Friday, June 22, 2007

TVB Program highlights 2007 Issue 2.

Hey! It's the program highlights! I love them, because we get to find out what are the upcoming series in rental shops!

Credits: Of course TVB la!

The Cover Page [Click for larger version]

Page 2:

- Phoenix Rising
- The Family Link
- On the First Beat

Ok, only 1 out of the 3 are not out in rental shops yet. And I have a feeling that Phoenix Rising is going to be a warehouse. It's the gut feeling.. Cos I don't think there is a lot of promotioning regarding this series...

Page 3:

- The Drive of Life
- The Seventh Day
- The Ultimate Crime Fighter

All three are not out in stores yet... And I realised these 3 are the few of the more "looked forward to" series of 2007.. I'm looking forward to The Drive of Life though.. But the number of episodes kind of turned me off. 60!

Page 4:

- Devil's Disciples
- Legend of the Demigods
- Tai Chi

2 are not out in stores yet.. Im not sure why is Devil Disciples inside there anyway.. It's such an old show [I mean like hey! It was released in Feb - March!]. I think Legend of the Demigods might be warehoused.. It's like so long since it was finished in the filming, why isn't it out yet?! Poor Sunny..

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