Sunday, July 22, 2007

TVB Series Phoenix Rising.

Well, this series was released for almost 1 month [not yet a month], and there are so far no news of this series airing.. Well, this poster looks really eerie, and it actually tells us who exactly are the good guys and who are the bad guys. It's been quite long since we have a series like this, and I feel that it is quite refreshing... So, let's pray that it won't be warehoused. I have no time to watch a TV series now because there is an important examination coming up.. So sorry I guess I won't do much reviews at the moment...

The Introduction!

The rich bride-to-be Yim Pui Wu (Louisa So) is arrested and thrown to jail for the murder of her adoptive mother shortly before her wedding. Coincidentally, she was reunited with her long-lost younger sister So Fei (Leila Tong), who is now a probation officer, and her elder sister Kong Lai nga (Crystal Tin). Desperate to prove Pui Wu's innocence, Lai Nga and So Fei bustle around everyday to look for evidence.

But things did not go the way they hoped. Lai Nga was pregnant with her boyfriend's Yin Leung (Sunny Chan) baby, and she was dianogsed with an incurable disease soon after her son was born. Knowing that her life was going to come to an end, Lai Nga decided to take the blame and undergo imprisonment for Pui Wu. So Fei continued with the investigation and was horrified to find out that Lai Nga's medical report was made up, which was part of a conspiracy by Pui Wu. So Fei could not imagine why Pui Wu had suddenly become so heartless.

Eager to help Lai nga, So Fei decided to help her escape. To eliminate those who stand in her way, Pui Wu is resolved to Lai Nga. However, Pui Wu's evil deeds had caused her husband Cheung Chi Hoi (Ben Wong) to lose his family, which she felt guilty about. Now, Pui Wu, Lai Nga and So Fei are to face the threat of jailing and their destiny seems to be tied to the prison forever...

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