Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tvb Series Fathers and Sons.

The Players: Bobby Au Yeung, Wong Hei, Ha Yu, Yoyo Mung, Tavia Yeung, Anne Heung, Halina Tam, Chris Lai, Evergreen Mak
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Hello! Quite some time since I last blogged. Haha. Ok, this series was shown after less than months after they filmed finished it. Haha. And to think that The Master of Tai Chi and Legend of the Demigods finished filming way before this.. Those 2 series has not even came out yet! It's been almost a year already!!!!!!!

Anyway, the introduction.

Top-ranked market research manager Man Tin Tsz (Bobby Au Yeung) is an expert at price comparison. Commonly nicknamed “the Honorable Min Jeong Ho”, his personal motto is “always be price-conscious”. Tin Tsz who relishes his yuppie lifestyle, has been longing for an early retirement. But the sudden return of his eight-year-old son seems to have completely shattered his dreams. Tin Tsz has no experience in taking care of children and is totally clueless about how to look after his son. Luckily his ally-cum-rival Kam Mei Tsun (Yoyo Mung) is there to help and look out for him in every way. The pair gets to know each other better and gradually grow to be great buddies. Later Tin Tsz discovers that Mei Tsun is actually “Platinum Dae Jang Geum”.

Tin Tsz manages to patch up his relationship with his godfather Ko Chi Tim (Ha Yu) by a beef ball. Chi Tim has been trying hard to accommodate himself to his son Ko Ching (Wong Hei) but Ko Ching has given full attention to his own daughter and shows no concern for Chi Tim at all. Ko Ching has focused too much on his daughter that he has completely disregarded his responsibility as a son and a husband. At the darkest moment of his life, Ko Ching is fortunate to still have Tin Tsz and his soul mate Law Sz Hei (Tavia Yeung) by his side. In the meantime, Ko Ching happens to discover a secret that his father has been hiding all these years...

I think this series willllllll be GREEAAATTTT!!! SO far I heard from so many people they say it's nice. Not to forget that Chris, Wong Hei, Tavia and Bobby are in the series!!!! GOSH! I will watch it, FOR THEM! Although Im not a huge fan of Bobby, Wong Hei and Tavia, but I've always liked their performances... Man, one more series to my waiting list.

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