Friday, November 9, 2007

Tvb Calendar 1998.

After a very hard time, I finally found the 1998 calendar!!!! Which is quite a relief to me, because I lost the 1998 calendar when my computer crashed a few years back. Seems that they like to pair up people in the calendar according to the series they star in.. Let me try putting the series name they both star in during that year. Oh ya, I have changed the 1999 calendar shots to much clearer ones... Go and take a look!

In trouble! Now I can't find it. HAHA.


We have: Felix Wong & Amy Kwok
It's rare that I do not see red in Febuary calendars... [Secret of the Heart]


We have: Gallen Lo & Maggie Cheung
They are always in the same month! [Old Time Buddy]


We have: Kenix Kwok & Sunny Chan
Nice shot too! HAHA. Not sure what they acted in together.. Was Treshold of An Era during that year? No right??


We have: Jade Lau & Eddie Cheung
I forgot her name, but I remember her in Family Man.


We have: Cheung Wai Yee & Ben Wong
The Kindred Spirit duo.


We have: Marriane Chan & Lam Bowie
Not a pair, but brother and sister in Ultra Protection


We have: Gordon Lam and Kathy Chow


We have: Louis Koo & Jessica Hester Hsuan
They are always together in calendars!! Just like Gallen and Maggie. [Detective Investigation Files IV and that show with Sammi.. Forgot the title.]


We have: Lawrence Ng and Astrid Chan
Omg, Im having memory failure. But I know she's starring in Cold Encounters of the Third Kind [New series]. Nice photo


We have: Kong Wah and Monica Chan
This photos gives a very hello-we-are-in-the-60s feeling..


We have: Nancy Sit and Melvin Wong
The kindred spirit pair number 2. HAHA. Ballroom dancing during Christmas! HAHA

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