Monday, July 16, 2007

TVB series Survivors Law.

*Spoilers Ahead!*

The Players: Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, Sammul Chan, Bernice Liu etc..
The Official Site:

This was the series that made me know the presence of Bernice Liu, Myolie Wu and Sammul Chan. *I knew Raymond Lam when I watched A Step into the Past*

The Introduction:

H.K. Firm is a down-and-out law firm looked upon with scorn and derision by the law fraternity. Owner Homer Hong Dingwei (Lok Ying Kwan), a lawyer who had his license removed for offending the judge, has no choice but to recruit fresh law graduates to revamp the firm.

Ben Le Bing (Raymond Lam) had been sacked by his previous employer because of his unconventional image and attitude. Saddled with his family’s financial burdens, Ben has no other choice but to work at H.K Firm. There, he meets three other young lawyers, all of whom are working for Homer for different reasons.

Vincent Zhuo Weiming (Sammul Chan) refuses to be a small fry following a big lawyer around and so joins a small firm to fight his own cases independently. Zhong Qingling (Myolie Wu), ostrasized at the previous law firm for her passionate and righteous ways, decides to make her career in H.K. Firm instead. As for Jessica Jiang Sijia (Bernice Liu), she has followed her heart and Vincent into the firm.

Through time and trial, all four become tight friends. Nevertheless, a complicated love quadrangle, misunderstandings and ambitions threaten to break their bond…


Hmm. This series was aired on my local TV channel during my O levels [secondary school leaving examination] {Singaporeans can guess my age. Haha}, it was one of the most important period of my life, so I was of course, BANNED from watching this series. Cried like mad. Because I love all the four leads in this series, and I do not want to spend money renting as I WAS OUT OF CASH.

Ok, enough of GRANDMOTHER stories. It's time to start my commenting/complaining session. Anyway, I ended up renting this series, because I was so jealous that my friends kept talking about this series, while I have nothing to say.

Basically, I have not much complaints about this series.

#1. Raymond Lam rocks, as usual.
#2. I like Myolie's hair, and I feel that long hair doesn't suit her.
#3. Well, Bernice still had that "westernized" slang, which makes her acting a little weird. But nevertheless, she is sooooooooooo cute in this series!!
#4. Well, Sammul Chan was ok... But I still don't understand why he turned bad just because his father went to jail. And I hated him a little when his character cheated on Bernice.
#5. The supporting cast was funny. Juno was one of them. Well, I think he is better off singing. Haha. But it is funny too see that Bernice is taller than Juno and all that... [Those who watched understands]
#6. Well, this series rocks. no more else.
#7. THE THEMESONG ROCKS. x1000000000000000. sorry. but this themesong is really great. slow and nice =))
#8. One of my complains will be that, THE CASES ARE SO DARN SHORT AND SIMPLE. I expected some pretty long and complicated cases towards the end or something...
#9. Well, Raymond was very CUTE when he tried sewing for Myolie! It was so romantic, silly and cute!
#10. Basically all the chemistry is good. Sammul + Myolie, Raymond + Myolie, Raymond + Bernice, Sammul + Bernice. Sammul + Raymond. Myolie + Bernice. It all matches. No matter as friends or as colleagues.

Worth Watching. Trust me. For those who haven't watch. WATCH please. For those who watched and have nothing to watch now [impossible], WATCH it AGAIN.

That's all.

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