ma, I am kinda tired of seeing Kenneth and Kate being paired up together!!! How I wish the female lead was Bernice *can't forget their great chemistry in Into Thin Air*. This series doesn't look very promising to me cos the storyline looks boring. I think the saving grace will lie under the actors and of course the director.
Status: Preparation
Watching?: The thought of Kates makes me not want to watch it...

Salt Trader
Cast: Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Joey Leung, Raymond Wong, Joel Chan, Ram Tseung, Fiona Yuen
Comments: OMG, they used Land of Wealth's photo. I seriously hope this series doesn't turn out like Land of Wealth *I gave up watching this series, because it's boring like no offence.* Like finally I seeTavia become the FIRST FEMALE LEAD!!! WOO HOO!!!! And there's Raymond Wong whom I kinda admire.. SO I kind of look forward I guess.
Status: Preparation
Watching?: Maybe..

Silver Mansion Golden Dust
Cast: Paul Chun, Nancy Sit, Christine Ng, Shirley Yeung, Ng Wai Kok, Patrick Tang, Nancy Wu
Comments: I have no comments for this series yet because I do not know the storyline at all.
Status: Filming
Watching?: Don't think so

Survivors' Law 2
Cast: Kenneth Ma, Sammul Chan, Selena Li, Ella Koon, Waise Lee, Power Chan
Comments: Initially I couldn't accept the fact that they changed the entire cast. Cos the new cast is kinda weak. But it was alright because I love Kenneth and Sammul, and a mini-fan of Selena Li. Okay, looking forward to it's release and I will rent it like immediately.
Status: Finished filming.
Watching?: YES!

Gentle Crackdown 2
Cast: Steven Ma, Yumiko Cheng, Wayne Lai, Ha Yu, Evergreen Mak
Comments: I loved Gentle Crackdown to bits and I hope the sequel will be equally good.. Steven Ma, Ha Yu and Wayne Lai won't disappoint us right??
Status: Finished Filming.
Watching?: YES!

Golden Destiny
Cast: Kent Cheng, Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Chan Fala, Raymond Cho, Stephen Wong, Kwok Fung
Comments: I am not so sure about the storyline yet, but I know I will watch this series, for Steven Ma.
Status: Finished filming.
Watching?: Maybe

Big White Gourd
Cast: Sunny Chan, Louisa So, Liu Kai Chi, Jack Wu, Nancy Wu, Ellesmere Choi, Mimi Lo
Comments: Sorry but I feel that Sunny Chan is "warehouse king" because more than half of the series he starred in these few years are, sadly, warehoused. No matter what, I will watch this series. *And I highly suspect this series will be warehoused*
Status: Filming
Watching?: Yes.

The Family Link 2
Cast: Kiki Sheung, Margie Tsang, Michael Miu, Lam Ka Wah, Joyce Tang, Ellesmere Choi
Comments: Following the success of Family Link, they are gonna shoot a sequel! Well, I would have preferred it with the original cast though...
Status: Unconfirmed.
Watching?: Maybe not.

Forensic Heroes 2
Cast: Bobby Au-Yeung, Frankie Lam, Linda Chung, Yoyo Mung, Cheng Kevin, Charmaine Sheh, Florence Kwok
Comments: New there will be a sequel cos the clown case seemed quite incomplete. Okay, part 1 was quite a huge success and this time they are adding 2 new people, with Charmaine Sheh becoming the first female lead instead. Well, it's Frankie Lam's first *product* after leaving TVB for 1 year. Hope it turns out as good as part 1.
Status: Filming
Watching?: Yes.

The Four Young Constables
Cast: Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Kate Tsui, Selena Li, Lam Ka Wah
Comments: Have quite a lot of supporting casts whom I don't know... Okay, I MUST WATCH THIS SERIES! I will be credited a DUMB *SS if I don't watch it when it releases because the four main leads are my IDOLS!!! Been waiting for a chance like this since Triumph in the Skies *been 4 years waiting*!
Status: Filming

Okay, here is the end of my presentation, hope you did not get yourself bored to death. Thank you for your kind attention.

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