Saturday, November 17, 2007

TVB 40th Anniversary Awards Ceremony.

Wow, the annual anniversary just passed by us... That's like so fast! And don't forget to watch the Anniversary special on monday [sadly, I have CCA]!

The first award was the Best Host award. I wasn't sure who was in the Top 3, because there was some error that lead to some kind of cut. HAHA
But I did see who was the winner though..

1. Best Host.
Winners: Harlem Yu 庾澄庆 and Patrick Tang 邓建泓
Name of Variety Show: 味分高下

Not much comments about this... Because I didn't watch this show..

2. Most Improved Male Actor.
Top 5: Wong Cho Lam 王祖蓝, Ong Yi Hing 王貽興, Amigo Choi 崔建邦, Francis Hyuen 黃長興, Chris Lai 黎诺懿.

The Winner:

Okay, I admit, I was extremely disappointed because I think everyone anticipated Chris Lai to win... Kinda sad. I was utterly shocked when Franci Hyuen got into the top 5, not Jack Wu.. Jack Wu's acting definitely surpasses his!!

3. Most Improved Female Actress.
Top 5: Kate Tsui 徐子珊, Natalie Tong 唐诗咏, Chan Fala 陈法拉, Toby Leung 梁靖琪, Bernice Liu 廖碧儿.

The Winner:

While I was looking at the top 5, I told my sister, if Toby Leung or Kate Tsui won, I would throw the pillow towards the television. And jackpot. I expected Fala [although I don't like her, but please admit that her acting is extremely good] or Bernice! I was utterly disappointed by the Most Improved prize, that I thought that the rest of the show would be very hopeless, but actually not...

4. Best Supporting Actress
Top 5: Leila Tong 唐宁 [师奶兵团 Family Link], Florence Kwok 郭少芸 [学警出更 On The First Beat], Wong Shu Yee 黃淑儀 [岁月风云 The Drive of Life], Mary Hon 韓馬利 [爸爸闭翳 Fathers and Sons], 陈法拉 Chan Fala [舞动全城 Steps].

The Winner:

It was something I quite expected, so I don't have much comments for this.

5. Best Supporting Actor
Top 5: Paul Chun 秦沛 [东方之珠 Glittering Days], Benz Hui 许绍雄 [赌场风云 Dicey Business], Wong Cho Lam 王祖蓝 [同时三分亲 Best Selling Secrets], Louis Yuen 阮兆祥 [溏心風暴 Heart of Greed], 伍衛國 [岁月风云 The Drive of Life]

The Winner:

My sister literally screamed. Although he acted as the so-called baddie in this series, people loved him! Didn't you see? Everyone [the stars have a part too] were like screaming when his name was announced!

*I know in between got some awards but my hands weren't fast enough to take down everything*

6. Favourite Male and Female Character [Mainland] *I didn't know there's such a prize..*
Top 5 Male: 陈豪 Moses Chan, 林峰 Raymond Lam, 黄宗泽 Bosco Wong, 欧阳震华 Bobby Au-Yeung, 吴卓羲 Ron Ng.

Top 5 Female: 汪明荃 Liza Wang, 佘诗曼 Charmaine Sheh, 宣萱 Jessica Hester Hsuan, 杨思琦 Shirley Yeung, 黎姿 Lai Gigi.

The Winners:

7. Most Favourite Female Character
Top 5: 朱玉蘭/薰蘭 佘詩曼 Charmaine Sheh [東方之珠 Glittering Days], 凌巧(大契) 李司棋 [溏心風暴 Heart of Greed], 王秀琴(細契) 關菊英 Susanna Kwan [溏心風暴 Heart of Greed], 常在心 鍾嘉欣 Linda Chung [溏心風暴 Heart of Greed], 黃晶瑩 黎姿 Gigi Lai [通天幹探 Ultimate Crime Fighter]

The Winner:

It was a either the big one win, or the smaller one wins situation. When they announced all these best XXX awards, they always start with,"溏心风暴..." With Heart of Greed, the others stand no chance man! She's evil in Heart of Greed, but so what!?, everyone LOVES HER!

8. Most Favourite Male Character
Top 5: 唐仁佳(鮑鮑) 夏雨 [溏心風暴 Heart of Greed], 唐至安(得得地) 陳豪 Moses Chan [溏心風暴 Heart of Greed], 程亮(Alfred) 林峯 Raymond Lam [溏心風暴 Heart of Greed], 閔天賜 歐陽震華 Bobby Au Yeung [爸爸閉翳 Fathers and Sons], 何其堅 黃子華 Dayo Wong [奸人堅 Men Don't Cry]

The Winner:

Knew it, it's either Moses or Ha Yu man! Although I very much wanted the rest to win too... HAHA. I loved the rest of them too! OMG! Such a tough choice!

9. Best Series
Top 3: Dicey Business 赌场风云, Heart of Greed 溏心风暴, The Family Link 师奶兵团

The Winner:

Well, I was so confident that I said,"Aiya, the top rated series will win lor!" Then my entire family said,"No! Heart of Greed will win! Top ratings doesn't mean it's the BEST." And I chose to remain silent after that. Cos the top 3 are all extremely good series, no doubt. Well I thought Fathers and Sons would be in the Top 3 though..

10. Best Actress
Top 5: 佘诗曼 Charmaine Sheh [东方之珠 Glittering Days], 宣萱 Jessica Hester Hsuan [赌场风云 Dicey Business], 李司棋 [溏心風暴 Heart of Greed], 關菊英 Susanna Kwan [溏心風暴 Heart of Greed], 邓萃雯 Sheren Tang [师奶兵团 Family Link]

The Winner:

When Susanna Kwan won the Most Favourite Female character, I knew she would win this. OMG! It's like YAY man! Didn't you notice? All the stars were standing whilst listening to her speech!

11. Best Actor
Top 5: 欧阳震华 Bobby Au-Yeung [赌场风云 Dicey Business], 夏雨 [溏心風暴 Heart of Greed], 陳豪 Moses Chan [溏心風暴 Heart of Greed], 刘松仁 Damien Lau [岁月风云 Drive of Life], 林峰 Raymond Lam [岁月风云 Drive of Life]

The winner:

I thought Ha Yu was going to get it... Kinda sad for him, but NVM, Moses deserves the award too! OMG! Double win! Tak Tak Dei! HAHA. Just like Charmaine Sheh last year man. Finally his acting recieves recognition... (:

Basically I'm satisfied with this year's award ceremony, well, other than the front part.. Boo. This year's is much better than last year's! Definitely man! GO GO GO!

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