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TVB Series The Final Combat.

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*Spoilers Ahead*

This was a 1989 series *wow, I hadn't even touched Mother Earth yet!* I think this was one of the first few TVB series I watched, and of course, this was one of the series that made me love TVB.

The Players: Stephen Chow, Jacqueline Law, Yammie Lam, Francis Ng, Ng Man Tat, Cutie Mui...

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Golden Quote:"Lets just sit down, eat a bun, drink tea & talk slowly.."
The most commonly sentence heard in the series. Simple, but it was one of the most remembered lines by many till now.

The Introduction

"The Final Combat" is a non-conventional costume action drama played by now popular actor, Stephen Chow.

Tuen Hai raised the only son of Ku Fung, Ku Yuk Lau (Francis Ng) and cared him much better than his own son, Tuen Fai (Stephen Chow). Tuen Hai, in fact, remorsed that Ku Fung had been driven out of the Sect when they fought against their enemy. Yuk Lau grew up to be complacent and aggressive. He wanted to become the best Kung Fu practitioner and even made use of his lover Suet Ngan (Yammie Lam).

Tuen Fai loves PEACE but he is always caught up in rivalries. His father's death forced him to fight back. With the help of his wife Lee Chu (Law Wai Kuen), he dared to confront Yuk Lau in the final combat.

Comments. Start here.

Ok, Im a Stephen Chow fan, so I'm a person who loves comedies. Well, if you are not a fan of constant comedies, I suggest you give up watching this series as the constand jokes cracked by Stephen Chow and Jacqueline Law might bore you to death. *I think the jokes are hilarious.* Of course, the entire series is not filled with scenes of laughter, peace and joy. There are bad guys, some kung fu and serious moments involved.

Ok, since it was released like more than 10 years ago, I think I should reveal more about this series *if I do remember. I watched it when I was around 10!* Gosh, I forgot 90% of the series.

From my memory, Stephen Chow initially liked Yammie's character, but he realised he loved Jacqueline's more after that.

And of course, from what you see from the introduction, Francis Ng is the bad guy! Well, that character really s**ks. He betrayed Yammie Lam's love, fought against Stephen Chow, wanted to ruin Stephen's life, turned GAY just to learn THE BEST kind of martial arts. But, Francis Ng rocks! Why? Because he acted so well!!! Trust me, he really rocks. He never fails to portray all the characters he's acting well..... You get to see him turning into a woman. haha.

From my memory, Ng Man Tat has 2 characters. And from standard TVB series formula, one will be good, the other one will be bad. And the good one dies first. *I think* Oh no, I forgot! Haha. But the bad guy went to learn some martial art that made him gay for sure. Francis Ng no. 2.

I pity Yammie Lam the most.... I mean, she's quite a victim.. Because Francis Ng treated her really bad..

Well, I love the parts when Stephen Chow and Jacqueline Law quarrel! So funny!

The part when Stephen Chow confess his love for Jacqueline Law, it was one good scene taken too.

The plot:
It's a comedy-kungfu-love-hate story. I had a great laugh

For fans who love Stephen Chow but had never seen him in TV dramas, this is the chance!
For fans who love comedies, THIS IS THE CHANCE.
Well, for fans who love Francis Ng, you should watch him act as a baddie. HE ROCKS.
And of course, there's KUNG-FU stuff in there. Do watch it, Kung Fu fans.

Im so gonna buy the VCD.

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