Sunday, September 30, 2007

TVB series Steps.


I better start blogging in case people stop visiting my webpage. HAHA.

The players:
Bernice Liu, Steven Ma, Wayne Lai, Kate Tsui, Matthew Ko, Fala Chen, Claire Yiu...
The Official Site:

So we have a new series! I'm watching this series now, and it's quite good. I find this quite special, except for the fact that I am not used to seeing Steven Ma dance. And sorry Fala Chen fans, she's SO HORRIBLE in this series [not her acting, her character]. And Kate Tsui has definitely improved, but still kinda weird.

The ratings are going quite fine.. But not as good as heart of greed of course..

Week 1 (Ep. 01-05): 31 points
Week 2 (Ep. 06-10): 30 points [oh no it dropped]

Anyway, the introduction.

Ballroom dancing emphasizes on rhythm and mutual trust between the partners. If we can apply the same concept to our daily communication practices, we might be able to find ourselves harmony and enrich our lives.

Dancer, Lee Sum Ying [Bernice Liu], who is crazy about dancing, wants to join the Hong Kong dance company. However, before the start of the audition, she bumps into her brother Lee Lik Keung [Wayne Lai] and his colleague Ching Ka Tsun [Steven Ma] at a supermarket. She accidentally hurt her leg because she tripped over Ka Tsun's trolley, and because of that, Sum Ying did not perform well and thus failed the assessment. At the invitation of Ka Tsun's mother [Mannor Chan], Sum Ying goes to teach Latin Dance at a community centre, hoping to earn more money to further her studies abroad. Her warm personality eventually lands her a job the dance studio, making Ka Tsun's sister, Ching Ka Man [Fala Chen], a fellow teacher at the dance studio, jealous. Ka Man hated Sum Ying so much, that she tries to make things difficult for her in every possible way she could.

Yeung Sze Man [Kate Tsui], daughter of Ka Tsun's boss, is appointed to take charge of the company. In order to improve the staff's morale, she announced a series of reforms. She appointed them to learn dancing so that they would be able to get more exercise. Sum Ying, and Dickson [Matthew Ko] was hired as the teacher of Ka Tsun and his colleagues. Ka Tsun, who has some knowledge about dancing soon resumed his interest in this expressive form of art. Ka Tsun and Sum Ying eventually developed a close bond between each other and even decided to take part in an international dance competition as dance partners. However, their relationship is put into a test when Ka Tsun and Lik Keung fall out with each other over business matters. The discord between the two puts Sum Ying in a dilemma....

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