Sunday, July 1, 2007

I love TVB

After being a fan of TVB for around a decade, I realised I had recieved quite a lot of stuff from TVB when I was searching for something yesterday.. I didn't patronise any TVB rental shops until 5 years ago, that was when I started collecting all these stuff when I rent TVB serials.

I got posters, bookmarks, hi-lighters [Healing Hands 3], information booklets, series highlights, TVBuddy toy, TVB calendar, handphone straps [Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion], files [Triumph in the Skies, TVB 2005 Calendar] etc... I always think that,"I don't think I have a lot of TVB stuff lo [I don't think anyone will find them enough. haha. greedy mah.], I should ask for more."

Now I don't ask for extras, because I know there are many TVB fans out there who wants to have a share of these goodies. Hehe..

BTW, these are some stuffs I gotten.. Im quite lazy to scan the rest..

I'm sure a lot of people will have this *because TVB weekly also gave this out*. But some people do not have the fullset. I got 3 packets cos I won a lucky draw. haha.

This is a fan. I quite like it. Haha. I mean it's very useful, when you are hot *but I can't bear to use them* How I wish they gave out goodies for every single series.

This is the Dance of Passion postcard. I love it! Haha... I mean the photos are really nice! TVB weekly also gave out another series of postcards and big cards..

This is the Twin of Brother bookmark series.. I know they have the fan one.. But I didn't manage to get any.. One of my regrets though.. But I'm contented to get thing although I didn't rent this series..

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