Friday, June 8, 2007

TVB Calendar 2007.

Ya.. I know I'm a bit too late at this... I just felt like posting some photos... [Ya, excitement about my new blog mah]

Get the rest of the photos here!:

Ya, Im biased to post the photos of my idols only. But i got post the link for the rest of the photos above! haha..

I thought this years photos are very nice. Probably because they paid for the Thai photographers [more than professionals]. My personal favourites are the December and the May photos! I thought the November one looks a little too exaggerating. And I thought Myolie looked weird in her individual photo.

Magazine Scans from the TVB weekly...

I remember how excited I was when I recieved the calendar. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!


susana said...

This is the best blog. (I dont speak very much english but I speak spanish.)And I think this is the best blog for TBV. and i like very much the tvb series.
= Es el mejor blog sobre TVB y me encanta.
Can you speak spnish?

Christine said...

hihi! (; thanks for the compliment!!

I am not a spanish so I can't speak any! I speak English and Chinese. (; and very weak japanese.