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Tvb Series Lady Fan.


The Players: Jessica Hester Hsuan, Joe Ma, Shek Sau, Cherie Kong, Power Chan, Mimi Lo...
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The Introduction:

The Tang Dynasty and Sai Leung, a neighbouring country, maintains an uneasy truce. Fan Lihua (Jessica Hester Hsuan) is the daughter of General Fan, an important Sai Leung commander who safeguards the border between his country and the Tang Dynasty.

An able fighter and adept at sorcery, Lihua is told by her martial art master, the Holy Mother of Lei Mountain, that she is destined to marry a Tang citizen, and their marriage will unite the two kingdoms and bring about a time of peace and harmony.

Unbeknown to her, General Fan has already arranged Lihua to marry General Yeung. The day before the marriage, Lihua runs away from home to look for her destined lover, the White-gowned Warrior.

Xue Rengui (Shek Sau), the renowned and loyal general of the Tang Dynasty, wages war against Sai Leung. Lihua returns to fight the war and spots a white-gowned warrior during a battle. She uses her magic to capture him and discovers that this warrior, her destined husband, turns out to be Rengui's son, Xue Dingshan (Joe Ma). Unfortunately, not only is General Xue Lihua's father arch-rival on the battlefield, the Xue family is also prejudiced against Sai Leung citizens.

Hoping to avert a senseless war and to fulfil the prophecy, Lihua forces Dingshan to marry her. Against his own wishes, Dingshan brings Lihua home after she hurt herself in a battle. Dingshan, on the other is in love with his teacher’s daughter, Chen Jinding (Cherry Kong).

With the blessings of Emperor Tang who favours Lihua as he finds her powerful martial and magical skills useful to his own crusade, Dingshan has no choice but to marry her. Dingshan and his family treat Jinding better and they set out to make life difficult for Lihua, in the hope that she will leave him. Despite all odds, Lihua's patience and perseverance soon wins over Dingshan's admiration, his family's affections and the respect and loyalty of the Tang troops.

Just when things are looking bright for her, Lihua faces obstacles in another form. Her blossoming relationship with Dingshan incurs the jealousy of Jinding. The latter schemes to break the couple up and creates a misunderstanding between them.

Disappointed with Dingshan, Lihua decides to give up her efforts in trying to make her marriage
work and in despair leaves for Sai Leung, vowing never to return.

This is no typical love story.. Because they have a weird relationship. Jessica forces Joe to marry her, because it was their destiny, they have to get married in order to save both of their countries.

Why did I even watch this series?:
#1. I think Power Chan and Mimi Lo rocks.
#2. It was ranked #7 in 2004, I decided to give it a try.
#3. I finished my major exam then, of course it was a good time to relax since my friends said it was a rocking good series.
#4. Jessica Hester Hsuan won "My Favourite Character" award in TVB's 37th anniversary.

After I finished this series:
#1. Kinda disappointed. I think I pinned too much hopes in this series.
#2. Power Chan is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the reason why I finished the series. He's a clever and innovative person. His inventions are so cute!!!!!!!!!! And the way he addresses Jessica, it was "hahaha".
#3. I'm not a Jessica fan, but I think she did a good job in this series.
#4. Sorry, I still don't like Joe Ma.. [But I loved him in Triumph in the Skies!! =)]
#5. The way Jessica and Joe developed their relationship is really special and interesting, but they lack a bit of chemistry. Yes, CHEMISTRY.
#6. Basically, I skipped all the parts with Cherie Kong. Oh my gosh, she's dislikable in this series man! No offence Cherie fans! I was quite happy with the scriptwriter when her character died in the series. [oh no, spoiler.]
#7. I don't like the person acting as Jessica's sister-in-law. Quite a b*tch. Ya, because of her, everyone almost got into trouble.
#8. It was a happy ending!

I don't really like this series, but I don't dislike this series.
If you ask me, I won't watch it again. If you are a Jessica Hsuan, Power Chan or Mimi Lo's fan, better give it a try. If you are Cherie fan, I suggest you give it a miss, and watch Love Guaranteed instead. You will be happier. Quite worth watching I guess..

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