Saturday, August 4, 2007

Tvb series Food for Life.

*Spoilers ahead as usual.*

The Players: Kevin Cheng, Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung, Ben Yeo [Singaporean]...
The Official Website:

Well, Singapore's Channel U was part of the production [which I don't really care, although I am a Singaporean...]

The introduction:

The story begins with a new variety programme Yummy Yummy where contestants from Singapore and Hong Kong meet to compete in a food competition. PR manager Mandy (Charmaine Sheh) is tasked to take care of the contestants during the competition. After several rounds of elimination, only eight contestants are left to compete in the final round.

Four contestants of different backgrounds: Jiale (Kelvin Cheng), Daniel (Raymond Lam), Terry (Ben Yeo) and Lemon (Tavia Leung) are grouped as a team. They start off as strangers and get into frequent conflicts initially but their friendship soon grows as the competition goes on.

One day, Mandy meets her father and learns that Lemon is her half-sister. The latter is disqualified from the competition upon this revelation. Terry, on the other hand, is only interested in searching for his missing Hong Kong girlfriend, while Jiale enjoys the competition process but does not seek to win the grand prize. As a result, they lost to the other team.

When the competition ended, Mandy resigns from her job and joins Daniel in his newly-set up food magazine publishing firm. Lemon returns to help her father, whose car rental business is in a crisis, and she decides to seek Jiale’s help. Despite their efforts, the business eventually closes down. Lemon is nevertheless grateful to Jiale for his help and begins to fall for him.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Mandy suffer a setback when their publishing firm ceases operation after repeated losses. Terry manages to find his girlfriend but is cheated of his money. Just when all things seem to have gone wrong, Jiale receives a call from the TV station informing him that the winning team has been disqualified and he, the first runner-up, will be awarded the grand prize of a shop!

Jiale decides to set up his food business and invites Daniel, Terry, Lemon and Mandy to join him in this venture which unfortunately fails to take off. Terry provides his suggestion but is ignored by the others. Dejected, he packs his bags and returns to Singapore, leaving behind a plate of Hainanese chicken rice that has everyone craving for more.

Jiale and Daniel decide to learn the secret recipe of Hainanese chicken rice from Terry’s mother. Both Mandy and Lemon stay by Jiale’s side to encourage him, but none of them dare to make the first move in expressing their love. Finally, their food business takes flight! Jiale, Daniel, Terry and Lemon wait eagerly for Mandy to celebrate their success but she never shows up…

Well, no offence, I DON'T LIKE THIS SERIES. I didn't expect much because it was a production with Singapore. And as a Singaporean, I roughly know the standards of a Singapore series. Although this time a was a big production with TVB, it still, wasn't quite a success. Which was quite sad as all the "highly promoted" stars of TVB were acting in this series. What a waste...

#1. Yummy Yummy. This name doesn't really fit the show.. It fits, for a few episodes.
#2. All the four main leads rock. And Ben Yeo [although a little stiff], still put out a good performance. At least they chose the correct person. And he's funny, no doubt.
#3. Sorry, I don't like Michelle Chia [the girl acting as Raymond's girlfriend]... Well, I never liked her. She's over promoted. Really.
#4. The story is BORING.
#5. I gave up watching at the 2nd last episode because I kept falling asleep while watching it.
#6. The Singapore actors+actresses who were in the beginning of the series were.. bleah. Channel U stars then...
#7. No doubt why the ratings were quite low. Ya. Try watching this series.
#8. The chemistry between Kevin Cheng and Ben Yeo was good.. The rest were ok.

If you ask me, I won't watch it again. Other than the stars involved in this series, there's nothing else much worth watching.

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