Monday, July 9, 2007

Tvb series Biter Bitten Review.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Finished this series quite sometime ago, realised I didn't do any review for this series, so I'm here! I DIDN'T TAKE ANY SCREEN SHOT! Hallelujah. It wasn't a GREAT series [sorry fans. Kinda picky in watching TVB series nowadays. Due to insufficient time I guess.], so I didn't focus that much.

The Players: Benny Chan, Shirley Yeung, Michael Tong, Linda Chung, Stephen Au

Click. Biter Bitten Intro

Lazy? I will give you an extremely summarized one.
It's a romance cum mystery series. About 4 young people and 1 old man searching for a Ten Tigers treasure, with many bad guys in between too..

Why did I watch it?
1. I guess my one and only reason is Benny Chan.
2. Well, I was sick of studying. Besides, I watch every TVB series. [With the exception for a few...]

1. Benny Chan. He's so clever and blah blah.. [I don't understand why he's not popular]. He's HANDSOME!

2. Michael Tong. Maybe the performance was not that great [quite shocked to see him as the lead], but still good! Because he lightened up everything.

3. Shirley Yeung. Maybe not to the extent that I really loved her, but she did portray her character well. Kinda irritating at times, but she's forgiven. [Preferred her in Brink of Law more though..]

4. You might find me sick, but I find parts when Michael and Shirley quarrelled entertaining.

1. Sorry Linda Chung fans. Well, I personally don't dislike her, but I feel that she didn't deserve that Most Improved Actress award that time. Because her acting is kinda unnatural at times [well, if they give her the prize this year it would be better. Because her performance in Heart of Greed is much much much much more better.]

2. I love Stephen Au [he rocks in Witness to a Prosecution don't you all think?]! But I have no choice to put him here. Because his character was really detestable......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grr..

The Plot:
Well, the love plot is very standard. A love B, B loves A, but C loves A, D loves B, but ended up loving C in the end, and E loves B so much that he tries to harm A.

Fill in the ABCs yourself. Haha. Better to keep a bit of suspense.

The story is quite interesting, but it gets a little boring with time. But looking at how Benny Chan solves everything, it wasn't that boring afterall. And with Michael Tong cracking some jokes in between, this series becomes quite light-hearted. But some parts of the series are not for the faint-hearted. Can get kinda violent.

OOps. So boring with 1 photo only. SORRY FOR THAT PEOPLE. I think my reviewing skills can't be improved with the number of screenshots Im taking.

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