Saturday, June 30, 2007

TVB series Bar Bender.

*Spoilers ahead*

Ok, I've just finished this series. It's been *don't know how long* since I last wrote a review. I forgot the format already. Haha. Don't expect much this time because I took really little screen caps [I only took a few from the last episode. Because I can't pause the show. It was shown on cable TV you see.. I can pause for episode because I went to rent]

Click. Bar Bender Intro

Haha. I actually said it last year that I don't think I will watch this series. But the ratings was so good that it was in the top ten! So I decided to give it a try since it's shown. Besides, I'm a Sammul Chan fan.

Now for the review official!

Ok, initially, I didn't know the meaning of 潮爆 until the last episode when Louisa So actually mentioned it. 潮爆 means hippy or something like that. Wah, it took me 20 episodes to understand. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed watching the series! However, there were some disappointments I had too...

Why did I watch it?:

1. Sammul Chan.
2. High Ratings.
3. It's shown, it's a waste not to watch
4. I watch everything basically. [If my mum don't ban me]
5. I like to see Sammul Chan in his new image


1. Adam Cheng and his arrogant-ness [After he changed. Because he was really funny! I disliked him in the first part of the series.]

2. Sammul Chan. I think he did a good job! No more "high, arrogant and serious" roles!

3. The cases. Interesting small law suits. =)

4. I think the ones acting as Sammul Chan's sister and Louisa So's brother [I know he's called Nicky Law] are very cute!

5. When Adam Cheng quarrels with Louisa So and his secretary, I think it's very funny!

6. I like Leila! But I think she looks better in ancient series.


1. Shek Sau. OMG. So violent. So cruel and whatever.

2. I think Power Chan and Leila Tong is a BIG MISMATCH. They don't fit together!

3. Anne Heung. I think she's average in this series.

4. Why isn't Sammul Chan and Leila Tong together in the end?!

The plot:

1. The unexpected. The scriptwriter decided to scrape off the usual practice and our fantasies were not fulfillef as they did not pair Sammul and Leila together. It ended up, to me, quite a disaster, BECAUSE POWER AND LEILA DON'T FIT.

2. The expected. The bad guys got their retribution, the good guys have a happy ending.

Point taken?

3. The ending. Did Leila and Sammul end up together? I'm not sure. Who knows? the scriptwriter.

Some pictures to further explain myself.

I think this scene is real funny. It happened when Adam Cheng was almost killed in a car accident. Then Louisa So panicked when he thought someone was going to kill Adam Cheng to silence him. But it was a false alarm of course.

Happy ending

In addition, it's very funny to see that Adam Cheng is always the last person to know about parties [it was held in his house somemore.]. Like so contradicting.

The people.

The Good


The bad, who obviously did not want to give up.

Hoped you all enjoy reading! Quite short though...

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