Thursday, November 8, 2007

TVB Calendar 2008.

The new year is coming, are you excited?? HAHA. Time to remove that poll of mine.. Anyway, 2007 won the Most favourite calendar! With 2006 coming in second!

The cover page, once again, doesn't have any Miss HK, which is kinda sad for them. But I have no issue with that, because the cover is mostly filled with my idols. HAHA. And wow, Fala made it onto the cover! This shows how "promoted" she is. When I saw Kate Tsui's solo shot, for a millisecond I thought she was Selena Li. Kinda sad that Ada Choi is not on the cover... But nvm, TAVIA IS ON THE COVER! Yay x3. [Im not a fan of hers btw]. Well, everyone looks nice this year, unlike last year's, Myolie looked a little weird. Okay, I'm high now. It's getting better, because the number of people in the calendar is appropriate!

Cover Page:
Top Row: Chen Fala, Michael Miu, Bernice Liu, Sunny Chan
Second Row: Yoyo Mung, Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh
Third Row: Lam Bowie, Roger Kwok, Lai Gigi
Fourth Row: Myolie Wu, Kevin Cheng, Raymond Lam
Fifth Row: Steven Ma, Kate Tsui, Linda Chung
Last Row: Tavia Yeung, Bosco Wong, Sonija Kwok, Ron Ng


We have: Jason Chan, Linda Chung, Raymond Lam, Vivien Yeo, Matthew Ko
Okay, it took me sometime to realise that this is a hot air balloon.


We have: Liza Wang, Sunny Chan, Bobby Au-Yeung, Susanna Kwan, Esther Kwan
Yay! Esther is back [okay, old news]! Liza is forever in the Febuary Calendar I realised!! Okay, and her hair looks weird.


We have: Yoyo Mung, Frankie Lam, Lee Hsin Chiao, Kenneth Ma, Chris Lai
Omg! Kenneth and Chris! HAHA. And I see our Super Trio in the background.


We have: Bosco Wong, Bernice Liu, Wong Hei, Tavia Yeung, Michael Tse, Amigo Choi
Wow, nice shot. AND YAY WONG HEI IS IN THE CALENDAR ONCE AGAIN. (: And wow! Michael Tse! First time I see him in TVB calendar!


We have: I dunno 3 of the girls who are inside. Then we have Kate Tsui, Moses Chan, Wong Cho Lam, Sammul Chan
Sammul Chan looks better this year ah.


We have: Kenny Wong, Suki Tsui, Ron Ng, Nancy Wu, Stephen Wong, Chen Fala
It's a hot month, so it's time to party at the waters. Ok, if I'm not wrong, Fala, Kenny and Stephen were in the same photo last year right?


We have: Christine Ng, Adam Cheng, Patrick Tang, Ong Yi Hing
Wow! Patrick Tang! First time in! Ong Yi Hing is getting so so so so popular now, because he's so good at languages and writing novels and stuff.


We have: Tracy Yip, Anne Heung, Winnie Yeung, Mandy Cho, Shirley Yeung, Sonija Kwok
Beautiful women, but sorry, I'm not a fan of any of them.


We have: Gigi Lai, Lam Bowie, Sheren Tang, Sharon Chan, Natalie Tong, Macy Chan
Being my favourite month September is, I was quite disappointed when I saw this. Because they all loook so sad!!!!!!!!!! And I got a shock when I saw Sheren, so different!!! Took me sometime to realise that it's her.


We have: Steven Ma, Ada Choi, Michael Miu, Selena Li, Maggie Siu, Sharon Luk
STEVEN AND ADA!!! omg, I've been waiting for almost forever for them to be in the same calendar!


We have: Charmaine Sheh, Jessica Hester Hsuan, Roger Kwok, Kevin Cheng, Anna Yau, Queenie Chu, Leanne Li... [And omg I dunno who are the rest]
Although I don't know who are the rest, but I think this photo is nice!!


We have: Angela Tong, Elaine Yiu, Raymond Cho, Joe Ma, Myolie Wu, Gallen Lo
Wow! Gallen is back in the calendar! And Angela + Raymond is in the December calendar once again.

The Who's In? Who's Out category is cancelled for this year, because I will write an essay once more.
But there are important people who are inside the calendar this year:
1. Gallen Lo - The Big Brother of the 90s
2. Michael Miu - The Big Brother of the 70s

Enjoy the photos!

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