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Tvb series Trust of a Lifetime.

*Spoilers Ahead*

This was a 2002 series. Watched it like years ago when my local channel shown this series... Didn't take any screenshots! I watched it 4 years ago, it wasn't that hi-tech that time you see... So, ya...

The Players: Roger Kwok, Amy Kwok, Paul Chun, Michael Tong, Joe Cheng, Karen Tong

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The introduction:

"Kei Tung Private Investigators" is opened by Ho Kei Tung (Amy Kwok) who believed that all men are heartless and was often highly suspicious of her boyfriends and spies on them, scaring them all off, but yet she was unaware this is all her own doing.

On one of her cases, Kei Tung has a *not so good* meeting with police officer Chow Yiu Jo (Roger Kwok). Tung then meets her old friend Cheung Bo Yee (Karen Tong) who turns out to be Yiu Jo's girlfriend. Due to her prejudices against men, she warns Bo Yee to keep an eye on Yiu Jo, creating many problems for him and it began to affect their relationship. On the day of their marriage, Bo Yee disappears, leaving Yiu Jo and Kei Tung set out to look for her. Affected by his problems with Bo Yee, Yiu Jo fails in his job and is forced to leave the police force, making Kei Tung feel extremely guilty for what had happened. Yiu Jo is very distraught but Kei Tung encouraged him to move on and the duo began to cooperate in their investigations.

Kei Tung and Yiu Jo develop a liking for each other, but Kei Tung cannot overcome her suspicions of men. When they meet with Kuk Lap Hang (Michael Tong) their relationship meets with obstacles. The strange actions of Lap Hang interests Kei Tung and Lap Hang starts to pursue Kei Tung's affections. Faced with the choice of Lap Hang and Yiu Jo, Tung doesn't know what to do ... At this time Bo Yee suddenly reappears and wants to be back with Yiu Jo, making this love affair even more complicated...

Is it true that a good man is so difficult to find?

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Well, basically this series is about love, detective stories, betrayal etc.. It's quite obvious that Amy Kwok is the main lead rather than Roger Kwok. But this is not the main point as they both did well. *Roger Kwok especially. He's funny.*

It revolves around 3 big cases [and quite a number of small ones. forgot the number]. The cases were quite cool. Not a lot of bloodshed [one or two..], but the script was nicely written. You will love the way the crack the cases.

1st case: About lesbians.
2nd case: related to Karen Tong. Quite twisted lah.
3rd case: Spirits involved. Cast Michael Tong and Patricia Lau involved.

And the thing I dislike about this series THE MOST is Karen Tong. Sorry Karen fans, but I think she spoilt the entire series. And I mean it. She's quite a b***h in this series, she was not responsible, and I hated the way she tried to snatch Roger from Amy. She's materialistic. boo.

PAUL CHUN rocks so totally. He's the "nanny" of Amy Kwok, you can call him as a "sidekick". I find the way he introduce men to Amy very hilarious. Michael Tong barely has screentime!!! Joe Cheng too!!


I think the English name for this series fits the series VERY WELL. I mean, this entire show is about trust. What else can you put?

The plot:
It's detective-cum-love story. It's quite different as this series teaches us one moral value. That's "TRUST". =) Trust the pp around you! Don't be too suspicious of them!

You might want to watch just the first 18 episodes.

Kudos to me. I can remember the story.

To those who loved TVB a bit too late, watch this series.
To those who watched it, watch it again. [if u have the chance that is..]
To those who love detective stories, watch it. [it will twist your brain cells]

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