Saturday, July 28, 2007

TVB series On the Track or Off.

*Not much of a spoiler...*

Quite an old series. 2001 series.

The Players: Steven Ma, Ada Choi, Frankie Lam, Shek Sau, Bondy Chiu...

The Official Site:

Well, I couldn't find the synopsis, but the entire series is about horses. Quite a lot of racing [wow, sounds like Brink of Law] but there's is a big difference. Steven Ma is a horse lover, not a lawyer, and he takes care of horses. He, Frankie and Bondy were good friends, but MONEY and LOVE caused their relationship to fall apart. Frankie commited suicide because of his failure. Steven saw Ada, hated her at first, but they fell in love with each other. Bondy became sorta mad [not exactly, just like, very bad].. She's the spoiler or some sort in the series. You will hate her. She caused Frankie's death, she caused the split of Steven and Ada [but they still got together...] and many many things...

It was quite entertaining, but a little long.

Not much complaints.. my feelings..
#1. Shek Sau's presence, is kind of redundant. Im sorry. I think he shouldn't have even started a relationship with Ada's character in the first place
#2. I hated Bondy Chiu in that series, and I really mean it.
#3. Frankie Lam [the character] was useless. I really meant it.
#4. Steven Ma and Ada Choi, SO SWEET!
#5. Ada Choi acting was alright
#6. Steven Ma is superb [of course, he won a prize]

I think to ALL Steven Ma's fan, if you all haven't watch this series yet because you are very young, BETTER WATCH it. He was a little immature that time.. It's a very different him... haha... But his singing is forever gooood.

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