Friday, June 29, 2007

TVB series The Green Grass of Home.

Hi! Im back. *Cheers! Exams finished!*

Wow, this series has high ratings! *I haven't watch it yet. Because I have no time.* I was quite shocked about it, so I decided to do a blog post about this series.

I was quite shocked. Why?:
#1. The main casts chosen are the "not so popular" stars in TVB.
#2. There is almost no advertising about this series!!! I only saw one in TVB weekly so far..

Click. This a blog post by Natalie Tong

Ok! Shall do an introduction about this series... *Because I don't see anyone doing any introduction about this series. So I shall be "special"*

Cast: Sunny Chan, Christine Ng, Yuen Wah, Chris Lai, Natalie Tong, Ben Wong.

Having spent many years building her career as an interiot designer, Yip Moon Chi (Christine Ng) not only found her health deteoriating, but also realised the relationship with her family straining. She decided to slow her pace and moved back to the village where she grew up.

Much to her surprise, Moon Chi runs into her rival at work Choi Ka Sing (Sunny Chan) at her home village, who actually helped her patched up with her father Yip Cheung Fat (Yuen Wah). As time goes by, Ka Sing falls in love with Moon Chi. While trying to pick up his courage to declare his love for her, Moon Chi is already gearing up for her next career peak.

In the meantime, a developer eyes Cheung Fat's farmland. Determined to save his little green haven, he decided to go to court to settle it, but he doesn't recieve much support from his family...

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Was actually quite disappointed. WHY WASN'T CHRIS LAI MENTIONED?! *Getting a bit biased here. Sorry*

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