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TVB series Twin of Brothers.

I remember grabbing these photos from other websites as I did not have a scanner that time. Haha. Nice photos ya? It was quite a blast I remembered. Ron Ng and Raymond Lam both won something from the 36th Anniversary show.

Ok. You might be thinking,"Why is she so slow? Wait till now to give a review on Twin of Brothers?" Seriously speaking, I only finished this series like last year when it was actually released like quite long ago? Haha. I've no idea what to post anyway, so I've decided to do reviews on every single series I'm watching now.

Don't blame me for not reviewing on lastest TVB series [I will, during holidays], it's just that I'm quite crammed with homework and all these to watch new TVB series. So I only watch everything that is shown on TV.. Haha.

By the way, here is the introduction.

Spoilers! WARNING.

The Players: Raymond Lim, Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung, Li Qian, Leila Tong, Christine Ng.

There is a legend saying that the 'Secret of Immortality' is the key to opening Master Yang's treasure case. Kou Zhong and Xu Zi Ling, who often call themselves 'Twin Dragons', learn the routine by chance after coming across the manual to the 'Secret of Immortality'. Suddenly, the two become the most wanted people in the martial arts world.

Kou Zhong (Raymond Lim) and Xu Zi Ling (Ron Ng) are two orphans who grew up together and are as close as brothers. Kou Zhong is a righteous person who is full of ideas and ambitions; while Zi Ling is down-to-earth and sensitive. In the last days of the Sui Dynasty, Emperor Sui Yang makes a disaster of China's internal and external administration and causes uncontrollable strife in the country. Apart from the four political families, the martial arts world is divided by two major sects - the Holy and the Evil.

One day, Kou Zhong and Zi Ling accidentally come across the coveted 'Secret of Immortality' manual. The owner of the manual is a female assassin called Fu Jun Chuo (Christine Ng) from Gao Li. She holds Kou Zhong and Zi Ling captive in order to get the manual back, but realises that the two have the potential to master the 'Secret of Immortality'. Therefore, she forces them to learn the skills instead.

Later on, Kou Zhong and Zi Ling get caught in a chase by General Yu Wen Hua Ji (Waise Lee), and they make use of Jun Chuo to escape. During the practice period however, the three of them gradually develop a 'mother-and--son' bond after experiencing very tough times together. Jun Chuo even dies under the knife of Yu Wen Hua Ji in order to protect Kou Zhong and Zi Ling. Before she dies, Jun Chuo tells the Twin Dragons the true secret of the manual and its connection with the legendary treasure case belonging to Master Yang.

Devastated, Kou Zhong and Zi Ling vow to do their best to learn martial arts to kill Yu Wen Hua Ji and seek avenge for Jun Chuo. However, Kou Zhong and Zi Ling are constantly under the pursuit of people from the political and martial arts factions because they know the secret. Fortunately, they are always able to escape from harm with their intelligence and the help of the skills they learnt from the 'Secret of Immortality'. They even make marked improvement in their martial arts.

During their adventures, Kou Zhong meets Li Xiu Ning (Tavia Yeung), the younger sister of revolutionist Li Shi Min (Johnson Yuen), and is taken by her beauty. Kou Zhong decides to join Shi Min's revolutionary force, where he meets Xiu Ning's best friend Song Yu Zhi (Li Qian), daughter of warlord Song. Although Kou Zhong and Xiu Ning quarrel incessantly, their feelings for each other grow unconsciously over time.

Meanwhile, Zi Ling meets Holy Sect High Priestess Shi Fei Xuan (Leila Tong) and falls in love with her. On the other hand, Wan Wan (Nancy Wu) from the Evil Sect has her eyes on the 'Secret of Immortality' manual but falls in love with Zi Ling in her attempt to obtain the manual. Zi Ling is torn between the two women - one whom he loves with all his heart and the other who loves him enough to abandon everything for his sake...

This was quite a major production, as they went all the way to China to film this series, and worked with some overseas actors+actresses. I think they forked out quite an amount to actually finish the filming. And the good news is, this series did not disappoint us at all!!! 40 episodes may seem a bit long, but it's an addictive series! So they reaped profits! Haha.. Twin of Brothers is a good story! Just like A step into the Past. =)

And this series is filled with stars of the younger generation, lesser veterans, and it turned out great! I mean, you try comparing it with Sunshine Heartbeat, this is a better production.. [No offence people. Im quite a fan of Sunshine Heartbeat too.]

After watching this series, I was really amazed by Ron's and Raymond's performances. [Special mention: Nancy Wu. However I stilll don't really like her. No offence again.]

My comments:

#1. Quite disappointed by the lack of fighting scenes. Then I realised, oh, it was supposed to be not a kung fu series.

#2. The ending is great. Im not going to say much, just in case some people have not watched it yet.

#3. I think the outfits are great! Tavia wears the "most elegant" clothes, Nancy wears the "sexiest" [too sexy for ancient outfits!], Leila is the most "holy" of course. Ron and Raymond's clothes are more plain, but they do change their clothes as the series advances. Especially Raymond's, because he turned bad. But nevertheless, I still love Raymond Lam. hehe.

#4. Disappointed that some of the love lifes did not turned out as expected.

#5. I like Tavia, but I don't like her character in this series. Because she was too political, she hurt Raymond's feelings.. And many things changed because of these.

#6. I like the emperor, but not the person acting as the emperor. He did a mediocre job!!!!!! Wrong cast casted.

#7. I have nothing much to say about Christine Ng and Waise Lee.. Because I feel that their story is those lovey dovey kind.. Not my type of stories..

#8. Ai Wei's character is interesting, but he did not have a smooth life. Which was really sad.

#9. I think the CG are good!

#10. I think Raymond is compatitable with Li Qian. I mean they started out as bicker couple, then they got together and everything.. Too bad Raymond has to die..

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Oh ya, I got a phamplet showing the four main cast of TOB, I will scan it next time.. Advertising. Haha. Wish you a good day ahead!

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